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  1. iiiiiiGame (1508888308)
  2. I hope another one soon. Thank you, Shizou.
  3. iiiiiiGame (1508888308)
  4. iiiiiiGame (1508888308) \Albania \555
  5. iiiiiiGame (1508888308) /Ted
  6. ID 66669999 has been sold!
  7. Hello Dallas. Contact me at xatLoja or send me a private message here with your offer. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone/ Hola a todos. New IDs for sale/ IDs nuevas en venta 8 digits Rare: 66669999 sold! 90000009 9 digits: 889987766 912100075 Prices: Negotiables/ Precios: Negociables. RegLink: Ok! (available)/ RegLink: Listo (disponible) Contact me on xatLoja | iiiiiiGame (1508888308) or add me /f1508888308 and send me a private chat./ Contáctame en xatLoja, o agrégame y envíame un chat privado. Thanks!/ ¡Gracias!
  9. Hello guys! My entry: Inner: Button color: #0475F5 https://i.imgur.com/vuADQUh.png Outer: https://i.imgur.com/5ofOPdn.jpg
  10. Come on! @Admin Release again ID (19960000) because that is the only one that has not been sold in the Auction. I want to buy it. Please!!!
  11. iiiiiiGame (1508888308) God, please!
  12. I agree with @Marya I suggest two ID Auction for each year. Date: 1. ID Auction/ New Year, January 1st. 2. ID Auction/ Independence USA, July 4th. 3. ID Auction/ Blackfriday. (OPTIONAL). I hope you consider this proposal, @Admin
  13. Hello guys. Hello @Admin If the ID (19960000) has not been sold, I ask you to release it again at the Auction, as when the same happened with the ID 444000444. (Due to an mistake bid). Please!!! I want buy it.
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