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  1. Ravey

    Giveaway #22: Win the KANDLE power!

    Ravey (1488806750)
  2. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    @Laming Thank You. My Ip is blacklisted so that's probably why it keeps happening i guess.
  3. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    Yes i did
  4. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    @LaFleur I have not resolved the issue, It's been happening for three days. I have talked to Angelo about it as well but i don't know if will stop or not. It also happens whenever i want to check someone's userinfo on Fexbot or Arcbot. I also had issues logging into forum yesterday. Whenever i try to do the Captcha it doesn't let me. xat on the other hand lets me in but i can't refresh, change my name or etc without it popping up
  5. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    Okay, Thank you!
  6. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    No. It won't let me connect normally.
  7. Ravey

    "Are You Human"

    The "Are You Human?" Thing comes up when i'm not a guest and protection isn't on. It's been happening to me for about a few hours now. Has this happened before? This screenshots shows that it popped up but at that chat i'm main. It has also happened at other chats while i'm main and moderator.
  8. Ravey

    514 NOCARA

    I'm really wondering, is this power only made so people can add eyeeye to a smilie? I honestly don't know how to add another smilie to it besides that and there was only examples for eyeeye
  9. Ravey

    Giveaway #22: Win the KANDLE power!

    Ravey (1488806750)
  10. Ravey

    Seals Power [FLASH]

    really adorable, nice job
  11. Ravey


    Ravey (1488806750)

    1. Pia


      Rest in peace.

  13. Rest in peace, Mac Miller


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