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    What I would like to expect is hopefully a promo to get Xat active again, just like it was back in 2011.
  2. Writing a public message to Angelo....ew. :$

    1. Angelo


      (ill)(ill) Spawn (ill)(ill) 

  3. Get rid of Flirt

    I personally love Flirt, I find the chat amusing. I personally have no worries about any predators coming after me. I always keep my NoPC on and NoPM on. Half the things people say in that chat, got me snorting.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to buy a four digit ID or a M ID. If you know anyone who is selling, please private message me on the forum. Thank-you.
  5. Favorite Song of 2017

    Hello, Ju4nFX! Thanks for replying this post. I haven't heard Justin Bieber's new song yet. I'm assuming it's your favorite since it's your number one.
  6. I must know...what is your favorite song for 2017 that's constantly stuck in your head? Mine is Ke$has' new song, "Woman". Anybody familiar with that song?
  7. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    Thank-you, somebody who agrees with me! I tried it once...and never tried it again.
  8. How did you discover xat?

    This is funny because I discovered Xat back in 2010 when I was playing on ClubPenguin. The first chat room I ever went too was I believe, "SlimShady". And ever since, it's been "a part" of my life in some weird way. I cannot explain it. Lots of memories throughout this chat room, sad to see a lot of people go.
  9. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    I like bacon on my pizza. NO PINEAPPLES!
  10. my account spawn

    Then may I ask why it's taking too long, and how come the responses cannot be fast? Only certain people work this department? If so, can I try to get a hold of them ... so I can use my account. One of the main reasons why I came back here, was to recover my old account. I wouldn't be trying this hard if I didn't want to be here right now.
  11. my account spawn

    I've been locked out of my account Spawn 53378511 and I've been waiting patiently for my ticket to be responded too, but it has been two days now, and still no reply. Is something wrong? I've tried getting in contact with some of the volunteer(s), and I still haven't received any notice yet. How much longer do I have to wait? Sorry if it seems like I'm rushing anybody or sounding very rude, but I haven't been updated once yet.
  12. Hey guys...long time no see. Wanted to come back and visit everyone, but I cannot access my account because apparently a while ago, the website was hacked so everybodys account was reset or something? I'd like to access my old account back please and thank you. I tried making a ticket, but it says I have to buy something in order to do that, and I cannot.