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  1. Copy of power spooky, nothing different
  2. I sincerely expected something more beautiful, allusive to Valentine's Day, but they took something out for Halloween, the truth is I do not like this new power
  3. Thank you very much for the transfer of the suggestion, it had been wrong where I was going to post it.
  4. Good morning or afternoon everyone. This is for a proposal for a stiker power for html5 called Celebrate. Contains a couple of animated emotions that will do the trick (celebrate.cheers#) (celebrate.thank you#) (celebrate.inlove#) (celebrate.bingo#) (celebrate.yeap#) (celebrate.stop#) (celebrate.wow!#) (celebrate.happy birthday#) (celebrate.letter rock#) I hope you like my idea, have a wonderful day everyone
  5. Something different always, pretty
  6. good afternoon My doubt and concern is what happened to the wedding and birthday cake animation options that are no longer seen in the 8-ball black? Since the month of October, these animations were deactivated and from there on it was not activated anymore
  7. Loba922


    Thank you all for your good comment and have liked my suggestion something different from other proposals greetings to all
  8. Loba922


    good afternoon gentlemen of forum This is to present this proposal of power a bean and well I hope you like this suggestion since lately they have pulled power not so good Smilies: (bean), (becool), (beloving), (bebox), (begifts), (beinjection), (beangry), (beletter), (bevictory), (bechampagne), (bebeer), (beguitar), (bechef) pawn: (hat#Be) I hope you like it, have a nice afternoon for everyone
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Loba922

    Power Ant

    If the truth is that smilie is good, thanks for your comment
  11. Loba922

    Power Ant

    It would look great with those animations you said, thanks for your comment
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