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  1. inner: https://imgur.com/dZjaunE.png outer: https://imgur.com/jhggQVS.png COLOR BUTTON: #C50100 inner: outer: https://i.imgur.com/MIgpy29.png COLOR BUTTON: #3BA44A
  2. As in xat there are many relationships at a distance, this love letter restricts in many couples, even in my life, because I am married in xat These miles that separate us, and which are not few, are nothing compared to the size of my love for you. Distance does not kill love, distance only increases longing and keeps alive the will to be by your side. What I want most in life is to be able to have you near me again, always with me to kiss and hug. While this is not happening, imagine that my longing travels, at the speed of light, this space of empty breasts between us, and in a flash of fingers I'm there to give you a kiss. I'm sorry, I can not stay to sleep and wake up by your pillow. Every night, I meet you in my dreams, walk with your hands and arms, and before I wake up I leave you with a smile to adorn your face when you wake up. The distance separates us, but the love brings us closer, so it is easy to avoid the desire, the awakening or the sleep. I want you to know that nothing can be greater than the love that I feel for you. This phase will pass and soon the day will come when we can live together. I love you, my love!
  3. Very good, I really liked it. Congratulations on the same show drawings.
  4. I bought 8 digit id rare example: 100000 ?? can be any two numbers in the end enter in with me on the forum or / f10027 on the xat
  5. prize received thank you very much
  6. yes and a good name also liked xatzoo but this name would not be appropriate get out of the collection answer my opinion
  7. hello to all vim aki leaves a suggestion for the new power since the xat already did some collection powers ex: superanime among others my suggestion is to create superanimal or superfarm with animals with k in the beginning type kcow kmouse etc

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