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  1. Today would of been Jamie's 21st birthday. It's hard that he died so young. I really hope him the best in heaven. I forgot to mention on my other comment, he was one of my best friends even though we barely talked. He helped me through some rough times. Happy Birthday & Rest in peace, Jamie.
  2. He helped me deal with the death of my ex. I've known him for like 4 - 5 years. He was a funny guy but he cared for others. Rest easy Jamie.
  3. Thank you for all the current Happy Birthdays. Even though i have left xat, i did come on to see who has said it to me. I still care about some people on here since they have impacted my life.

    1. Maxo


      enjoy your day dear freind (hug) 

  4. Done with petty people |-)

    1. Godfather


      Me too, xat has gotten too toxic. It's best to just quit. Don't waste money on xat!

  5. Merry Christmas (even though this is probably one of the worst christmas' i've had)

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    2. Maxo


      don't leave men 

    3. Ravey


      @maxo xat isn't my life anymore so 


    4. Maxo


      yes i agree everybody should take care about himself and about his reel life but we're in xat to have funny moments and meet freinds, enjoying time 

  6. Ravey


    @SethTI I do know that, i was talking about the christmas smilies like christmas, kxmas, etc
  7. Ravey


    Love the collection powers, sadly i can't buy this one. This is probably one of my favorites though because i love the christmas smilies
  8. Trust no one  ✌ 

  9. Congrats Nathan, Well deserved! I'm hoping to see it active in the next few days.
  10. Is there anyway i can turn off my last visited time?

    1. Leandro


      Yes. Log off and when you log in back again, turn in ''Anonymous''

    2. Ravey
  11. Prize received. thank you @Marya
  12. Ravey

    523 SWORDFX

    I like this power, it's something different than an animal power (even thought i liked a few of the animal powers that were released). I love how the kid emoji looks like link as well, very well done
  13. date guys who clearly don't care about me and hurt the person who loved me for 3 years
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