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  1. Kale

    Happy Birthday bro!

  2. I received my prize, thank u bro! @Anas
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. xAndyx


      Thank you very much (victory)

  4. Nice power bro @Junior
  5. Happy birthday!

  6. In a way, I'm reinforcing it so that it can be deployed, because it is a great help for users.
  7. Hello everyone, I think of the well being of all users and always in a safe trade. I believe that there could be the option to trade on everypower or an allpowers completely as a power in the trade. Many people who do not know the trade nor the powers that make up an allpowers, end up being deceived by people of bad faith. An option to add the everypower or allpowers at one time in trade. This is an example of what I'm talking about: HTML5 is a great chance to add this option to make it easier to trade and impart security to your users. Thank you all in advance!
  8. Kale

    Locked out

    Open a ticket for this question pls. With only ticket u can unlock your account! Use this link for open ur ticket with the subject > Locked out < : https://util.xat.com/support/open.php
  9. Kale

    497 HATS

    Yes, a little hard to find!
  10. Creio que essa continua sendo a melhor opção de tentativa.
  11. Tente entrar em outra conta para ver se o problema persiste.
  12. Já tentou usar outro navegador?
  13. Tente isso ao entrar no login, terá tem 3 opções como mostra na imagem abaixo. - Marque a terceira opção para Ligado / ON, em seguida clique em atualizar configurações de segurança. - Faça todo o procedimento de authenticação no celular e depois de ativado o authenticador, tente fazer login normalmente. Diga-nos se tudo deu certo!
  14. Caso não tenha dado certo, tente reinstalar seu navegador e mantenha o mais atualizado adobe flash player.
  15. Kale

    Happy birthday!

  16. Kale

    Happy birthday!

  17. Grats man, nice work!
  18. Grande Arthur!!

    Meus parabéns mano (hug)

  19. I study accounting sciences and my job is that i'm responsible for all the transport of the my municipality. In addition to the entire fuel and finance system.
  20. Kale

    Why? / Because!

    Because @Addict is the best! Why can't I learn Arabic?
  21. Interesting idea. It may no longer be feasible for xat to leave gift's for free. But with this, i see that the powers of collection are being used a lot and with that, the power Supervalentine ends up being a great recommendation!
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