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  1. LAND

    SATANIC power

    I like it, it would be a good power if they put it. Good job. 🏆🔥
  2. Given that there is no section to make contribution of designs for the official communities of xat, I open this post .. All donations can be published here.
  3. Hello, Your design looks great. nice job if I remember correctly there are sections for donations of designs to the official chats of xat. Otherwise, they should create one.
  4. ¡Happy Birthday! 🎂🍾🍾

  5. En ningún momento usted fue ofendido de mi parte, estamos explicándole su post, para que usted tenga más conocimientos en el manejo de el foro, y no tenga problemas con sus dudas.
  6. La publicación se cierra cuando un usuario responde a la pregunta que ha hecho otro usuario, y los moderadores cuando miran todas las ofertas, marcan con una estrella la mejor respuesta, la más simple que el usuario que realizó la consulta puede entender. Todavía es un foro para pedir ayuda, no para cuestionar las decisiones tomadas por el personal del foro. 👍
  7. It is the new power, his departure was last night, above you can look at its details. You can also go to xat.com/trade so you can buy it if you like it. Regards.
  8. If true, many users have told me the same thing, that good combinations are made.
  9. Google Chrome without a doubt.
  10. Congratulations to everybody winners 🏆🥳
  11. ID: 568 Name: Woodland Status: limited Smilies: woodland, woautumn, wobridge, wodoor, wohedgehog, worelax, wotree Hat: hat#hL hat#ha hat#ht Price: 202 xats Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Woodland
  12. LAND


    It works in a way that only xat handles, but that is not the case, I only give the suggestion, I think it will be seen by many and approved by few.
  13. LAND


    I understand your point of view, and that is what I mean as time goes by they continue to rise. For example, if I don't have money to buy xats today and I have to wait at least 1 year because I have other preorities, the moment I return, it will be more expensive, and if I couldn't buy it before less now, I think they could lower the costs a bit and so people become more enthusiastic, it is my point of view. I enjoy it, perfectly, of that you have no doubt
  14. LAND


    Good evening / Good morning / Good afternoon. Depending on the moment you read it. I was thinking and I realized that many short names are super expensive, I understand that xat has to have profits and that kind of thing, but thinking about it, I could put a discount every so often to motivate users to keep playing and buying, not I say this is done every month, but for example on the chat anniversary, 10% in short names, or that kind of thing. I hope they do not take it badly, but I say it because there are users who cannot buy their short names for the high value they
  15. LAND

    I need help!

    Hello, When you do that, you must ensure that no power is assigned to the group. And remember if in any other group you have assigned other powers.
  16. They are very good identifications, you can go somewhere and sell them too, I know you will be fine.
  17. Thank you very much for the information.
  18. LAND

    SATANIC power

    Good job, keep going.
  19. Hola a todos chicos, espero que esten bien? Vengo por aca para pedir permiso para usar imagenes gif en mi imagen de perfil aca en el foro com avatar. Espero respuesta.
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