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  1. Ravey

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    Ravey (1488806750)
  2. Ravey

    Social bot contest

    Avatar - Name - Social's Bot Namewave/Grad - glow#000001#grad#70a4ed#000080#r90 Statuscolor - #000080#70a4ed or #000001#ffffff (whatever looks better) Status - social.xat.chat Pawn - Hat#Ebh or Hat#Egh
  3. Happy Fourth of July!(goo)

    1. Mystic


      I hope you had a very happy Fourth of July too!

  4. Ravey

    Giveaway #14: Win the NAMEGRAD power!

    Ravey (1488806750)
  5. Happy Birthday, Denise

    1. denise


      Thank you!

  6. Depression sucks, man

  7. Ravey

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the dukedom.
  8. Ravey

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the dukedom
  9. Ravey

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the dukedom
  10. Ravey

    The King of the Forum

    I protect the dukedom
  11. Ravey


    1. Even though i go through a lot, people can count on me to be always there for them through thick and thin. I'm always willing to help a person in need if they're also going through a lot. I'm there to be a friend and not an enemy. I don't want anyone to go through what i'm going through in life. I want everyone to stay positive about their lives and hopefully we could get through it together. 2. I'd honestly forgive everyone who hated me in the past even though there is a few that have made my life worse. I don't want anyone else to deal with the pain and suffering. Everyone deserves to be forgiven some point in their lives. I'd also still forgive my abusive brother since he's also going through a lot in life, trying to find and job and trying to make it through the world without any scratches and he's always been there for me even though he can be rough at times.
  12. Ravey


    superweeb lol
  13. Thank you for all the love and support people have been giving me today. It's a rough time for me. I'm just glad people are always there for me.


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