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  1. Una baby como tú por ahí no cede
    En tu rostro se te ve que tú te atreve' 
    No te vo'a mentir, ma', seré breve (what you said?)
    Hoy tú te va' conmigo y tengo un Draco por si alguien intercede


  2. Baby, RealG foreva'

    Fumando h*ch*s.

    Estoy tan arrebatao que veo a Lilo & Stich

  3. Magic


    Magic (10000020)
  4. The most active wins 1k!!!

    More info:


  5. ♪×Lo' kilo', la' corta' y lo' palo '♪×
    ♪×Las bala' son reed y son Hollow♪×
    ♪×Coroné como Pablo y Gonzalo ♪×

  6.  Do you want to earn a LINEFX? Come in and see how!

    1. Magic


      Join our Club!

  7. Spoiler



  8. Magic

    590 LINEFX

    his name is now: LineFX - All smilies.
  9. Magic

    590 LINEFX

    It's good, I like it!


  11. Provocame ♥ 


  12. Magic

    Account blocked

    This account is locked to another location. A ticket must be opened under Help Topic "Locked out" to solve this error. From the forum: https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form&d=5 ( http://prntscr.com/s4a7tn )
  13. Youtube in HTML5 ♥♥♥

  14. Trappando come Pablo, Pablo brr
    Porta la tua tipa al tablo , tablo  
    Mi conosci sono el diablo, el diablo (uh)

    No, io con te no hablo, no hablo

  15.                No Me Ame ♪

                 Don't love me ♫

    Anuel AA, Rvssian, Juice WRLD

  16. This is for you:  Captcha

     stephen colbert middle finger GIF

    1. Magic


      Stop making me complete it every time I go into a chat. :@

  17. Sola & Vacía

    Alone & Empty


    1. Skatel


      Acaba de salir!!

    2. Magic


      New New New!!

  18. You need to verify that you are human. :@

    1. Abrahan


      Attempt failed, wait 10 minutes.

  19. xat5 228c6a12 228c6a12 c5bfea63 d25e2c23
  20. Mundosmilies 67be990e 3824f8c4 a7ef72e4 0a63fbc8 c8804799 d18efb4d
  21. Mundosmilies d5e00c09 - Sohbet: fc7745e2 f2a9400b d6223644 2e04e645 29307468 86d074de 30ed66c1 - La_Stanza 62c6af99 5fc1d6c5 - Game: 86d074de a16a133f 7dadc490 b746cb2b d1dedeee - Feedback 2485d13c 3b102f4c e8fb3b02 - Chat 3146cdc7 8ba5b45e 636d0672 977646c6 - trade 667a24c5 - loja 3b102f4c 3672f9ae f35c50a7 129db768 - cambioo b69d53fb 8ba5b45e b69d53fb df4bd56d - Yardim 86d074de be76cfc7 - Mosa3adeh bf2eb25b 129db768 8ea34167 3b547301 3146cdc7 ecbd9578 - Helfen 3824f8c4 b16d6c07 - help 245fc56a 245fc56a 3a87d408 f506d25e 45b41bf7 e8fb3b02 9914ddb0 - Ayuda 2485d13c 46c6b3fd 382e5417 - Ajutor 3b547301 63134bb3 d5c5b9b6 118a6944 57a6489e - Ajuda fe8a24ef 9e9f0b17 - Aiuto 3a552077 f2fa8839 0c61eb2b 3a900d32 - Graphics
  22. 3a552077 d5e00c09 ca3eeaac e0dced04 c0bcdde8 Noticias 67be990e a7ef72e4
  23. Assistance 71818a30 1ae3da57 6dff08c3 8ba5b45e c4d49b16 3b8620d6
  24. d5c5b9b6 57a6489e 63134bb3 118a6944
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