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  1. jay4789

    Halloween Background Contest for Game

    inner 1: outer 1 button color #b45f04
  2. jay4789

    Giveaway #30: Win 18 powers and 160 xats!

    babotoo123 (1505027506)
  3. happy bday bro nr 4 the win 

  4. happy bday!

  5. pc me 4 prices n details/fuurther discussion message me my work https://jay4789.imgur.com/
  6. IridM8n.png 

    here u go

  7. jay4789

    Someone can help me? I need a background for my xat

    me but i charge xats
  8. 6qaIUz0.png

    4 u

    1. Mystic


      Thanks so much! I really like it and really appreciate all the work you've done for me!(hug)


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