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  1. We can add the date to users only with the power "Anniversary" The power will add a different marriage pawn for married users. And a special pawn the actual day of the anniversary. It will take xat marriage to a whole new level and create a power that people that are married or plan on being married would buy.
  2. It could carry a divorce pawn as well great idea. Take divorce to the next level lol
  3. It's a power that will show how long you have been married to someone. It will also give you a rainbow heart or different style heart with the person you married with. It will take xat marriage to the next level.
  4. What abilities could Sapphire do? Sapphire could have so many smilies as gems of sapphires spilling Sapphire smiley with a blue sapphire gem shinning How would the pawn look? -Sapphire color pawn with a glow background to it -No other pawns glow so this would take pawn to a whole new level -Why Sapphire? Sapphire is a color of elegance and class. Girls LOVE Sapphires. Why should they do it? -It would take Ruby to the next level Sapphire. or a pawn glow power!
  5. I'm locked out of my account I submitted a ticket months ago and still nothing. Can someone please help.
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