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  1. my outer bg can oly be 1600x900 sad can i still enter ?
  2. Prices: inner 300 xats OUTER 100 xats pcbacks 350 xats my portfolio: https://jay4789.imgur.com/
  3. heres a 3d 1 4 u edit bro (hug)


  4. yo phin take this


    1. Frisk
    2. jay4789



      do u  like the pcback? hope i got the colors rite

    3. Frisk


      Yeah lmao I love it :$

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  5. i have gone ahead and made the great HelperNate a pcback
  6. http://prntscr.com/hmsc26 A present i need feedback tho


    1. HelperNate


      I like this! It shows that I'm willing to help a good m8! If possible, maybe include my ID and/or message "Always here to help a good mate" somewhere in there.

    2. jay4789
    3. HelperNate


      Very nice! I like! (Y#)

  7. a gaming laptop with NVDIA GTX 1080 graphics card and a quad core 7700 intel i7 processor because mine is weak af
  8. hi i'm jay and i sell graphics so feel free t look me up @help chat INNER: Outer PCBACK AND MANY MORE!
  9. pay me meet me @help chat 350 xats
  10. jay4789

    National Day

    I Agree with D3NZIL. Always remember your origin. It can lift u up when u are down.
  11. jay4789


    wouldnt it be better to call it hatgrad, more col ors cam be implemented that way
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