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  1. hi  Paul  hold e26 ,Please have a problem My account has been quarantined stone Hold E26 I did not do anything for no reason Now I can not open tickets with this problem Says I have reached a minimum of tickets  



    1. Crow


      Hello! I understand your frustration, but please stay patient and wait for your ticket in the Lost Access department to be answered first (assuming you created it, as previously advised). You're only permitted one open ticket at a time.


      If you still have E26 after this ticket has been resolved, simply reply to the same ticket with this new information (i.e. that you're experiencing E26). If you need further advice, please reply here or visit xat.com/help.

    2. ANGY


      E26 means that your account is not active, you should contact a volunteer to open a ticket in case you can not or do not know how.

    3. Ereshkigal


      Hey, @emadhamady. You can talk with a volunteer and ask them to open a ticket for you, if you can't do it. If you already have a ticket for this problem, you have to wait an answer.

  2. Crow sir   please i need some help i lost access to my email account

    1. Crow


      Create a ticket in the "Lost Access" department. The subject should be at least five words long. You don't need to be a paid user to create a ticket here, but you must be logged in. Create a new account first, if necessary. 


      In the ticket, include the username, identification number (if known), and email address of the account you need help with, along with any information to verify that you own the account. 


      Reply here if you need more help, or visit xat.com/help. Thanks!

  3. i cant access to Yahoo email account I can not do it login lost access Register : iiiiishamsiiii Id: 1519066524 I can not do the login Please help me sir get a new Yahoo
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