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  1. Posts like this really aggravate me, purely for the reason that the OP has never been in the group and doesn't really know what it's about. Problem is, it's far too late for the community to be involved and there are certain things that don't require a community discussion however the group is handled totally wrong. It's now an achievement to become a contributor and people have it on their xatspaces. The group should be a select *few* people without the ability to invite anyone else, volunteer added only. No indication of who they are, no forum badges or a wiki page that just gives people a stupid ego and its pointless. Getting rid of it isn't the right answer, fixing it however probably is. At this point I also don't believe there are enough people who know enough about xat and are willing/able to give positive input into a discussion on semi-serious topics. In reality, the majority of peoples on xats opinions do not matter and nothing gets done.
  2. "Until requested by xat, we need to wait for it . It depends solely on xat staff to happen, as we have the resources (and men) to make new content, if necessary." - Cupims stance on new hats btw [Edited by staff - causing drama]

  4. Karl

    FIONA - puppies

    Firstly, kawaii does not mean feminine, it means cute. Lets not start assuming that all things cute are feminine..... Secondly, there are enough animal powers GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  5. Karl

    Troll power

    Personally feel like this power should be named after the one and only Danilo. Calling it Whis will be fine. FREE WHIS Also, perfect time for a face reveal right KappaPride TriHard
  6. I DO NOT have a life outside of this therefore I do believe I should become the successor to Chris and Darren. Due to my outstanding knowledge of this website and my natural intelligence. Thank you.
  7. Karl


    Honestly, your point makes no sense. But I can't be bothered to have a discussion with you tbh. It will look tacky and won't suit xat, your screenshot proves that lol....
  8. Karl


