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  1. Tengo constancia de que solo has recargado "20Usd" de los cuales "Te fueron devueltos" por lo que b√°sicamente has invertido 0 (si esa ha sido su √ļnica recarga en xat.com/buy)
  2. Fadeeed, no es necesario que el pago vuelva a ser en paypal, simplemente que vuelvas a comprarle xats por una cantidad de 20 dolares. Dirigete a https://xat.com/buy y busca que metodo te resulta más fácil de usar. Los 20 usd le llegaron a xat pero por alguna razón desconocida se devolvieron al remitente (a ti) es por eso que xat necesita que vuelvas a "pagarle" los 20 dolares para ellos liberar tu cuenta.
  3. Ola, você deverá enviar uma mensagem privada a um voluntário no fórum (https://forum.xat.com/staff) requisitando a abertura de um ticket no departamento "Lost Auth", incluindo a informação seguinte em inglês: Nome de usuário e ID; Razão de necessitar de um ticket. E-mail de la conta. Mencione se você ainda tem acesso a esse e-mail. Você poderá ver os tempos de resposta dos departamentos em este link: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times/pt-br
  4. Fantastic suggestion, i'm sure @HelperNate's life will be easier with this power. Even so shouldnt it be warned that this is an automatic message in some way? I mean, not all xats allow an international language, so i could be kicked for not having the message in the language allowed by the chat
  5. Hola Fedeeeed. La respuesta que ha dado @Luig tiene todas las respuestas a su pregunta/s. A√Īadir√© a este post que si no tienes idea de como crear una cuenta nueva simplemente sigue los siguientes pasos: Abre el navegador en modo incognito. Abre cualquier chat. Da clic en el nombre que te aparece por defecto. Da clic en "Register.." Rellena los datos de nueva cuenta (recuerda que debe ser un correo electronico diferente y que no tenga ninguna cuenta de xat registrada) Despu√©s de seguir esos pasos te toca seguir lo que Luig mencion√≥. Suerte!
  6. Hola, Er. Si xat detecta irregularidades en tu cuenta o sospechosas de posibles estafas tu cuenta podr√≠a ser bloqueada de transferencias y tradeos. Esto te podr√≠a dar tiempo para prevenir y que puedan transferirse tus xats o days hacia otra cuenta... No en todos los casos es obligatoriamente ese caso que te cont√©, solo es seguridad para tu cuenta. Tambi√©n existe la posibilidad de obtener bloqueo por deshabilitar la primera opci√≥n de seguridad en login. A√ļn as√≠ no te alarmes, recuerda que esto es solo para mantener tu cuenta segura y es automatico, no necesa
  7. Receiving System error 26 means that the person that you trying to transfer have an indefinite hold, maybe E55. If your friends receive this error when trying to transfer to you, You'll need create a ticket under Help Topic "Account Block". The following steps should only be followed if it is your friends who receive this error when they try to transfer you. If you are the one who receives this error when trying to transfer, it is the person to whom you are trying to transfer who must send a ticket. Go to xat.com/ticket Click on ‚ÄúOpen New Ticket‚ÄĚ. Select the help topic o
  8. Hello Melania, are you getting E26 or System error 26?
  9. It seems edge Even so, i already seen before this style on Android
  10. Hello Kamy, If you are having trouble opening a ticket, make sure you have more than 5 words in subject. If the problem persists send a private message to a volunteer here in the forum and ask them to open the ticket for you under Help Topic "Account Block". Remember to include the following information: Your registered name and ID Email associated to the account. Mention if you still have access to the account's email. Reason for needing a ticket. You can check the response times of the departments on: https://util.xat.
  11. I agree with Laming, i do not think that another power of pawns is necessary because we have hat (normal pawns) and hats (pawns a little special). So i think that if this pawns is considered for a possible future pawn, i would agree if will be added to power Hats (special pawns). But if this pawns is made as a new power i would be in total disagreement since it would not make any sense to "force" some users(I'm referring to everypower users) to buy that new power since they can be added perfectly to the power that ALREADY EXISTS (hats#). In addition to that, similar pawns to these
  12. How? Take the e.g of this game and give me a demonstration https://www.games68.com/games.php?id=5004821
  13. The site that i mentioned on suggestion has hundreds of games, i'm sure tetris is included.
  14. How many games are currently available to embed under your chat? I only know one game: (Maybe there are more but i do not know them.) Bubble Shooter (according to https://i.xat.wiki/sc/) I found a website of flash games that seems to have a wide variety of games. I tried to place one of its games with HTML under my xat and it appeared to me that this site was unnapproved. So my suggestion is add more games or enable this site to use under chat so that users have more freedom to choose between hundreds of games. I think it will be fun and many users wo
  15. It's a power that gives you "free xats" but it's not giving you a fortune either. I agree that this power costs around 1000 xats because it is a power that can help the less favored users to get some cheap powers.. Maybe xat can implement the same method that xat store uses for the max powers purchased. I mean, when you try to buy for the second time powers limited by units, a message appears like: ** Try again in 4 minutes ** In this case could appear the hours that you have left to get prize again, like: ** Try again in 6 days 23h 59m . ** (Assuming this is every week)
  16. My favorite color is my favorite color.
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