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  1. The shortname Help was owned by Spell, he also owned the ID 1111 and 111. Both IDs show the shortname Help because the shortname has been transferred between them. No idea about either Ajuda or Ayuda though.
  2. If volunteers are actively engaging in a discussion, why cannot we discuss the matter? They enforce the rules or am I wrong?? Waits for my mobile bug buster title - https://xat.wiki/Special_Thanks "1. Each chat has its own rules which is to allow or deny the sale of xats for money. This is said by xat terms (main owners are responsible for their chats)" I'll break it down for you - Individuals (NOT THE MAIN OWNER) responsible for what THEY post, but moderators (NOT THE MAIN OWNER) should do WHAT THEY CAN to ensure terms are not broken. At no point do
  3. I disagree entirely. The best thing xat could do in relation to volunteers is making ALL volunteers unknown, just like people who delist chats and whatever else you want to group with them. Theres numerous reasons why I think this is the best cause of action but for time sake I'll only list a few. If no one is aware of who volunteers are, no volunteer related discussions can happen on xat, thus limiting the power and scope of people attempting to use the pretence they are "volunteers" as way to scam people. Means that information related to accounts, WHICH SHOULD ALWAYS BE DONE V
  4. Wrong. This is not the solution at all. This can be deemed as a reason as to why the subject request can be delayed. You are directly causing disruption to prompt a response. My issue here is the use of the word "bombard" by the way. I think everyone has an absolute right to know what information is being stored about them. Everyone who can, should request information using GDPR. "the request is malicious in intent and is being used to harass an organisation with no real purpose other than to cause disruption." as stated by the ICO. I acknowledge your point but encouraging this kin
  5. You're comparing the transaction of xats with being banned, which are unfortunately few and far between. Ban evasion is mainly a rule at official chats, and there is no monetary transaction on either behalf to ban or to be banned. Whereas an auction is entirely different, as xat is effectively removing X amount of xats from the market. I think you should make feasible comparisons that can then be analysed and a solution can potentially be devised from it. Right now you are using comparisons which are not valid to the topic of discussion, such Nvidia or being banned on a chat (not
  6. I'm going to simply rebut your claim with a fact also from Nvidia. The GPUs they have most recently released, 3070s - 3080s - 3090s, are of limited quantity and they are being released in batches. Every batch so far has had bots completing the order for said GPUs at a speed far greater than any human can. This causes price increases due to a high demand with a limited supply, directly relating to your point There is no way to actually stop that and it will continue to happen, with the current system they use. Supply and demand is the fundamental principle of all economies and with such princi
  7. You've got to understand one crucial factor here, xat is a business. It is absolutely not in the best interests of a business to ignore high spenders and cater to low spenders. Regardless of how rude or capitalism based that sounds, that is the harsh reality. If 1 person buys 500,000 xats, the chances are relatively high that they MAY be used on an auction. If 100 people buy 10000 xats however, there is almost no chance that they are going to be used for auctions because frankly, you're not winning anything with such a low amount of xats to spend, auctions cater to the highest bidder, that is
  8. The concept behind an auction is X bids on Ys product and if X doesn't bid high enough then Z wins. That's how all auctions work. Limiting who and who can't bid on an auction doesn't solve the problem, it just creates another one in a different area, in this case you could argue it would reduce sales of xats for xat. An auction isn't about being fair or allowing all to bid, it's about the seller getting as much as possible for the item being sold. The main discrepancy with the current system xat uses is the fact that is the company itself selling products which are not yet availabl
  9. As I left prior to having my accounts deleted, seems fair.
  10. If Belgium come 2nd in group G then they will play the winner of group H, being Colmbia. Thus meaning 3rd and 4th are an impossible feat. sigh
  11. 1. Who will win the World Cup? (Worth 20 points) Argentina 2. Who will be the Runner-Up of the World Cup? (Worth 15 points) Spain 3. Who will get 3rd place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Brazil 4. Who will get 4th place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) France 5. Who will win the Golden Ball? (Worth 10 points) Messi 6. Who will win the Golden Boot? (Worth 10 points) Neymar 7. Who will win the Golden Glove? (Worth 10 points) (Goalkeepers only) Alisson 8. Who will win the Best Young Player Award? (Worth 10 points) Mbappe 9. Who will win Group A? (Wo
  12. It's an honor to b nominated for such a prestigious award. However, due to unforeseen circumstances I'll have to withdraw myself from the nomination. I noticed the title says "Power of positivity" and honestly, I have nothing to be positive about. Thanks.
  13. Karl

    I'm Sorry

    I feel like keeping this private would of been the ideal thing to do instead of splurting it on a public messaging board. It's the internet who cares what you did to them, they'll eventually get over it and if they don't who cares.
  14. infact im the smartest on xat lol
  15. yawn yawn yiddly yawn. It's xat idk why you all care so much rank no rank we're all pathetic excuses for humans and being considered a "volunteer emeritus" is not going to change that
  16. 2013. Ronaldo won nothing, yet scored 3 goals against Sweden and got the ballon d'or. What you win really has no effect on if you win or not.
  17. 100% agree with you, tottly 100% promise
  18. Can confirm, I'm the only reason why xat is alive right now.

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  19. This is far from professional, and you should be reported. When you dont know what sarcasm is.
  20. As a contributor for xat, I expect you handle yourself professionally at all times. Due to this post I shall be reporting you. Side note, can you get me contributor please.
  21. 1. Surprisingly, I don't think I ever said that, however you seem to think I'm 31 so it must be my memory acting up, old age aye. 2. Because they are actually able to give constructive and productive points on how to improve things. Threads like this prove that the vast majority of xat isn't able to do that.
  22. Read what I said, and then see if your reply has any substance. You were never in the group and don't know what it's about. case closed.
  23. Posts like this really aggravate me, purely for the reason that the OP has never been in the group and doesn't really know what it's about. Problem is, it's far too late for the community to be involved and there are certain things that don't require a community discussion however the group is handled totally wrong. It's now an achievement to become a contributor and people have it on their xatspaces. The group should be a select *few* people without the ability to invite anyone else, volunteer added only. No indication of who they are, no forum badges or a wiki page that just giv
  24. "Until requested by xat, we need to wait for it . It depends solely on xat staff to happen, as we have the resources (and men) to make new content, if necessary." - Cupims stance on new hats btw [Edited by staff - causing drama]

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