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  1. I'm using a translator, I hope everything is understood my account is nochesdehielo1 (351589199) Hello, I would like to tell my case, because I think that this must be known by the users ,and since my partner is in the same situation, I have several doubts Last year, my account was blocked for 999 days, I thought I had been robbed, then I opened the ticket, and after a month the administrator came in, saw my case and my account was unlocked but without giving me any reason on the ticket, why my account was blocked so long After waiting 3 months, a long time, the ticket was answered, with an absurd and false reason. It had supposedly been blocked for refusing a payment, when I have never bought in the store of xat.com according to them the payment was solved and solved, magically, because I repeat again that I never buy in the store and less refuse any payment, I did not even ask for proofs or anything proofs my ticket http://prntscr.com/mekzx2 http://prntscr.com/mel09g Today I still do not understand why I was blocked 999 days because I do not understand the reason they gave me, I did not want to investigate anymore because I had already been unlocked and let the subject pass, but recently my marriage ( account solterodeoro299 1529237769 )has been blocked 999 days and exactly in his ticket they have given the same reason as me, that he has refused a payment, and in the ticket he is forced to pay 40 dollars, proofs : ticket of my married solterodeoro299 http://prntscr.com/mel3ng in front of me he has called paypal, and there is no reverse payment to the xat.com store, and he has never bought xats in the store, he bought his xats from reseller Bryam another reason without any logic or coherence as it turned out to be in my case I did not take any action at the time, he has taken legal action, I just want someone to explain me how they can block accounts 999 days, with reasons that do not make sense, or someone is making false accusations, this would be very serious, not let's forget that the accounts have an economic value I have opened this post because a user without registration has passed me this capture laughing, where they accuse my married on a ticket proof http://prntscr.com/mel7h3 In my case, an injustice was committed, in the case of my married one is also being committed, If xat.com is a serious company, should not allow these failures, false accusations, people blocked without reason then months without answer in the tickets, reasons that can not be demonstrated and then it turns out to be an error of the page. but you have been blocked for a month for no reason, something is wrong with xat.com and administrators must realize, surely now angelo will come to close the publication and nothing has happened here, but if it is happening, there is evidence, everything is very rare. I hope they solve soon case of my married, to see who is going to want to spend money in a company that does not seem very safe and that at any time you can retain everything for no apparent logical reason
  2. hello, my account is nochesdehielo1 (351589199) last year I suffered a robbery to my account valued at more than 146,000 xats, I opened a ticket and I was waiting for more than 6 months to answer the ticket, after that long wait they returned my powers 8/04/2017 Someone entered my email was logged and passed the powers to another account leaving my account empty, I got a pin that was neither my ip nor my company <removed> The same day of theft I open the ticket with my proofs <removed> even though I have a very bad time, because of the long wait, in the end it is solved and partly recuperated my powers a few days ago, my account was blocked for 999 days, I thought at first that I had been robbed again, that's why I opened a ticket in report scam, but this time I had my security activated http://prntscr.com/j11kmd my number ticket 18689326 my account was very valuable for me I had few powers but I had the ruby and the namecolor http://prntscr.com/j10yx7 my account information http://prntscr.com/j10zcm I can not understand why my account has been blocked 999 days, I try to talk to the volunteers and they do not pay attention to me, the ticket waiting system is very bad and I feel that they should improve that, I was 6 months waiting to recover something that belonged to me. and now I'm blocked and I'll have to wait 4 or 5 months to know why? and my powers? I've been in xat for many years, it's a page that I like a lot, but I think the waiting times should be improved Please, if you can help me know why my account has been blocked forever, I do not understand anything, and I have not done anything and I think that it is being abused, and committing a grave injustice I hope to receive help soon thanks
  3. I open this post because I have many doubts and nobody is able to answer them my account is nochesdehielo1 (351589199) and is valued at more than 110,000 xats yesterday a user record opened me pv and told me to loguease that something bad would happen when I did login I thought they had stolen but then I realized that I was blocked indefinitely and I did not have my powers in xat help, they told me that it could be that they have blocked me for violating the terms of xat, but I have not done anything at all I do not know if my account has been reported to me or if they have tried to steal me Last year at this time I was robbed after 6 months of waiting for the ticket, my powers were returned I have opened a ticket in report scam, but I do not know if it should have been open in acount block, everything seems very strange and with very bad intentions I do not know if I've been robbed or blocked, I need help
  4. he abierto un ticket en report scam puse que estoy bloqueada 999 dias y que esta protecion se activa por robo . actualmente estoy bloqueada y sin powers , si alguien conoce algun voluntario , que le avise de mi caso seria de gran ayuda , ya que ellos hablan en ingles y yo no domino mucho ese lenguaje
  5. entonces debo enviar un ticket a report scam y decir que estoy bloqueada por intento de robo?
