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  1. good evening to all those present the next proposal is to see if they can add more emotion to the married and the bff as I will show you in the following image Also to suggest in the married an emoticion as it shows the rings with the heart on when the married is placed the rings are joined and little by little the heart appears all three together when the pawns join with the married. For the bff I would like to suggest the following as I will show in this other image previously the bff was used as a symbol of brotherhood no longer, now the bff is instead used now as a symbol of commitment. My suggestion is that the bff is symbolized as friends and for someone from xat.com want a commitment and join should make or create an emoticon for the peon as a symbol of commitment of bridal a ring tied to the pawns with a heart in the middle of the The ring identifies the commitment of brides since for the married in the pawns is the heart that is what identifies being married. I also want to add to the people who join with their same gender either on the cross or heart symbolize the cross of colors of the symbol lgtb and the heart also of color with the movement either on the cross bff or heart with the colors of the lgtb symbol . Well it would not be a bad idea to make a few small changes to these options that I have come to propose. As I said before years ago the bff was no longer respected, now it is used as a courtship and world xat should have in each of these different options that represent the union of brotherhood, the union of spouses, the union of people of the same sex It would not be a mistake to want someone from the xat to join another person and each one identify with something of the different emotions and in the pawns. Well, here I leave my humble proposal if it seems good or not you think thank you
  2. Loba922


    I completely agree with this suggestion. I say this because sometimes when a user comes to the room to tell you things and you ignore it and if you have in the range as a moderator or owner and main unfortunately there ignore does not work it follows a reading with the rank except that of member who is that works in the other ranges does not continue reading the same being in ignore. I think it's an excellent proposal to take it into account look at this example that I put as I feed this user having an owner rank and I still read it That's why you better do something with this ignore for the higher ranks and do not read the user that we have in ignore since it only works as a member does not read who is in ignore and if you keep reading both in moderator and in owner they should modify that. Greetings and good proposal you have implemented
  3. Loba922

    540 MIME

    nice power thank you very much post post it we will be attentive to your first excellent output
  4. I think this suggestion for a new power is very good, since there are only two or a smilie like the dollar and well I think you should take a power so this is in this suggestion, I think the idea is perfect
  5. Feliz cumpleaños pasalo super en tu dia (applause)

  6. that power more funny. I also love the smilies that look funny. Good power greetings
  7. This should be a great power I congratulate you and hopefully receive many votes. Excellent proposal for a new power. The suggestion that you have made I like, you really have not seen this proposal of Chinese power. Something different and something new of smiles styles I love and I hope that your suggestion is taken into account and is one of the next new powers. You have my vote and thank you for sharing this proposal greetings from Colombia
  8. Loba922

    Power "Gaty"

    I love this suggestion hopefully take into account a different power as the other interesting greetings
  9. good afternoon Today I wanted to suggest paws some hats to the power hat as you see in the following example of the image Paws: (hat#dg), (hat#Rb), (hat#Rc), (hat#ct), (hat#mn), (hat#mc) just add them so the power hat has a participation and do not look so shabby with the hat and have little hats of animals as well as the power hats of different models is my little suggestion and I hope you like the idea pretty late have.
  10. finally they got something good really I loved this new power thanks is very good
  11. Loba922

    535 MORPH

    I can only say that the power is ugly always accept any power request without having any idea and reject very good proposals of powers that if they are worth as the pawn for the allpowers among others that I have seen and unfortunately take anything now they need to take out a flea dancing on a ball and reject another power that is worthwhile without using smilies of other repeated powers that now do that and do not create smilies that are not if they do not take them from other powers that already came out of truth that little creativity has
  12. my most sincere condolensias but if they spent with this power is uglier, better is the other cactus that this new have lost creativity
  13. Loba922


    That's right, you can only make a few modifications and I agree with you :D
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