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  2. Ideas and Discussions

    Did you ever use the chat when the monthly main system was active? It wasn't about staffing friends and it was rare that anyone actually would. The chat was far better managed by a "random" main each month who is "completely clueless" than someone who has used the chat for numerous years and "staffs" all his "friends". I think you've mixed up Paul running this chat and a monthly main. The first is the clueless one the latter is not.
  3. Ideas and Discussions

    This further reiterate that point, look at the owner liking posts supporting the chat not changing, without giving valid input on how to move the chat forward in a positive manor. For once, I'm going to actually call these power hungry people out. Sloom, stop liking posts that support you keeping chat power and instead giving some constructive points. What makes it worse is the vast majority of the people who want to keep power, are only there because they didn't earn it and are instead testing html5, again you don't need owner and if you do you can just ask for it, me and Spell used to do this back in the day. Another reply from someone who only wants to stay as staff, give some actual points instead of staying "nothing will change" "hahaha get over it". The chat isn't perfect so stop acting like it is and staff giving "feedback" because thats what this thread was about, not people showing that they only care about power. Even OJ, who just happens to be staff there, agrees that the chat has many issues. So either you're blinded by your love for Paul, or you only want power. As you state, admins claim that the chat isn't official, so going on their word it should be moved to tribute. It hasn't been moved back to official so it's clearly not an issue. Fact is, the vast majority of the team people aren't creating drama. They're making Paul aware to an issue and because he has a huge ego now he's MaIn OwNeR at an "official" chat he sees it as drama and just bans. The management is entirely to blame for the way the chat is and you are also part of the blame for allowing it to get into its current state. You also gave Paul the chat. You also bring up another point about wiki editors, but like I said before the chat isn't considered official and thats something admins said. Saying it's fine for staff to be care-free and then saying you deem it "okay" because something a wiki editor does also shows that you could potentially be part of the problem. You can't deem a chat action fine because a wiki editor did something. That isn't how it works and 2 wrongs don't make a right.
  4. Ideas and Discussions

    Did you actually witness how having a monthly main actually changed the chat? Not being disrespectful, but I don't remember you being there in the early days up until I'd say a year before it ended. It was used as a testing chat then and it can still be used as a testing chat, having a rotating main doesn't change the chats purpose. The vast majority of the old volunteers would get main at that chat before getting volunteer, another great way to see how someone handles a chat because thats what volunteers have to do. Thats a test for them, therefore fits the role as a testing chat. It seems to me that the only people who disagree with it being changed are the ones who are already ranked, and the only reason they'd not want it changed is because they don't want to lose their rank. Having power on a chatroom doesn't benefit you in anyway at all.
  5. FIONA - puppies

    Firstly, kawaii does not mean feminine, it means cute. Lets not start assuming that all things cute are feminine..... Secondly, there are enough animal powers GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  6. Ideas and Discussions

    Not entirely sure why my post gets deleted, but Paul who is evidently just trying to create drama and has little to no input in his posts actually remains. The issue here is that it is the management. There are also a select few staff members, whos names I won't mention, who seem to boast about having the html5 client. The fact they have to do that, clearly shows that being staff at the chat isn't helping their ego at all, and their conduct should also be addressed as an issue.
  7. Ideas and Discussions

    I mentioned bias in my previous post, thanks for backing up what I said Paul.
  8. Ideas and Discussions

    I'll start off with the first issue being the management, don't go too in depth but theres issues there and they should probably be addressed before you change anything else. If you want me to go more in depth then I'll gladly do it. Having the monthly mains was a much better idea than having one main owner, or two if you want to be pedantic, you can claim it caused more drama but evidently you didn't witness it from when it started. Chat was far more active, people actually wanted to use the chat, now they don't. Volunteers should have the chat back and then they decide who gets main there. That way worked fine, until certain individuals got a bit power hungry, again no names. The chat doesn't even feel like a testing chat anymore, it's more of a place where people can attempt to get some kind of xat power. For example, Techy was testing something and the mods started rambling about nonsense, it's a testing chat and you should be allowed to test in it. Thats the idea behind the chat. Make it so you can test things without people getting all trippy and banning/kicking for nonsense. If they don't like it's a testing chat, they can go use Ajuda problem solved. My next issue would be the staff, it's populated by people who honestly don't understand the rules. They'll jump on banning/kicking you for absolutely no reason at all. It seems to be more about who you know and not how you moderate a chat, I think thats evident with some of the current staff as well as the previous staff. Very bias towards certain people, not good for an official chat. Not that this is a negative point, almost everyone who uses that chat isn't even a native English speaker, it feels like I'm in cambio or something when I go there (if im not banned aye) so why not do a MartinnGoodman and make the chat international or something, the English user base isn't enough to make it solely an English chat. Overall, the old test was far better and I think the amount of active users then compared to now shows that. Yes people have quit, but the vast majority just stopped using a chat because it's ran by people who really don't know what they're doing. No hate, but you'll have to deal with the truth, sometimes it hurts. The chat has always been a place for admins to test, so not entirely sure where you're going with that point.
  9. Troll power

    Personally feel like this power should be named after the one and only Danilo. Calling it Whis will be fine. FREE WHIS Also, perfect time for a face reveal right KappaPride TriHard
  10. A Change In Ownership

    I DO NOT have a life outside of this therefore I do believe I should become the successor to Chris and Darren. Due to my outstanding knowledge of this website and my natural intelligence. Thank you.
  11. Mention

    Honestly, your point makes no sense. But I can't be bothered to have a discussion with you tbh. It will look tacky and won't suit xat, your screenshot proves that lol....
  12. Mention

    One thing you're failing to understand, the bump power wasn't made with the idea that bots can have a command to bump everyone. It's used as a way to get someones attention, the fact bots can use it to bump everyone is totally irrelevant as that wasn't its intended purpose. Mention doesn't fit at all on xat and honestly makes the chat look sloppy. This isn't facebook or twitter and shouldn't be treated like it. The screenshot provided your original post (the one made today by carlos) is pretty much an exact rip of a feature on websites i won't mention, but I'm sure Techy has already made it.

    ill still beat u mate even if im banned there boi @Unity
  14. Get rid of Flirt

    Don't think that was ever stated, try reading before posting. It's pointless because they'll just move chats, instead of deleting a chat, deal with the users causing the issue. The chat isn't the problem, it's the people....
  15. Get rid of Flirt

    Logging IPs doesnt mean storing bans, ban evading and logging have nothing to do with eachother... Xat stores IPs for 12 hours after the initial ban time. The ID/Regname is stored for the full duration of the ban. (something along them lines) I think it's clear you're not really sure how bans work. On topic; Deleting the chat is pointless, it's been like this for years and is probably never going to change. Instead of making threads about people, report them to volunteers/admins. You've already stated that what they're doing could be potential illegal, underage stuffs, and instead of doing something about them you post on the forum..... keep flirt