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  1. Raveyboo (998980610)
  2. Not my favorite power in a while because it seems too simple for me but i think whoever designed it, did a very good job. I love the hats as well.
  3. Ravey

    SATANIC power

    I really love this suggestion, we really do need more suggestions like this! Good job and i love your drawings of the power. Well done.
  4. I miss you :'(

    1. Ravey


      I'm only checking in. A lot of people do but i'm not going to come back to the toxicity. It's out of my life for good and i feel great. I have a job and someone who loves me for me. You still have me on facebook, if you wanna talk

  5. Today would of been Jamie's 21st birthday. It's hard that he died so young. I really hope him the best in heaven. I forgot to mention on my other comment, he was one of my best friends even though we barely talked. He helped me through some rough times. Happy Birthday & Rest in peace, Jamie.
  6. He helped me deal with the death of my ex. I've known him for like 4 - 5 years. He was a funny guy but he cared for others. Rest easy Jamie.
  7. Happy Birthday! Enjoy! (blowkiss)

  8. Anas


  9. Happy  Birthday @Ravey

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