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  1. Loba922

    Power Ant

    If the truth is that smilie is good, thanks for your comment
  2. Loba922

    Power Ant

    It would look great with those animations you said, thanks for your comment
  3. Loba922

    557 ACTING

    interesting power, although they should have done more animations more cool would have been seen
  4. Loba922

    ANGRIER power

    The smilies are cool
  5. Loba922

    Power Ant

    thank you very much for your comment thanks you greetings
  6. Loba922

    Power Ant

    I hope that if you take it into account, thank you very much for your comment
  7. Loba922

    ANGRIER power

    this perfect should make a modification to the power angry and ready or add more smilies to modify excellent suggestion
  8. Loba922


    excellent suggestion
  9. I find this suggestion excellent for ignore. Since unfortunately it can be said that it is a defective utility because when we ignore we still see it as a member but we do not read it but its function is short-lived since when we left the xat where we gave the ignore it is deactivated and when logging in the ignore is also deactivated faulty function that should correct as I show in the capture giving ignore such a user we still see it which should be like the function of the invisible power that when ignoring we do not see a certain user that we ignore or they see us when giving them ignore or read them or that they read us. also that the ignore can work as owner or moderator as the member since being a moderator or owner of an xat unfortunately ignore does not work we ignore and continue reading the same as if nothing is being ignored by the person thing that should also be corrected. the function when giving ignore should be that of option one proposed here by the friend lin number one https://prnt.sc/onkmot I like that option to ignore it and that it can be ignored and not read to certain latosos users when we are in an xat and that the function is lasting not to be deactivated when logging in or refreshing the xat page where we are. I loved your proposal of ignore and hopefully take it into account and make the respective corrections that should be because this function in xat does not work as we thought lasting but only lasts a little ignore and these gentlemen make the respective corrections to ignore and that finally it can be useful in the xat and not continue reading to latosos users pretty late to all
  10. Loba922

    Power Ant

    Thank you very much for your comment
  11. Loba922

    Power Ant

    good afternoon to all those present at forum the present idea that I bring for a new power is this of an ant Since they have taken many animals as power because it also better suggest a power of an ant The smilies are the following: (ant) (antsugar) (antzap) (antdisco) (anthi) (antlove) (antfiddle) (anthill) (antsheet) the pawn would be: (hat#C) Well I hope you like my idea of getting a power out of a subtle ant would not be too bad. I thank them for their positive opinions and they like it since what I always suggest reject my proposals I hope that this one is finally accepted by me and thank you very much
  12. good night, gentlemen, cordial greeting the present proposal is to make a suggestion when they register to this of mundoxat or xat.com when registering they should do the option of not repeating the names that are already in use as nick as user and above all the copy of colors and the smilies. As I show you in this photo where two users have the same color and smilies repeated both same things that sometimes most of these people get annoyed because they copy it is the color or the smilie. They should place one more option in the nick copy or records that are already active by other users and do not allow another to come and register with the same name or registration. Do even a modification when they register and do not allow the copy of either nick or record as this generates confusion with another person and then come the ones that are the problem of fights in some xat where some users get confused when they see another user to use almost the same name or register because in these cases you see fights for this question of confusion or repetition of names. Here I leave this request for some users who requested about this copy of records and nick.
  13. Loba922

    551 AHAIR

    Not all, I've seen that rejected and there are some users who have said
  14. Loba922

    551 AHAIR

    Completely according to your opinion danny, is the great truth for you to open a post where you ask users to give ideas to get new powers? How unfortunate that rechanzen best proposals of powers that really are worthwhile and now devote power to children of 2 years or now the fashion that has these gentlemen volunteers the use or the html platform. Should eliminate that option to suggest powers is useless to place our proposals if they do not take it into account, only take eloquent ideas of ugly powers, which even brain have to take a new power different from the many that there are if they do not take copies of other powers with the same smilies. then if they are not going to take the ideas of the users that make better proposals of powers, better remove that option or eliminate it and do not get excited so do not waste time creating proposals that are worthwhile. Just as the world xat makes votes to choose moderators of change or trade should change these volunteers who already lack or lost creativity.
  15. Loba922

    551 AHAIR

    I expected a great power, not one more horrible. Have more a little creativity, since they have lost it to get very horrible power
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