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  2. Alright, I do understand that they/them is usually a neutral pronoun. But I mostly suggested this due to the problems I've had before and experienced on other websites and thought it would be easier for most people so they knew but I, one hundred percent understand what you mean. It indeed is the netural terms. I know you're not wrong about that. I do appreciate your feedback on my suggestion as well. And the About Me tab is another suggestion as well, was just an example I included to get people's outlook on what I was trying to talk about instead of just putting it together.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been on forum since 2017 and I have always realized that when you update your profile picture it always say their. I have a suggestion about adding pronouns so it'll be a lot easier to know what pronouns they go by. As a person from the LGBTQIA community I do think this would be a lot easier. Maybe they could also be added to your about me where your birthday is as well as other important information. I will be putting an example in the comment section of this topic as well. Preferably something similar to this. I don't have my xat regname or anything else in this area but this is what I came up with
  4. This update seems..interesting lmao

    1. Abrahan


      I'm still figuring it out.

    2. Ravey


      The whole badge thing is quite confusing in my opinion but i'll get used to it 

  5. (ccflame#fzback#ffffff#bunnyears#ceebear#angel#fwings#y) (flustered#fzback#ffffff#halo#angel#fwings#y#fairy) (flirt#ffffff#goth6#flirt#angel#000001#manga4) (evil#ffffff#goth6#greed#angel#000001#Electricity#sksix) (beat#y#nuclear#wx13r7l2y13z16n6b1#angel#y)
  6. I do believe it is a good idea but for djs or people who want attention to their statuses, like if they're selling something (graphics, gifs, xats, etc). Personally, i have vision issues, i wouldn't mind it but some people would probably mind it a lot but who knows.
  7. Happy Birthday ! (sman)

    1. Ravey


      Thank You! 

  8. elya

    Happy birthday..

    happy birthday party hard GIF

    1. Ravey


      Thank you!

  9. I love this power. Its very cute
  10. Thank you for all the current birthday wishes! I love waking up to them! Hopefully this will be one of the best ones i've had so far. I really do appreciate it!

  11. oka

    Happy Birthday sis (hug)

    1. Ravey


      Thank you! (hug)

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