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  1. 9-11 Volvemos A 1y57 ♥

  2. Prize received. Thanks @HelperNate
  3. You can have all the money in the world but you will never have a dinosaur :)

  4. Siempre Activo, Nunca Inactivo ♪

  5. Very nice, I really liked the pawn and smiles, Just need to get the FX collection.
  6. Happy birthday . Have a great day

  7. Thanks @HelperNate . Price received
  8. Power is rare, but at least they changed the aesthetics. I Wish you could use the color scheme in other smilies will be so?
  9. Hay mucho lobo disfrazao’ de oveja ♪

  10. Que mas pues ♪

  11. Magic

    Happy birthday @Paul 

    1. Paul


      Thank you

  12. Magic

    540 MIME

    Lately has brought out very good powers, we are surprised
  13. Magic

    540 MIME

    (Miumbrela) reminds me of the game Resident Evil . Can You change the color?
  14. Magic

    540 MIME

    Well, at last they changed the theme of animals, I really liked the power
  15. Can no Longer disable tickle (?)

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