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  1. New rank for official xats/tributes

    infact im the smartest on xat lol
  2. New rank for official xats/tributes

    yawn yawn yiddly yawn. It's xat idk why you all care so much rank no rank we're all pathetic excuses for humans and being considered a "volunteer emeritus" is not going to change that
  3. 2013. Ronaldo won nothing, yet scored 3 goals against Sweden and got the ballon d'or. What you win really has no effect on if you win or not.
  4. Abandon the Contributors.

    100% agree with you, tottly 100% promise
  5. Can confirm, I'm the only reason why xat is alive right now.

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      ur being loud, Karl

    4. Matheus



  6. Abandon the Contributors.

    This is far from professional, and you should be reported. When you dont know what sarcasm is.
  7. Abandon the Contributors.

    As a contributor for xat, I expect you handle yourself professionally at all times. Due to this post I shall be reporting you. Side note, can you get me contributor please.
  8. Abandon the Contributors.

    1. Surprisingly, I don't think I ever said that, however you seem to think I'm 31 so it must be my memory acting up, old age aye. 2. Because they are actually able to give constructive and productive points on how to improve things. Threads like this prove that the vast majority of xat isn't able to do that.
  9. Abandon the Contributors.

    Read what I said, and then see if your reply has any substance. You were never in the group and don't know what it's about. case closed.
  10. Abandon the Contributors.

    Posts like this really aggravate me, purely for the reason that the OP has never been in the group and doesn't really know what it's about. Problem is, it's far too late for the community to be involved and there are certain things that don't require a community discussion however the group is handled totally wrong. It's now an achievement to become a contributor and people have it on their xatspaces. The group should be a select *few* people without the ability to invite anyone else, volunteer added only. No indication of who they are, no forum badges or a wiki page that just gives people a stupid ego and its pointless. Getting rid of it isn't the right answer, fixing it however probably is. At this point I also don't believe there are enough people who know enough about xat and are willing/able to give positive input into a discussion on semi-serious topics. In reality, the majority of peoples on xats opinions do not matter and nothing gets done.
  11. "Until requested by xat, we need to wait for it . It depends solely on xat staff to happen, as we have the resources (and men) to make new content, if necessary." - Cupims stance on new hats btw [Edited by staff - causing drama]

  13. FIONA - puppies

    Firstly, kawaii does not mean feminine, it means cute. Lets not start assuming that all things cute are feminine..... Secondly, there are enough animal powers GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  14. Troll power

    Personally feel like this power should be named after the one and only Danilo. Calling it Whis will be fine. FREE WHIS Also, perfect time for a face reveal right KappaPride TriHard
  15. A Change In Ownership

    I DO NOT have a life outside of this therefore I do believe I should become the successor to Chris and Darren. Due to my outstanding knowledge of this website and my natural intelligence. Thank you.