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  1. I hope another one soon. Thank you, Shizou.
  2. Come on! @Admin Release again ID (19960000) because that is the only one that has not been sold in the Auction. I want to buy it. Please!!!
  3. I agree with @Marya I suggest two ID Auction for each year. Date: 1. ID Auction/ New Year, January 1st. 2. ID Auction/ Independence USA, July 4th. 3. ID Auction/ Blackfriday. (OPTIONAL). I hope you consider this proposal, @Admin
  4. Hello guys. Hello @Admin If the ID (19960000) has not been sold, I ask you to release it again at the Auction, as when the same happened with the ID 444000444. (Due to an mistake bid). Please!!! I want buy it.
  5. Marya

    Feliz cumpleaños 

  6. Temo

    Feliz cumple bro !!

    1. Bbb


      Thank you! Bro

    2. Justo


      happy birthday Temo

  7. Ronal


    Wtf you meet on the same day as? haha Happy birthday goes well

    1. Bbb


      Gracias, Ronal.

  8. Exin

    happy birthday bro <#

  9. Justo

    happy birthday bro

  10. So, it was better that too in the First part of the ID auction has been same as it will be now. (50% - 50%) But.. No matter, anyway it already happened. Now it only matters what is coming. Good luck to everyone!
  11. Yeah, I agree with that. But it should be considered that an auction was already made that included the 4, 5 and 6 digit IDs. I just say that now they should select IDs 7+ digits, so that others also have a chance to get one. Of course.
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