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  1. Happy Birthday Nathan (Again lmao) I hope you have a great day!

    1. HelperNate


      Haha! Thanks again Ravey! xD

  2. Ravey

    New Years Power Giveaway 2018!

    Raveypoo (1488806750)
  3. Ravey

    470 KXMAS

    This power reminds me of kawaii but a kawaii christmas and i love it
  4. A new laptop cause the one i have right now is horrible
  5. Ravey


    Raveypoo (1488806750)
  6. Ravey


    Overwrought (1488806750)
  7. Ravey

    What foods/drinks do you DISLIKE?

    Certain kinds of fish and as for drinks, i don't like dr. pepper or root beet lol
  8. Ravey


    Overwrought (1488806750) Code - gmshades#b#sunny#vaclounger#gmshades#butterflys#y Preview - http://imgur.com/a/Q7YPL
  9. I'm liking the update 

  10. Ravey

    444 FISHBOWL

    What a cute power!
  11. Ravey

    Favorite animes?

    Dragon Ball Super, Attack On Titan, Black Butler, Deadman Wonderland, and Blue Exorcist
  12. 9 Digit - (881769488) 10 Digit - (1051872066) Contact me at xat.com/social or xat.com/thunderstormradiomostwanted My id & regname - Overwrought (1488806750) (old regname - inauspicious)
  13. Ravey

    What do you do when you are sad?

    I usually listen to sad music or watch something to cheer me up on youtube.
  14. Ravey

    Sproof Power

    I am the one who gave you this idea but of course there are bad sides to this suggestion and i really didn't want you to actually suggest it as a power because you could get someone banned because of this and/or say something that's not meant to be said. And of course like others said it could also be used to troll and i don't think anyone would like that.