    One thing you're failing to understand, the bump power wasn't made with the idea that bots can have a command to bump everyone. It's used as a way to get someones attention, the fact bots can use it to bump everyone is totally irrelevant as that wasn't its intended purpose. Mention doesn't fit at all on xat and honestly makes the chat look sloppy. This isn't facebook or twitter and shouldn't be treated like it. The screenshot provided your original post (the one made today by carlos) is pretty much an exact rip of a feature on websites i won't mention, but I'm sure Techy has already made it.
  9. ill still beat u mate even if im banned there boi @Unity
  10. Don't think that was ever stated, try reading before posting. It's pointless because they'll just move chats, instead of deleting a chat, deal with the users causing the issue. The chat isn't the problem, it's the people....
  11. Logging IPs doesnt mean storing bans, ban evading and logging have nothing to do with eachother... Xat stores IPs for 12 hours after the initial ban time. The ID/Regname is stored for the full duration of the ban. (something along them lines) I think it's clear you're not really sure how bans work. On topic; Deleting the chat is pointless, it's been like this for years and is probably never going to change. Instead of making threads about people, report them to volunteers/admins. You've already stated that what they're doing could be potential illegal, underage stuffs, and instead of doing something about them you post on the forum..... keep flirt
  12. BT Sports have it on for free mate
  13. Probably the best English striker, no where near the best striker in the premier league. Has absolutely no ability to perform on an international stage so if you're hoping for it, you're going to be disappointed. No way is Ronaldo above Messi. Apparently Ronaldo has had the best season of his career this year, and still fails to score less than Messi. Egotistical load of trash. My personal fav has to be Totti, loyalty at its finest.
  14. It was a follow on from a discussion that was mentioned from Daniels post, and then was extended on throughout Unitys post.
  15. I'm not in anyway trying to say that you care about the badge or the wiki thing, because that shouldn't be the main focus of the group. The fact that certain people are unwilling to just have all of that gone is the problem and they should infact be removed from the group because they're not there to help benefit xat, they're just their to look like they're somewhat important.
  16. When contributors were first made, there was no special indication of who they were. The wiki page was non-existent, we didn't have fancy badges or anything. Adding all of these things has infact made the contributors think they are more important than they really are. In the end, contributors are not above anyone and because you can see a private forum it doesn't make you above someone.
  17. Great reply, although I have one issue with it. Contributors are not above 'normal' users and should never be considered above them. That aside, it's nice to see a contributor giving a thoughtful reply that isn't just defending xat because they're scared of losing their non-existent power.
  18. Glad you finally managed to give a response with words instead of a video. However you've again failed to address anything. The fact is, you're doing absolutely nothing and need to. Simple. Post your todo list here, include the part where you actually read everyones replies and do something with the information you've managed to take in, if any.
  19. I wish I could agree with you on it being a very solid idea, however I can't. It lacks content because the people within the group are not willing to actually go out of their way to post anything constructive which invokes a discussion. Contributors should be the ones originally mentioned this topic which had a discussion between you and the volunteers. It's obvious they're not willing to post on this post and I'll cover them later on. You can infact voice your concerns about how the ticket system is ran, it might not have any influence but the fact it was mentioned is something all of you have failed to do. A lot of the issues posted here are not for contributors to bring up, however that isn't something that should stop them. The idea all a long was that you guys were there to voice suggestions, but thats the thing you haven't. I'm not blaming you personally, i'm blaming the entire group. You're right, the smilies are not admins concern but they should be able to say to the smiley makers "take your time with the next power we'll release it in 2 weeks instead of 1 week" but they don't. The smiley makers are forced to take minimal time on their work because admins need more money. But the issue isn't just that you guys should be giving admins things from the do list, they should be actively looking at the forum as a way for people to voice their opinions and they're not. Inactive help chats has came up numerous times and it really isn't a hard answer and shouldn't even take up a thread. I'm sure volunteers have the ability to use their initiative and decide that the inactive chats should be redirected. The location update being changed to non paid users is another thing that should be obvious. Being away from your house then being forced to pay to get a location update is honestly moronic. The facebook contest is something I think should be discussed, but is it going to actually do anything to benefit xat? No. The inactive chats and shortnames is something that should of been done a long time ago, and that is something that you guys have actually done which is beneficial. icons for the forum and wiki should of been added anyway and you guys shouldn't have to make a post or even reply to a thread about it because it's common knowledge. The easiest way for you to do this is have a thread where people can suggest things that you put forward, and again none of you have gone out of your way to do this and it's resulted in a thread being made by Danns for it to even come to light. Again I'm not blaming individuals, it's a group wide problem. This is where I'll begin discussing volunteers. A huge portion of this is their fault. They're not willing to actually do anything to tell admins about things. They're not even willing to post on this thread. Volunteers should be the ones who are pushing admins to fix xat and do something about the magnitude of issues on THEIR website. But they're not. This is an issue and an issue that needs to be fixed. Personally, I don't think any of the current volunteers have a backbone. They're far from willing to post their opinion without the fear that admins are going to do something to them. I refer to Spell a lot in my posts, and there is a valid reasoning for it. He was one of the few people who would actually push admins to change things and progress in a forward motion. Without him, look where xat has gone. It's gone on a downwards spiral because no one is there to give admins the kick they need, although volunteers shouldn't have