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  1. 8 minutes ago, CarlosDesigns said:

    Section 4 in the Transformice Terms and Conditions of Use which is titled "Proprietary Rights" states that the listed items in that section are protected by the French and International law, which obviously includes copyright laws. The law states that any use or modification a person makes to this property, in this case xat, will not claim the rights to the property. This is of course my understanding of it so it may be partially incorrect. If it is, someone please correct me.

    Hope this helps!


    Perhaps the user wanted to provide an idea of what power would look like. In my opinion i think that most of the images that are provided in the suggestions are taken from the Internet and only lend themselves to give an idea to the smiley maker. I suppose they will have a procedure and will seek to do nothing illegal.. 

  2. Creo que el post ya estaba creado antiguamente y tuvo una respuesta adecuada y correcta.


    Aun así le respondo. De no poder resolverlo y que sea cierto lo de su compra con los xats ilegales ellos se lo comunicaran en el mismo ticket y usted deberá proporcionar todo tipo de pruebas que tenga en su defensa, capturas de pantalla, captura de extractos bancarios con el día y hora de la transacción etc.. 


    Pero deberá solucionarse mediante el sistema de ticket y ser paciente por una respuesta. 


    Si usted tiene dificultad para abrir dicho ticket puede pedir más información aquí sobre lo que hay que decir, o enviándome un mensaje privado. 



  3. Hola, 


    Lamento lo sucedido. 


    Como comento usted tiene System error 55 ¿Usted ya envió ticket para solucionar el problema? 


    System problem 55: Su cuenta ha sido detenida indefinidamente. Retiene cualquier tipo de transferencia en su cuenta. Abra un ticket para solicitar mayor información sobre esto.

  4. This suggestion is interesting. Since you could agree colors in your status of one word and another.


    I see this suggestion better than statusgrad or movement, since we could highlight words in status and would not produce Lag.


    As a negative point, the power would end up being very expensive (To use it). Because i guess you'll need all the colors (blue, red, green, light) also status, statusglow, statuscolor and the power you're suggesting ..


    The example image makes your suggestion very clear, you should have put it in the main message.

  5. New power is Octo




    ID: 463
    Name:  Octo
    Status: Limited
    Smilies: octo, octoback, octoblush, octobreak, octocry, octoink, octojoy, octomad, octoneutral, octosleep, octoswt, octotarget, octotongue, octowink
    Pawns: (hat#ho)
    Price: 250 xats




    Smilies: octotiny, octocute, octofx

    Pawns: (hat#hc) (hat#ht)

    Hug: /hug octo Your message here#optional color code


    The wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Octo

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  6. The ticket never had an answer. Not even in the private of the volunteers. I think they should not leave users with such big doubts

    3 minutes ago, Mohamed said:

    Yes I see, there must be a reason which may not be told here on the forum. You should have been told the reason on the ticket.



  7. 3 minutes ago, Mohamed said:

    It's not impossible to solve the problem without creating another ticket because it's the same exact issue respectively but unfortunately you're more likely to address the same issues on the same ticket than having the problem solved without a ticket. The purpose of the hold can be due to varies reasons not necessarily because you did something wrong.


    I can understand that. My other ticket is still open, but there must be some reason why i still keep activating the held ... I had NEVER had 2 held of 28 days in less than 2 months

  8. Last time I opened a post to close my ticket.. A few days later I'll have it again... 


    I think this is not normal .. xat Held gave me again 28 days without any reason (In the previous held I still have no reason)


    I will not open a ticket, i want a volunteer to tell me what is happening with my account. I'm not doing anything wrong, i have days without doing a single trade. I made a trade today to buy MARK and it came out that i had held 28 days




    I hope it was not because i did not let them participate in the contest, it was a joke (d)


    Please, an answer. Thank you

  9. 1 hour ago, Ronal said:

    RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415)


    The event ended before your response, sorry. Countdown here.


    Sorry for being late.


    The winner is: @Meliodas Congratulations!




    Contact me at xat.com/xat5 or xat.com/novedades to claim your prize..

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