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  1. Good idea, it will be a power that will bring smiles on your lips and maybe people will be better in soul than virtual and real. Sincerely, Aero.
  2. Thank you very much prize received
  3. Thank you very much for helping and support
  4. Prize receive thank you. (l)
  5. Thank you @Bau, very interesting contests! (HUG)(goo)
  6. Most of the xat.com users are Romanians, and I think it is worth getting help in their native language, I think it would be a nice gift from the xat.com team to reopen xat.com/Ajutor to we can treat our users, thank you very much to the staff of xat.com/Ajutor in the lead with Bau, Mihai, Marya, xRavenette and others. With appreciation, Aero.
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    iiiiiiKent (1520042001)
  8. Aero


    iiiiiiKent (1520042001)
  9. Aero


    iiiiiiKent (1520042001)
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