to do that. I understand theres a lot of volunteers who will express their unwillingness to push admins, but @Brandon, you should be one of the people who are going out of your way to get things changed, so we see them and you're not. This should never of been a thing that the users had to express their opinions about, it should of been something volunteers mentioned in their private forum or within a public one, however they didn't. A lot of the issues here are because volunteers are not willing to do anything about the problems. @Admin Your turn. This is your business, it gives you income, why are you so unwilling to actually listen to your users? Without us, your income wouldn't exist and the way you're going there will be no users. Start actually listening to people, giving your input on situations and in the end doing something about the problems which are mentioned to you. You posted a video about faith, do something that gives us faith in you. Companies post a yearly business plan, facebook is a prime example of this with their F8 summits yearly, post one. Tell us what you're planning, what new things are coming and give us estimated dates. It won't happen overnight but its a start. Your reluctancy to actually post a valid response is only showing that you don't care and it is an issue that needs addressing.
  20. The problem with their unwillingness to fix things that are not a simple copy + paste is a huge problem. Of course if there is an exploit which affects xat, they will actually take their time to fix it. Problem is people can't actually fix things for them if it's server sided because we don't have the source. A lot of the people who want to help make xat better, are totally willing to help without asking for anything in return. When I would report things the only thing I ever wanted was a simple thank you, and unfortunately that was far too hard for them and the only person who ever seemed to say thanks to me was Spell and that is not his place at all. Another extremely valid point in his original xatspace is "people who give me tips and tell me whats going on" we are telling him whats going on whilst also providing tips on how to improve however his response is a pathetic video minimizing the issues in this thread, I'm slightly heated about that. And considering it isn't Darren giving them replies I think it's perfectly acceptable to bash Chris for his sheer inability to give any constructive information to the people who spend (waste by the way hes acting) on his website. I'm not trying to say that Fleurs is pointless, but I was asked to create this list for admins so they could fix the bugs before mobile got released, as you can see that wasn't what happened. Admins have seen this, whilst it was in the contributors they replied to it numerous times but they failed to do anything productive with the lists given. I was willing to help them, but they're not willing to help themselves and I think that is the most alarming thing what has been shown from this thread. I don't think admins will ever post anything on github. Firstly, they'll be far too wary of the risks that could come from it, but you're right. The doors that will be open is unprecedented and in the end the only thing that is going to happen is it's going to benefit admins in more ways than just people fixing their issues. Open sourcing is 100% the way forward in almost all instances, which is why things like google thrive on it. Admins lack of involvement is the thing thats holding this website back and they don't acknowledge that, and if they do then they're not making it public and they should. I'm sure there are numerous people more than willing to actually help in terms of bugs/making thigns for xat and whatever for little to no reward. I'm certain that @oj and myself would be more than willing to help. Not only to improve this website but it's also improving our own personal knowledge. And I think this is the most important point. It proved they don't care and honestly not going to even bother unless they're pushed to do it, which is disgusting. They're ruining the business they created, because they're lazy, unwilling to do anything other than the basics and are unwilling to be helped. ACCEPT HELP This list was created because admins wanted to fix the things I listed, they wanted it all fixed for mobile or so I was made to believe. I think the only way they'd actually be willing to fix them is if someone paid them to do it and thats an issue in itself. Creating a profit is the the main aim behind a business and thats understandable, but the way they're actually going about it isn't giving them money. They see money today and they're not looking at the long term future with the opportunity to generate ten fold the income they're making now. Risk for reward, and they're against it.
  21. A few years back, I created a list with the help of Mike of about 50+ bugs. Mike asked me personally to create this list so he could give it to admins. I don't they have actually been fixed. Theres probably maybe 10 that have. If I can find the list, I'll post it in an edited reply. The fact is, people are willing to HELP find them, and are open to doing it for no reward at all. The fact is once they're found they're not fixed which is the problem. Unless you actually provide the actual fix, which isn't always as easy as it sounds, then they don't seem to actually do anything with the reports. Honestly, you can use age as a factor into them not doing things, however if you actually care about the company YOU created, you'd write things down to help you with actually completing basic tasks. People are willing and able to help them actually do things, I WAS a prime example of someone who was willing and able. But in the end it all comes back down to the trust issue which I've expressed numerous times. You're absolutely right that the lack of faith is deserved in some cases. The fact is it's all possible to be fixed. The huge problem is they're just anti-fixing the issue which helps provide them with income, which in my eyes is actual madness. I can personally say that me and Danns have put a large amount of time into our replies, and the fact they replied with practically a meme implying we're all wrong is utterly disgusting. If you bothered listening to your community in the past, this thread would never of needed to be created. The fact they actually replied with that starwars video is in essence a simple way to show that they really don't care about the people who use this site, and that is the underlying problem that needs to be addressed before they start trying to make this website better. Edit: Here is the link to the google doc that was created at the request of admins (or so I was told) - Almost certain there is no bugs here which can cause any issues with xat (could be wrong?) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t18DQT1fXuUIkIyyTqUztgsp8TAH-D_-TgutUeyuMyA/edit?usp=sharing They were even added to the document.