  6. pero me han llegado a robar? o no es que no entiendo nada , esta bloqueada o que ha pasado? por favor explicarme bien
  7. vale he intentando pasar days y me sale este mensaje que estoy bloqueada 999 dias ? que esta pasando no entiendo nada http://prntscr.com/j11ajo no se si estoy bloqueada o me han robado pero no entiendo absolutamente nada por favor necesito que algun voluntario se ponga en contacto conmigo
  8. He abierto otro post en ingles porque los voluntarios hablan en ingles , me parece una falta de respeto hacia los usuarios que hayan cerrado ese post , cuando a una persona le acaban de robar y necesita ayuda . en fin.
  9. I used translate A year ago my powers were stolen and they were returned to me, change email to gmail my account is nochedehielo1 (351589199) Today, a user without registration has logged on. and he told me to login <removed>, I did not understand why he told me that, but when I went to login he did not have powers and I'm blocked I have activated the security box that forces you to go to the mail gmail and there is nothing strange either _ (in my email I have the security of the mobile, to enter they have to get a message to me) I have not punctured any link either I have not done trade this just happened 2 hours ago 04/05/2018 I have passed the antivirus and I have not detected any virus they have tried to send me a day but they do not seem to be blocked my account had few powers but one valuable the ruby this is the powers that my account had http://prntscr.com/j10yx7 my account information http://prntscr.com/j10zcm
  10. hola mi cuenta es nochesdehielo1 (351589199) ya sufrí un robo el año pasado por estas fechas y después de esperar 6 meses me devolvieron mis powers de nuevo a esta cuenta. Me cambiaron de correo y ahora usaba gmail con una prueba de autentificación que para hacer login a mi gmail automaticamente te envían un mensaje a mi movil. Todo habia ido bien , hasta hoy mismo que me ha abierto pv un verde con el nombre de botfactory y me ha dicho con estas palabras . ya valiste <removed> haz login . Pensando que seria algún troll sin sentido no le he hecho caso . Pero después de hacer login , he visto que me han desaparecido mis powers . Tenia el ruby y los colores el nameglow y el namecolor y 5 mas baratos . No entiendo que ha pasado , he entrado a mi gmail y no hay evidencias de que nadie haya entrado , también no he pinchado ningún link .Me gustaría que algún voluntario se pusiera en contacto conmigo lo mas rápido posible . porque esto acaba de suceder hoy miso hace cuestión de una hora y media .Me han intentando enviar un day pero me dicen que estoy help , No entiendo absolutamente nada por favor que alguien se ponga en contacto algún voluntario .
  11. I think it does not look like power gothic , I do not understand animation or make powers, I only give ideas to inspire those who make powers ,I hope you like it
  12. I speak little English, I think the names can be pkheart pkbunny pkdie pkskull , I think there was never a power so dedicated to this particular subject I think you would like xd
  13. Here I leave you an idea for a power, which I think you would like very much: 3 http://i.imgur.com/Zwl5uCh.png
  14. Miia , No matter what we say, they ignore us
  15. Hi Miia, I'm from Spain,and I support you in what you say I was robbed over 3 months ago, 146,000 xats and I lost access to my registry, and they still did not respond once to the ticket Xat.com should worry about the serious situation of delays and put more volunteers or hire people Every time there is more delay and I do not see that they solve anything. Because every time it gets worse and there are more complaints As Adrian says we can only wait a year for them to deign to answer
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