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  1. Hello, I believe that all smiley makers do their powers with a lot of love and a lot of whimsy, I find your suggestion to return powers to be released weeks or fortnightly interesting. I'm sure the entire team does their best to bring the best content to users.
  2. Kale

    Quote #Messages

    This suggestion is very important, many times I can't use this option due to some kind of bug or even the sentence being short or something like that. Congratulations on the suggestion, I embrace this idea of yours.
  3. Hola, ¿Qué error está experimentando su intento de inicio de sesión? Entonces podemos pasar a una ayuda más precisa.
  4. Kale

    Feliz aniversário meu irmãozinho, desejo a você toda felicidade desse mundo, você merece demais. Que todos os seus sonhos sejam realizados e que sua vida seja muito prospera.


    Forte abraço meu amigo, aproveite bastante o seu dia! 

    1. slint


      Valeu irmão, tudo em dobro pra ti. Tmj 


      Rd Summit GIF by Resultados Digitais


  5. Happy birthday! 

  6. Kale

    627 WORMS

    Great job, I want to congratulate the smilie maker of this power.
  7. Cierre todas sus pestañas e inicie sesión nuevamente.
  8. Intente rehacer la negociación del power nuevamente, cierre todas las pestañas de chats abiertas antes de iniciar sesión.
  9. Ve al chat que te pide desactivar e intenta desactivarlo.
  10. Hola, Tu deberá iniciar sesión y verificar dónde están firmados sus powers, después de eso, deberá ir al chat que está habilitado y deshabilitado. El power events no son una función de power para firmar, así que intente iniciar sesión nuevamente y vea si todavía está experimentando este problema en su transacción de power.
  11. Kale

    Happy birthday! (hug)

  12. Happy birthday, sis! 


    Happy Birthday GIF


    Enjoy your day! ♥

  13. I got to know xat through web radios because radio administrators always used xat as a chat, this was between 2013 and 2014. After that I made a second family here.
  14. Kale


    This idea is very special because it will bring the administrator closer to the public and users directly. I agree with everything you've written, but a "subforum" of suggestions could be made in the suggestions tab itself, so it would be a steerable link. The administrator sees everything but an approximation more visible and frequent would be very important, it would bring much more participation from the users. This participation and response to suggestions could have a date in the week/month or something like that and thus eliminate the need to have full frequency. GoogleForms is a simple and interesting option, but xat could develop its own feedback page similar to GoogleForms, thus bringing authenticity and innovation. I look forward to this suggestion being well received by the team.
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