  22. An unproductive reply to a thread that has highlighted many issues. However, I don't think the lack of faith is anyones issue other than your own. The fact you've allowed these issues to amount is whats caused the lack of faith.
  23. Thanks for actually giving your own opinion based on my points, having views numerous different people is always beneficial. Forum I think the strongest point for the forums is that the posts in fact are there until deleted. I didn't think about this in my original response and now you've raised the point it's extremely valid. The only issue I have with it, is how often are old posts reviewed again and something done based on them. I can say that a few of the power suggestions from a few years back, have been added, but thats only down to the smiley makers actively looking for suggestions. By staff, I'm assuming you mean xat staff, and I don't actually think they really care about what most people have to say. If they're ever on the forum they're barely ever actually looking at posts that 'normal' people can see. They're either replying/reading to contributors stuff or things volunteers raise. A prime example of this is the issue thats been around for a while regarding the login email thing. They posted in the section once and it's not something that only affects a handful of people. They've failed to actually continue to checkup to see if the issue persists and really give any kind of information on a fix, which in my opinion they should. Contributors In terms of your idea of what the group should be, I think thats a very logical idea. Considering they'll spend more time interacting on the actual chat side of the website, compared to volunteers and staff, they could potentially have a greater idea of what could benefit the users. They should be able to differentiate between a beneficial idea for everyone and an idea that only benefits a select few people. The problem is they can't, and if a volunteer suggests something then it's always a clean sweep with a 'yes' or a 'good idea' which really benefits no one. Points raised were never actually turned into a discussion, I can't speak for now and maybe things have changed but I'll just use my past experience to give you a small insight. I'm not really sure how much detail I can go into without this part being removed. Points would be raised, a few people would give their opinions, eventually the thread would die because no one was willing to counter previous points provided. Every now and then admins would post in there, but it was never about issues it was normally just to suggest new powers or maybe the odd reply to a bug report. Before I was removed, the only posts that were made were either relating to people being added, or to report inappropriate chats/users. If the group is there just to suggest more people to join without giving useful input then I agree with you, there is no need for it. Back then, there was no need for it and it literally felt like it was just a group to make you feel like you're more important than other people, which was never the original intention. It's very hard for the group to really push for things like fixing support. Issues like that should be mentioned by contributors, but in the end it isn't their job to deal with things like that. It's up to the volunteers to actively pressure the admins in terms of ticket related things. No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes, unless you were a volunteer or are currently one. But it's extremely obvious that there is a backlog of tickets. Just like if this was a business in a different sector, for example retail, and was overwhelmed with orders, more people would be hired to cover the workload. If you read the threads where people say that more volunteers need to be added, volunteers will constantly say "adding more people isn't going to fix the issue" and to an extent they are right, it won't. But it will certainly fix some of the issues as they can make it so some of the current ones can be moved up to deal with the departments with more tickets, and allow the newer volunteers to deal with the departments such as locked out. However, when they say things like that, to me, it looks like they are personally extremely reluctant to allow anyone else to become a volunteer. Paid staff You're totally right it isn't impossible and in my original post it was never my intention to make it sound like that. I think it comes down to trust. As I previously said, it's very difficult to trust someone that you don't know personally especially with something like your business. The staff, are going to be handling extremely confidential information, payment information, and if something like that gets leaked then it could cause no end of legal issues. Hiring developers is something that should of been done a long time ago, but they should also hire management staff to run the volunteers and ensure that these backlogs are NOT there. Marketing as well as customer relations should also be a priority. So theres two sides to this argument, for one it would benefit the users no end. Which in the end is going to make people want to stay and also potentially bring in new people. But it also opens up a huge risk which many people are going to be reluctant to take. And their reluctantly to take that risk is understandable, however sometimes you need to take risks to see the reward. Chat design This ties back into something I said previously, HTML5. Some slight graphical changes, to make the chat look more appealing without taking away the fundemtnal basics could actually really help. As long as these basics remain; Userlist Pawns I think they're actually the main ones that need to stay, theres probably a few more. If there was more freedom around the way people could make the chat look itself, then it would make every chat original and different. I understand that there is already the option to change the backgrounds, then theres tabs and gline, gcontrol and stuff but it really doesn't make anything different. The fact is xat are in a market with other chat systems and the fact is they're really far behind. There is certainly some things that could change without changing the fundamental things that xat has which other chat systems don't have. I've just seen your post replying to Jedi and I'll quickly cover the main point that you made. All these technology companies give you the option to upgrade, leaving you the ability to still use the old one, unless you buy new hardware which has the new software already installed. These however all keep the same fundamental values which differentiate and make them similar to the original product. Finding the right balance between the similarities and differences between the current chat design is what needs to happen, which should in fact be a community discussion.
  24. The post clearly states that I'm talking about old volunteers, the starting ones or very close to. The 4 that I listed were volunteers for far longer than Jamesey. As I've been on both sides of the potential argument, I think that I've been as unbiased as possible. Thanks RoshuaJivenbark. <3
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