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  1. New Years

    That sounds awesome, I'm glad you had a great time! I hope you had a great time though! Maybe some alcohol was involved watching it?
  2. Cat or dog?

    Yeah the struggle is currently real. And some cats are so cute!
  3. Cat or dog?

    I own a dog currently and love dogs. I can't have cats, I'm very allergic to them.
  4. Whoever posts last wins!

    I think I'm the winner now.
  5. My favorite memory on the internet was finding that you can play games online. And my first game was RuneScape. I absolutely love that game, unfortunately they changed the game a lot. Another memory would be playing gambling games online such as pool or poker. I was playing on the game site called Pogo.

    What I would like to expect is hopefully a promo to get Xat active again, just like it was back in 2011.
  7. Writing a public message to Angelo....ew. :$

    1. Angelo


      (ill)(ill) Spawn (ill)(ill) 

  8. Get rid of Flirt

    I personally love Flirt, I find the chat amusing. I personally have no worries about any predators coming after me. I always keep my NoPC on and NoPM on. Half the things people say in that chat, got me snorting.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to buy a four digit ID or a M ID. If you know anyone who is selling, please private message me on the forum. Thank-you.
  10. Favorite Song of 2017

    Hello, Ju4nFX! Thanks for replying this post. I haven't heard Justin Bieber's new song yet. I'm assuming it's your favorite since it's your number one.
  11. I must know...what is your favorite song for 2017 that's constantly stuck in your head? Mine is Ke$has' new song, "Woman". Anybody familiar with that song?
  12. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    Thank-you, somebody who agrees with me! I tried it once...and never tried it again.
  13. How did you discover xat?

    This is funny because I discovered Xat back in 2010 when I was playing on ClubPenguin. The first chat room I ever went too was I believe, "SlimShady". And ever since, it's been "a part" of my life in some weird way. I cannot explain it. Lots of memories throughout this chat room, sad to see a lot of people go.
  14. What's your favorite type of pizza?

    I like bacon on my pizza. NO PINEAPPLES!
  15. my account spawn

    Then may I ask why it's taking too long, and how come the responses cannot be fast? Only certain people work this department? If so, can I try to get a hold of them ... so I can use my account. One of the main reasons why I came back here, was to recover my old account. I wouldn't be trying this hard if I didn't want to be here right now.