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  1. If you're still doing one more I'd want one too ^^ • Design colors: Pink • Any image you want to add. • Your name, and a text you wish to add: Taiga • Something else you would like to add here: none
  2. Mango or nothing, jkjk... You could've give more details on the suggestion,like images,like hat options, but we have too many fruit powers already,or food related
  3. darkraiiii


    I acknowledge that,but again, I wasn't reffering to that, fantasy has some,but not all,but overall I agree with this power
  4. If everyone is not special Maybe you can be what you want to be (lol Mob Psycho 100 Refference)
  5. I appreciate your pick! BVB one of the big clubs out there!
  6. This reminds me of Magikarp af, xat nailed it !
  7. darkraiiii


    Winter suggestions for Summer,I mean I don't a cold themed power,since its hot as hell here. All jokes aside, I mean we could have a power with various mythical creatures in the future,Yeti is known as one,I like mythical creatures,so why not? I mean by that,i'd buy this and like make a collection of rare mythical creatures like that.
  8. I agree to that,sometimes bump is annoying mostly when gaming,supporting this one,buff up the noaudies!
  9. It was suggested already,but I don't say its not a good idea + the other suggestion had timestamps over messages aswell.
  10. I can go on and on and on. Let me make a list. 10. Tokyo Ghoul 9. Soul Eater 8. Hunter x Hunter 7. Noragami/Noragami Aragoto 6. Highschool DxD 5. Elfen Lied 4. Erased 3. Re:Zero: Starting life from zero in an another world [Not sure about the whole title being like that] 2. Toradora 1. AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  11. Congrats @Manu for Runner-Up As for my country's Runner-Up aswell Congrats Halep! We still wait for a first Grand-Slam win from her.
  12. Trusted image host sites: Photobucket,Cubeupload,Tinypic,Imgur,Imageshack,Upload.Im,PostImage Also good luck everyone participating.
  13. This idea is good, mostly because I like monuments, and I still want to travel the world around and see them with my eyes, I saw already two of them there,Eiffel Tower,and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. But certainly an interesting suggestion here.
  14. Has be suggested but supporting this aswell,I mean when i am selling powers I scroll always endlessly to find it, the search would help me do it easier even with scamming when people false advertising a selling,you can check with it. So yes supporting this.
  15. xat forums > new map %100 Lunala @Lunala
  16. I love jinxes,they're funny to use, this one would be afun one aswell,like shrinking the text a lil,like 50/75% won't be bad. It won't be urneadable at all.
  17. I was waiting for this to appear all my life. Make it happen!
  18. RIP London victims from this Monday.

  19. Inner: Outer: Button Color: #1972AC I said to myself why not practice by entering contests, so here's my first try ^^.
  20. I decided to visit more often that chat aswell, since many people from here go there ^^ Good luck with it,and keep it up as much as possible!
  21. Pokemon 12: Arceus and the Jewel of Life
  22. Looks like sketch2 to me, but not looking bad,slightly different, but only slightly.
  23. When I feel bad I mostly listen to sad anime soundtrack compilations, or rewatch one of these: Your Lie in April, AnoHana, Koe no Katachi, Kimi no na wa, Clannad and Clannad: After Story.
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