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  1. my most sincere condolensias but if they spent with this power is uglier, better is the other cactus that this new have lost creativity
  2. Loba922


    That's right, you can only make a few modifications and I agree with you :D
  3. Loba922


    good morning to everybody Here is another suggestion for another power the Gku I hope you like them Your smilies are: (gkbaby), (gkhair), (gkcloud), (gkkame), (gkphere), (gki), (gknock), (gkaure). pawns: (hat#gk) happy weekend greetings
  4. Loba922


    Good afternoon everyone Here is this suggestion of this power bball that I am proposing this that I suggest: BBALL, BBLL2, BBWARE, BBALLFT2 PAWN: (hat#bt) well I hope you like this suggestion happy day to all
  5. Loba922

    524 WIGS

    What a beautiful power of the Halloween era, but I have already lost the creativity to design powers and take out any ugly thing that they propose and rechange power proposals that are worth the new one, really hurting
  6. good to all those present Here is a sample of smilies for the power cupid that I am suggesting 1- (loveyou) https://imgur.com/a/gTYo26q.png 2- (prinslove) https://imgur.com/a/3BQfQSC.png 3- (inlovemen) https://imgur.com/B2rVVmP.png 4- (cuteloves) https://imgur.com/W2vWz2g.png 5- (kisscheslov) https://imgur.com/9wuFgog.png 6- (flowerloves) https://imgur.com/XAAiN1Q.png 7- (kissheartloves) https://imgur.com/p3o4MZ8.png 8- (exictedloves) https://imgur.com/KD3qr9Y.png 9- (angelloves) https://imgur.com/IQ0W3Vc.png I hope you like my suggestion for this power since there have been little powers of love styles other than valentine, lovemix, eighties, wedding, romance, easterlove, lovehug, lovefx, lovetest, all those that mention. regards
  7. Good afternoon the new power is more or less, something more interesting was expected. But anyway, thank you very much for the information
  8. good evening this post is to propose and suggest some smilies for power six since this power only has two nothing more very similar and I would like to suggest some to see if they like: http://prntscr.com/i0i3r9 http://prntscr.com/i0i8ma http://prntscr.com/i0i8wg http://prntscr.com/i0i9ds http://prntscr.com/i0i9hf http://prntscr.com/i0i9lw http://prntscr.com/i0ialf http://prntscr.com/i0iav3 http://prntscr.com/i0iaz7 I hope that they are of your greatest pleasure these smilies so that they are assigned more animations to the power six since it is one of the power tomandos in less greetings to all
  9. So if then it will look great the power flagpawn thank you very much for the information
  10. very interesting the new power enchanted me but at the same time would be more great if the flags in the peon had movement so would be spectacular power if you saw movement in the flag peon asi style nameflag something similar
  11. Very interesting power combination of banpool and mute and that the baneo is fast so when a user makes spam or pass links not related to xat.com is easy to give a fast ban and not escape although this function I saw a proposal from another Power as you have added other combinations of other powers to have faster function, I like thanks for the information greetings
  12. The idea of the pawns with the ship turning around is perfect but the colors of the first peon date that the brown color is used for the banners, the color white use of the moderators, the orange use of owners and the green for the Gues would perfect a silver blue color or I mean that allpowers can serve for those who have rank or not and the peon along with the flashrank is visible with a silver blue would fit well so I do not know if I make myself explain
  13. It seems to me very interesting your proposal would be useful that if taking the purple, gold, everypower and ruby these four pawns would join this power Neon power or I mean to join the above mentioned powers so that the output of the Neon is what I mean having these pawns is to say the Neon would come being like power epico would be great to take into account this idea of your proposal for the power Neon is excellent and I support you, my regards Unfortunately this name was already used for the new power neon id 442 You will again have to think of a new name for the power you are suggesting
  14. Loba922

    442 Neon

    Cute power very flashy something different at the end that the ones that have taken out lately I like

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