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  1. Some swf to png converter for xat powers smilies.

    illuxat's no longer works(sry)

  2. En el Camaro endemoniao, tú sabe que estoy arma'o
    Real hasta la muerte, ella lo tiene tatuao 
    Con ese (goo) que tú tiene, yo te llevo pa to lao


  3. Dreaming is free(sry)

    Hopefully in the future they can implement a power that you can put a song in your private, and that when you enter it will be heard

    1. xLaming


      This wouldn't be fully possible, since Chrome and other modern browsers are blocking autoplay in videos/songs due to security.

    2. Magic
  4. Buon Compleanno!Happy Birthday Bday GIF

    1. xMarco


      grazie mille magiccccc (hug)

  5. Happy birthday (hug)

    1. Mihai


      Thank you(hug)

  6. Happy Birthday(victory)

    1. SLOom


      Thank you Magic !

  7.  Lucifer Morningstar

    lucifer morningstar fox GIF by LuciferLucifer Morningstar Reaction GIF by Lucifer


    1. Kyle


      currently rewatching Lucifer w @Boni!!

      forgot how good it was

    2. Magic


      I'm already going for chapter 9 of season 5, and I'm already looking ahead to season 6(goo).

      4th of july fun GIF by Fox TV

  8. What nice detail they have put, they congratulate you on the anniversary of bff (victory) 


  9. Feliz Cumpleaños !! 15 de febrero feliz cumpleaos GIF by Pusheen

  10. Thank you very much, prize received @xWolfx @Boni
  11. Cuidándome de lo' que les molesta que esté on fire ¡Prr!
    Pero ready por si hay que medir fuerza como en empire 

    ♫ ♪

  12. the /hug do not work in the chats?

    1. Stif


      Not yet, but they will.

  13. Champions 2020/2021

    Celebrate Diego Simeone GIF by Atlético de Madrid

  14. La envidia no mata pero mortifica.

  15. El envidioso no quiere lo que tú tienes, quiere que no lo tengas(blowkiss)

  16. It's the day things don't work out. (grump)

  17. Feliz Cumpleaños Norlet (hug)

  18. Happy Birthday Solange 

    Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance

    1. Solange


      Thank you!

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