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  1. The idea is simple. It's just an update to power lang. Since there are 269 phrases.


    Simply enter an option that lets you select your language and that option makes the sentences complete in you language and then you can modify them. (if you want)




    In case they come by default in English, the English option would not exist

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  2. You only have to memorize it 1 time to adjust it and then use it. It would be like an alias of smilie

    19 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    Wouldn't they need to learn the name of the smiley in order to use the power?


    Yes, it's a great idea, but you'd have to use it as a macro. $samuel $test etc


    6 minutes ago, Arthur said:

    Or maybe you could simply type "$samuel=(dollar)" and it would send "(dollar)" when you type "$samuel".




    I had not imagined it as a group power, something more personal. But it's also a good idea

    20 minutes ago, Laming said:

    To be honest, it would be like gline, not sline because sline just show for you.


    Gline is for all the people.


    And if this is ok, I'm sure this would be a group power, not user power, because if you change just you can see, what's funny doing that?


  3. 6 minutes ago, ANGY said:

    Of course it is a good suggestion, people always take a long time to see the list of powers to make no mistake and sometimes we always give powers that do not correspond to this category of Allpowers.


    Although it should not only leave the smile of Allpowers, they should leave all the powers that make them since when you put a power to trade is removed from the list above, then only remove the Smilie and that is not good.


    The idea is when you go to put (allpowers) on xattrade, it'll appears all in one as smilie


    if you take on power away the smilie of allpowers will dissapear and it will appears the others powers


    That way you would know 100% that you are buying (allpowers)

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