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  1. Happy Birthday @Toxic (blowkiss)

  2. Magic

    Happy Birthday @Born ! 

    1. Born


      Thx BRO (hug)

  3. Rest in peace #KobeBryant

    1. Nycton


      Rest in peace   #KobeBryant



  4. Win the new SCAMP power with Noticias. Bases and conditions in group forum.

  5. Easy Money Baby ♪ #TheAlbum #MikeTowers

  6. Power ID: 580

    Name: SCAMP

    Status: Limited

    Price: Unknown.

    More Info: Noticias

  7.  La noche se presta pa' una aventura, tú y yo debajo 'e la Luna, haciéndolo sin censura ♪

  8. I just received my award, thanks http://prntscr.com/qpui4i

    Is music a drug? (goo)

    1. Nycton




  10. Magic

    Win 1500 XATS

    Magic (10000020)
  11. Magic

    Happy Birthday Anas!!!!!!!!!

    1. Anas


      Thank you!!!!!!!

  12. Congratulations among several contributors achieved the reopening of ajutor!
  13. Be careful walking as administrator of the "forum" in such HTML5 


  14. Feliz Cumpleaños @iiAriel


    1. iiAriel


      Muchas Gracias Magic !!! (hug)

  15. Hello, today I come to propose adding a section in HTML5 where we see the powers of the users, which groups all the powers that are adhesive, as they already exist, for example, with: Epic-Name-FX, etc. I think it would be a good way to see all the stickers more easily. It would be like the capture that will appear below >
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