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  1. My name is actually Joca and I can relate as I have toothache. Thank you for the story.
  2. I think someone like Zed would of been a better editor. not deserved at all goodbye kiddiewinkle
  3. Karl

    Mobile suggestions

    Android is the largest mobile operating system. Your "statistical" is incorrect.
  4. The thing with catching pokemon is they're pokemon.... I wouldn't want to catch xat powers at all that sounds like no fun. lets just keep all pokemon go related things to Niantic and nothing else
  5. Karl

    Mobile suggestions

    it worked fine for like 1 version then they fixed bugs and it broke and it was never fixed. what lafleur is proposing is probably a better idea
  6. Karl

    Mobile suggestions

    As soon as you use the mobile app and then go off of it, your pawn goes orange and it doesn't change until you use the website. But it shows orange even if you terminate the application so right now it's pointless. It should be orange (in friendslist) when you're on the app or it's running in the background so you still get push notifications.
  7. Karl

    Mobile suggestions

    The orange pawn was originally intended to show you were on mobile, I'm not sure if thats still the goal considering its extremely buggy.
  8. to be honest the most triggering thing in the entire universe is @Flake go away kid
  9. I just want you to know that I am not actually behind a computer screen. I am inside my computer typing responses in binary. My computer is ME. lol
  10. i dont deserve my warning points i support lemona and tinker lol #littlethingsmatter
  11. Please make me have more points so someone has to approve all my posts thank you very much. on topic - its nice to see that they do expire time has been reduced although i don't really care #littlethingsmatter
  12. I will make a craphical picture and post it later. - reserved -
  13. i love you nick teehee
  14. The argument that flash doesn't support symbols is higgledy piggledy. If flash didn't support symbols you wouldn't be able to use them chats at all.
  15. "Flash doesn't like symbols" Thats what i was told when I asked about it.
  16. Approx 48% of the price before taxes.
  17. Firstly there is no reason for anyone to tell you they're a paid user, you can see that yourself. People shouldn't have to tell you facts like that. If you own a shortname it doesn't make you any different from someone who doesn't. Stupid rule. Who decides if someones id is "cool" or not. And since when has something being cool been the reason for you to get help. The ID 10145251521 might mean absolutely nothing to the volunteer who is dealing with the issue, and isn't remotely "cool" to anyone who looks at it. But to the user that ID could mean something directly to them, and volunteers shouldn't be able to dictate if that user gets helped or not based on the fact they deem the ID to not be "cool" Not only is this policy change something that wasn't the aim of this thread at all. The aim was to get this policy totally removed and allow everyone to get help regardless of their value, which is apparently assessed by volunteers based on coolness. It seems the whole policy is purely there to save volunteers time. Which shouldn't be the case. A volunteer has also openly expressed his opinion that if your account is less than 1000 xats then theres no reason you should be helped. Which not only is utterly disgusting it also goes against the mentality that you're there to help the users, not to save yourself time. i am livid lol
  18. You should not have to pay to receive access to YOUR account. There is absolutely no way that you can justify forcing people to pay to have their account. Like I said previously, allocate your resources better. The customer should not have to pay to have their own account. You fail to understand what an account can hold. It could have 0 xats in value, but it could be married/bff'd, you could have gifts from years ago from people you don't speak to anymore or that don't use xat. It's not as simple as "oh your account has no powers/xats therefore you're less important than someone who has 1000 xats". Everyone is equal. I don't care if it takes volunteers extra effort, they're there to help people. Not complain that it takes 4 extra steps to give someone THEIR account. If they don't like it, don't do it. Simple.
  19. Paying for customer support is not reasonable at all. Can you tell me why you think that is reasonable? The customer should never have to pay to receive support. A company wants customers, forcing them to pay to continue to use your service, if something goes wrong, isn't a good idea at all.
  20. Users shouldn't have to pay to receive support. Admins should allocate resources and not charge people. Simple.
  21. People aren't going to phish an account with less than 1000 xats. "oh look i just stole an account with a shortname" "cool dude lol" They gain nothing from phishing an account without xats. Especially going all the way to recover it. You can argue that people are going to phish accounts using fake xat pages, and they would. But they wouldn't attempt to open a ticket to get the account because they are wasting their time. No it isn't fair at all. Even if they have a random 10 digit ID they should be allowed to recover their account. ID length shouldn't matter. Once an account is registered, it is the person who registered its property. There is no way you can stop someone recovering an account they own. The account is legally theirs. I fail to see how this was allowed to be added. It was without a doubt not looked at by "xats legal team". You can't force someone to pay to recover an account. Period. Paying for customer support. Great!
  22. no more memes teehee

    1. Verite
    2. Karl


      teehee its just a prank bro


    3. Flake


      kid stop using my signature move teehee

  23. Karl

    Flag Kisses

    I love the idea, but firstly getting permission to use them is probs like SUPER DOOPER hard lol haha and also if u add all the big teams n not leicester i would probs get really mad lol fanks bye <3
  24. ur literally disgusting lol

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      u guys are funny xd 

    3. Karl


      did i say ur allowd to coment? lol no go away salonge lol xD


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      i dont get it lol

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