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  1. nice id bro shaw is still selling?
  2. Hi, i like xat mobile But it needs to develop more, And some mistakes need to be corrected. Some encountered mistakes I will list. 1. Yes ruby now seems to have a person on the person list, person, too. But in (ruby), in the general chat, it looks 'white' in color. 2. When you log in to your PC, and log in again from the phone, 'Wait for push notification' error occurs, days xats transfer is locked. S.66. and And after approximately 1 or 2 hours, it will automatically recover. It is better that such a mistake never occurs. 3.Bff / married people do not appear together, and register / subcriber / bff / maried does not appear. Everyone seems to have the power to reghide. 4.People do not have the power of namecolor, it's just nameglow, but it seems as though namecolor exists. 5. No have days in person. but Animated gif profilies, As if, like the days, playing. 6. At the end finish of the person days, nickname Looks like the codes are inside, so; person have days; nickname = Nick but not have days = Nick(glow#000001#r)(hat#r) 7. Can't Trading in xap app mobile, we want can Trade active. 8. not click to buy Xats list. 9. not buy shortnames. 10. can't promote my chat group. 11. can't send kissies message's. (ball 8) I hope this is useful for correcting them. @Admin @Maverick
  3. SeroReyis

    Ruby Limited

    If Ruby is limited, the price goes up to 100k +, and for this normal level of users, Reaching is an expensive destination. Gold, purple, falling prices, it was a great opportunity for normal users. And already, ruby is an ideal goal for the rich. And the price is fixed and 100k normal. And of course new everypowers (emerald) are a well-deserved gift for wealthy merchants.
  4. Less often. Because I love it a little.
  5. Only for senior security. But boring for every entry.
  6. My Favorite Vols (Muffins , Brandon , Chelly , Cupim )
  7. I wish that your wish will be accepted @Chelly
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