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  1. Ravey

    How old are you ?!

    18 as of right now
  2. Ravey

    What was your first power?

    Zap and Shuffle
  3. Ravey

    What's your favorite website?

    Discord, Facebook and Netflix
  4. I wanted to do this before the end of the year. I'd like to thank everyone who actually stayed by my side during the death of someone i loved the most. Even though i still have haters, i'm trying to remain strong. I've also decided to leave xat sometime in 2019 due to me not being as interested anymore and me having a life.

  5. Ravey


    Uhm what
  6. Ravey

    521 PIGGY

    shouldn't pigift be pigfit? Or is it supposed to be ift instead of fit?
  7. Ravey

    521 PIGGY

    I honestly think this power is adorable and well created. Nice Job, Junior
  8. Ravey


    Sleeping, Writing, Drawing, Designing.........(most of the time i sleep though)
  9. Ravey

    520 KCAR

    Not a fan of this power, It's really ugly in my opinion.
  10. Life sucks.

    1. Geordie


      you can always talk to me 

    2. Bau


      Ahhh nooo, life's good, nice . . . Life's God (a):$

  11. I don't know why people keep coming at me and thinking i'm the cause of someone's death....it hurts lol but people don't seem to get that


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