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  1. darkraiiii


    Suzuya (766875370)
  2. darkraiiii

    Autoplay issue

    I found the quickfix for Chrome users: 1. Go here - chrome://flags/#autoplay 2. select how it is selected in this printscreen: http://prntscr.com/jhqe68 or more simply "No user gesture required."
  3. Amazing work, I really like all of them, hopefully we'll see more in the future.
  4. ALrighty, I appreciate the answer, this can be closed, thank you.
  5. The question I am asking is, i got an answer on my ticket about the xatspace, the fee being 16 but, How do I pay it off, or to who? Since I agreed to pay that fee. I do have it at me at the moment, I also answered the ticket saying I am ok with paying that for the restoration of the xatspace, I am curious how much it'll take nothing much else.
  6. Gucci Gang.

    Nah, too outdated meme.

  7. Ok I will give here as much details as I can, since in ticket I forgot to mention some things, maybe it will be taken in consideration the facts. I will provide everything needed. So Yesterday March 8 I was notified by a friend that my xatspace was deleted, I was surprised due that, I opened a ticket under the right section Account Block, I understand it'll take awhile for answer, I am patient about it, I open this topic just to clarify some things. First I had no NSFW in my xatspace, I use (me) as my refference, I also had a basic CSS, the xat logo was right down in the corner, I didn't removed it, I do know the guidelines for that. So those two rules weren't broken, I am on xat since almost 2009, and it's the first time this happened. I will provide the background aswell. Background: Icon/avatar used in the CSS: I think these were the only images I used in the CSS. I hope I provided enough evidence here so the case will be resolved soonly, I will be patient on that matter. I just think that happened unfairly for some reason. So I had to get this off my chest. I wrote a quite lengthy topic here, It's quite sad to also happen this since I am quite devoted to this site haha, I grew up on this, made many friends. But that's aside the topic. I'll wait for any clarification here.
  8. Suzuya (766875370) How generous of you HelperNate.
  9. Good luck in your life man.
  10. I love donuts,one of my guilty pleasures, aswell,I'd like this one implemented aswell for another reason. This:
  11. I think mine's 2nd fastest so far.
  12. teach people how to meme,its so painful that they dont know!!

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    2. ANGY


      Hahaha we should have more fun on xat.

    3. darkraiiii


      I was asking where r u now lol

    4. ANGY


      Hmm, i am in Cambio, Ayuda and Assistance, I sometimes go in Help or xat5

  13. Good luck Stif! I know you'll get up on expectations. Congrats.
  14. People were doing pretty complicated stuff. I myself I make some ... simple but good looking ones hope you like it!
  15. Thank you,it looks awesome ^^
  16. I feel nothing.

  17. darkraiiii

    Yes or No

    Yes. A 2 months years old husky. Did you ever watch a sad anime?
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