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  1. Happy birthday! 

  2. Hola, ¿Puede informarnos qué error está ocurriendo en su cuenta? De esa manera podemos ayudarlo con mayor precisión.
  3. Kale


    This bug is occurring after the release of the new update/version but will be fixed soon.
  4. Kale


    Hello, this bug has already been reported. I'm sure the xat team will take it into account and this issue will be resolved, thanks for reporting.
  5. This power is very interesting and I'm sure it will bring a lot of fun to users. Congratulations to the Smiley Maker/Dev and congratulations to @Griftlands for the suggestion.
  6. Kale

    superkick rules

    It's good to remember that members don't have the option to ban users, these punishments are specific to main owners, owners and moderators.
  7. Kale

    superkick rules

    The purpose remains the same at this power. It is good to remember that analyzing your print, you must have rank between main owner and owner so that you can enjoy the functionality as described in the wiki. The Superkick power gives you the ability to kick ranks that you normally would not be able to kick, depending on your rank. This power does not give moderators any benefits. Main owners are able to kick owners; Owners are able to kick moderators; Members are able to kick banned members and guests; Having the Boot power allows you to boot the users as well (e.g., owners can boot moderators). Note: Abusing the Boot power can result in the power being removed from your account. Hope this helps!
  8. Happy birthday, Abrahan! Enjoy your day.


    Happy Pumped Up GIF by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

    1. Abrahan


      Thanks you, Kale!

  9. Kale

    Happy birthday, Duygu! 

    Happy Birthday GIF by The Office

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Kale  (hug) 

  10. Kale


    Betty boop
  11. I ran the tests on version 1.55 and 1.55.1 and both are running normally.
  12. Hello, Sometimes this issue can be caused by overloading the Windows notification bar and may not always be something "xat bug" related. Try clearing or even expanding the number of notifications. This worked for me, good luck!
  13. You can help the user on how to proceed with the formation of a ticket, this would not be a problem, but of course, only the user knows his problem and you will forward him to where he should put every detail. It is good to remember that this process must be done by the user who needs the proper help.
  14. Hello, I tried to repeat your problem and found no abnormality: https://i.imgur.com/GxGrNeu.gif Try clearing your browser's cache to see if it resolves or even test other browsers.
  15. Happy birthday!

     Happy Birthday GIF by Chippy the Dog

  16. Hello, This issue has been fixed and you can normally generate your gif through this link: https://web.xat.com/web_gear/chat/ConvertAnimation.php If you find new inconsistencies, let the xat team know about it and if possible open a new topic if this be closed. Remember that you must meet the guidelines for your gif to be generated and function normally.
  17. Kale


    KaLe (44184)
  18. Congratulations @MasterChief I know your abilities and I'm sure you'll give it your best shot.
  19. In my opinion the xat.wiki/Electricity power is the most elaborate and unique power.
  20. Happy birthday, Vals! Enjoy your day. 

  21. This interface is very dynamic and fun, it would be interesting if the background color behind xat could adapt to the browser style, for example, if windows or mac were in night mode it would automatically change the background. I think this part could be a little more worked and dynamic but overall your work is wonderful. I hope your suggestion is well received by the entire xat team, congratulations on the work!
  22. Great idea, I'm sure it would help a lot of users in the chat's of trading. Some users keep getting the power name wrong because they don't know and this is great, I sincerely hope that this idea is well received by the xat team. This would be very interesting especially for trading chat's. Congratulations, Bau! I embrace your idea!
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