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  1. This type should be introduced,since it's a simplistic one, whatsapp type. I was waiting for something like this,because of all of the missing messages i get.
  2. Thank you Manu for sharing this, I'll maybe try today something with it.
  3. Useful, since 99% of my friends opted out their info on FEX. So I support this. Mostly because I stalk many friends.
  4. Seems like Elena's going well so far! Good luck next Round everyone!
  5. This power seems like fun for just a prank or two,but as @LaFleur said so, this can be exploited such as saying swearing words so that the bot bans that respective users, Which again, I am more against of this than Pro. But the dea is not that bad, so don't get discouraged by some constructive motivation.
  6. Nice icon Manu!

    1. Manu


      thank you. 

  7. Be patient he said in the status he posted that he will finish them when he's back after the work. Check status updates on Main Page of forum. @ider
  8. I use few of these,since I am still new at making PCBacks, but I learn by practicing. Thanks for sharing these.
  9. Oh wow, that looks amazing!
  10. Have a good night. Its 6 AM at this time when I type this. I'll probably sleep aswell.
  11. Holy! That is so cute indeed, You find some adorable renders!
  12. I've seen similar suggestion aswell as @oj posted up. Xat should indeed listen to this,this way scamming will be harder. I think.. Hoepfully I understood the concept right.
  13. FiFi

    1. darkraiiii


      I am just chilling on PGO

    2. Fiona


      Ohh I only need palkia :(

    3. Bau


      Wow Fifi its bot mine :o   Chat Bau «´´

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  14. Text: Plutie Subtext: プルルート Colors/Theme: Light Purple-ish Images: Plutia from Neptunia Other information: -She's Plutia: https://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/1/1a/Plutia1.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/185?cb=20130420050502 Not to be confused with her transformation Iris Heart.
  15. Deceive your other self. Deceive the world. That is what you must do to reach Steins;Gate

    El. Psy. Congroo.

    -Okabe Rintaro

    1. LaFleur


      That anime is on my watchlist for too long.. should watch it

    2. darkraiiii


      You definitely should. 

      I loved it.

  16. These should be implemented since I hate erasing my doodling fully when I play
  17. Very ingenious one,just like Whatsapp or whatsoever, But again, this feature would help if you come back from afk, and you clicked on PC (now as it has not implemented this feature) sometimes has the tend to be a spam from a friend because,that happens,that'd be useful to see how many messages you received. Totally agreed with Sonic here.
  18. This idea is actually great,since I liked many limited hats,yet they were so said "Limited", This would help alot. I mean 10-100 xats aren't that much. So therefore, it's totally supportable.
  19. I am always coming outta nowhere! Nepu~
  20. I am using the 7th edited slightly,credits were given aswell. The work is amazing at all! Thank you for your hard work! And that you shared these awesome stuff. I did thank you in PM aswell, but I said let me do it here too!
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