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  1. Gucci Gang.

    Nah, too outdated meme.

  2. what is the last movie you watched?

    Kimi no na wa. It was a good movie.
  3. Xatspace deleted

    Ok I will give here as much details as I can, since in ticket I forgot to mention some things, maybe it will be taken in consideration the facts. I will provide everything needed. So Yesterday March 8 I was notified by a friend that my xatspace was deleted, I was surprised due that, I opened a ticket under the right section Account Block, I understand it'll take awhile for answer, I am patient about it, I open this topic just to clarify some things. First I had no NSFW in my xatspace, I use (me) as my refference, I also had a basic CSS, the xat logo was right down in the corner, I didn't removed it, I do know the guidelines for that. So those two rules weren't broken, I am on xat since almost 2009, and it's the first time this happened. I will provide the background aswell. Background: Icon/avatar used in the CSS: I think these were the only images I used in the CSS. I hope I provided enough evidence here so the case will be resolved soonly, I will be patient on that matter. I just think that happened unfairly for some reason. So I had to get this off my chest. I wrote a quite lengthy topic here, It's quite sad to also happen this since I am quite devoted to this site haha, I grew up on this, made many friends. But that's aside the topic. I'll wait for any clarification here.
  4. Good evening/day :d How are you? :) 

  5. WIN NUTS!

    Suzuya (766875370) How generous of you HelperNate.

    Suzuya (766875370)
  7. Anotha One [10k Prize pool]

    Good luck, I'll try to be there!
  8. Time to go.

    Good luck in your life man.
  9. 5 Pcback free background

    Text: Kurumi Tokisaki Subtext: - Colors/Theme: Red and gold-ish yellow Images: Other information:
  10. A Big Prize [Win 20,000 Xats]

    Suzuya (766875370)

    Suzuya (766875370)
  12. DONUTS - Donut smilies

    I love donuts,one of my guilty pleasures, aswell,I'd like this one implemented aswell for another reason. This:
  13. Post Your Internet Speed

    I think mine's 2nd fastest so far.
  14. teach people how to meme,its so painful that they dont know!!

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    2. ANGY


      Hahaha we should have more fun on xat.

    3. darkraiiii


      I was asking where r u now lol

    4. ANGY


      Hmm, i am in Cambio, Ayuda and Assistance, I sometimes go in Help or xat5

  15. Congratulations Stif!

    Good luck Stif! I know you'll get up on expectations. Congrats.