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  1. Hello Good afternoon, I have this "suggestion" in the list of powers of the wiki. Since each power has some attribute, I could not add one with stickers (as in the capture http://prntscr.com/p67juc )
  2. Hielo en el cuello, cab*** yo no sudo. Un angel en el derecho, el diablo en el surdo (CD)  ♪

    (Ice on the neck, cab*** I do not sweat. Angel on the right, devil on the Surdo)


  3. Here it would not be labeled green, since it is limited (?)


  4. Happy birthday Happy Birthday GIF by Lil Yachty (hug)


    Edit please


    1. DJFUNNY


      I saw this one as well and I got confused, I saw in illuxat it says limited and wiki unlimited... They will be fixing this soon I'm sure.

    2. Lemona


      This has been fixed. Thank you both for your keen observation! 8-)

  6. I knew it. Very cute sticker
  7. I have the option that will be stickers MYTHY 

    unicorn wtf GIF

  8. New MYTHY power [Limited] {Banner}

                surprised GIF

  9. @Solange must be jumping on one leg with a power that she likes 😂
  10. MagicDesing (10000020)
  11. Direct From Space (ok)

  12. I just tried to use it and I see it doesn't work, a long time ago this? It stays stuck in "Loading Data..". How can there be a power that doesn't work.
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