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  1. Spawn

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

    @Admin I truly hope by this, you're going to try and make the ticket support system a little faster with it's delays. I have people who are waiting a year plus for a ticket to be answered or it was closed without an answer. I definitely understand the frustrations that's behind the ticket system, but it shouldn't be so backed up to the point people are waiting for numerous months just for a simply reply. But, if someone isn't doing their job right....then demote some people and start looking into people who are actually willing to help out in the Ticket support.
  2. Spawn

    Favorite Netflix show?

    Is The Flash a good Netflix series? And I was watching How To Get Away With Murder about a month or so ago, I absolutely love it. I have to pick one to watch. I can't watch multiple shows at a time.
  3. Now...this is a good discussion. What is your favorite Netflix show that you are currently binge watching? Mine was Greys Anatomy...now it's Shameless. I can't stop watching it!
  4. Spawn

    What chat did you start out on?

    The first chat that I started on was... I believe SlimShady. It was for Club Penguin. And because of that one chat room, I saw more chats...and more chats. eventually making me stay on xat for over 8 years...
  5. Spawn

    How do you feel about xat?

    I absolutely love this post, ANGY. And you are more than welcome that I have started this debate. I feel like people are neglecting to see that we do want xat to change and we know that it is slowly losing more people. I won't get too much into it, but good job on writing this post. I'm hoping the administrator will be looking into this. @Admin
  6. Currently jamming out to this song.
  7. Hello, everyone! I'm just starting a discussion that I hope doesn't lead to be a bad debate. I just want to know everyones opinion about xat. I personally enjoy being on xat, but I do miss the old times back in 2012-2013ish where there were more users online and the fact when I logged in, it was always a different face. Now, I feel like it's all the same people and the community is slowly leaving. There have been a few issues with xat back in the past where a lot of people left, but I believe those issues were fixed. It's just my opinion that I believe xat has changed a lot in the past few years where it doesn't feel the same anymore. I feel like more chats are becoming a little biased with the way the set their rules and expectations. The support ticket system is a lot slower than it used to be, and there's a lot of criticism regarding the ticket system as well. I just personally feel like there should be a little changes here and there to make things work. How about you? PS: Please do NOT make this a bad debate, just input your respectful and honest opinions.
  8. Spawn

    2d gifs

    Hello, Adeis! Thank you for that resourceful link. It's a little hard for me to do, but I did make myself a 2d gif. Still would like it if somebody can help me make one, willing to pay them.
  9. Spawn

    2d gifs

    Thank you, I appreciate it. However, my name is "Spawn". You put "Spaw".
  10. Spawn

    2d gifs

    Bump^ Still looking for anybody that knows how to make 2d gifs, please and thank you.
  11. Spawn


    Thank you Arthur! I like seeing that somebody agrees with my idea.This has definitely made my night. We want to spread mental awareness for everybody.
  12. Spawn


    I would also just to add to this point to anybody who is reading this. The chat room is to offer morally support for anyone. Disregard the trolls and people being disrespectful. I'm trying to bring a better light to this situation -- I don't want people to be looking at this in a negative way. Instead, look at this in a positive way. Now, we all know that people with more severe depression and anxiety, wouldn't be going to the chat Anxiety to talk about their issues, they will be seeking real professional help. We are NOT diagnosing anyone or giving them any sort of prescriptions. We are going to be offering coping skills on how to deal with anxiety. For example, my every day method is to distract myself from the situation, it calms me down and brings my mood back. Now, the point I'm trying to make is people all around the world, just want somebody to vent too. I personally am not seeking professional help because I am not at the stage in my life. I simply like to talk about myself and see if people can try to relate and or provide me advice. I do appreciate everybody providing me their feedback regarding this situation. But please, try to look at it in a positive aspect instead of a negative one. The chat room is going to be under the terms and conditions of xat and will always be. Thank you to everyone who is reading this. Spawn
  13. Spawn


    Hi Blacky! Let's be clear on a few things, the chat is meant to talk to users in a more mannered way, we are not doctors or professionals. If you've ever been on the website, 7 Cups, it's basically a forum just like this, where people are talking about their anxiety, depression, and or OCD. Everybody around the world just gives them the best advice on coping skills, for example, deep breaths. Not once in my statement did I mention that I was a patient, I stated that I suffer from anxiety. The advice that I keep mentioning is support, we have links to websites that include a 24/7 hotline if somebody ever wanted it. I do believe you're kind of looking more into this that it should be. Thank you for replying back to me.
  14. Spawn

    2d gifs

    Hello fellow users on the forum. I'm looking for someone who's willing to take the time to make me a 2d gif, that's of course is reasonable with prices. Definitely send me a private message so I can provide you more details. Thanks!
  15. Spawn


    Hello, LaFleur. Thank you for reaching out on my post, means a lot! The chat room is definitely strictly enforced with rules followed by the terms and conditions of xat. The owners and moderators in my chat room know this is NOT a place to be joking around. I have a disclosure in the chat underneath stating .... Hi, Blacky. Thank you for reaching out on my post! The chat will be used for advice for sufferers like me. Most people just need another ear to vent too, which the chat is being used for. We have owners and moderators that are enforcing the chats rules and safety for others. We have useful links and resources to guide another sufferer to a better light.

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