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      As recently as last week, the requirements to become an Advanced Member changed. Simply making posts will no longer get you to Advanced Member. You'll need a fair amount of posts and a fair amount of reputation. These aren't the only requirements, and the exact requirements are not disclosed. Reputation abuse is regularly monitored as well. In order to become an Advanced Member in a timely fashion, you will need to regularly contribute to the forum and make high quality posts.


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  1. I have tested all browsers and several versions of Adobe Flash Player and unfortunately the problem is the same
  2. Captcha works but unfortunately, the hourglass that appears later does not turn into a green V just standing there.When you click on the PIN link nothing happens.
  3. I have a problem - for some time I can not login to my profile in xat because every time I log in, I get the "Are you human?" Page. After the solution, the re-captcha code can not load and then an E64 error will appear when logging in, which sends me a message to the email box with a link that does not give anything anyway. What should I do in this situation? Please ask for help from you