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  1. ffH1abF.png


    1. Bau


      That's from Antivirus or your browser.

      To resolve this, you must close the net page, or restart your computer.
      First of all, check the protection. (rolleyes)

    2. SLOom


      The issue is because someone uploaded a malware on a HTML player and then Google detected the whole domain (xatradio.com) as a malware.


      Cupim has contacted Google to remove this warning.


      So pages that are using xatradio.com link will be affected by this warning until it's fixed.

    3. Cupim


      We've already looked into the issue and fixed it. Very sorry for the inconvenience


      Now we have to wait until Google does their part (sry) 


      NOTE: The file which Google "blocked" was a specific HTML player. Unfortunately, all other players were temporary blocked because of this single file. We can confirm that no other chats, html/swf players or users were affected by it. 


      Thanks for the patience. :$

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  2. Welcome back! ;) 

    1. Maverick


      Reporting Junior for stealing. 

    2. xLaming


      Look ya la chica is back

    3. Skatel


      welcome back dudeee

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  3. I agree. But both you and I know that the admin sees the suggestions, perhaps in his free time.. Would a lot of his time take away a simple feedback comment or a reaction? I do not think so and if I think that is necessary.
  4. I think Admin should at least give his point of opinion in each of the ideas provided by the users. That would lift their spirits to keep doing all the work that is to make MORE good suggestions. It is not too late to change the point of view that users have towards the Admin, a being that only appears a few times a week in a xat and then disappears as if nothing. I'm sure that more than one of the users who have incredible power to create suggestions would be super happy with an "I like the suggestion" from Admin. As always, great suggestion Santy, you have a supernatural gift.
  5. We can confirm it next week
  6. You must add #wb to the end of the smilie to see the yellow smilie with the gesture. If you only use the smilie code without #wb, you will see the hand with the gesture.
  7. WIN GESTURE. Reply to this status with your xat registered name and ID.

    1. Sevda


      Sevda (190301)

    2. oj


      austin (638877683)

    3. Samuel


      The winner is..





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  8. Well, now that you understand, are you still having a confused? I'm sure not. That's what happens to the majority of those who do not speak English until we see what power is about. At no time do we cause as much drama as it is now being caused by a power that you will use once a month.. (if you buy it or use it)
  9. Non-English communities always have to get used names of powers that by default released in English. If in years we haven't had problems with the names of the powers, i do not think that two powers (FIESTA) and (NOCARA) be a problem for you.. ty
  10. Samuel

    PX power

    I disagree. Unlimited powers will up its price above the store price. You example is the big, my example is announce. So announce cost in store 2000 xats and in trade chats it costs around 900-1000 xats. If you had an one announce power you would sell it in trade xats and lose around of 1k? I do not think so, because nobody would do that. hugmebau
  11. Samuel


    If you have an open ticket, please be patient for answer.
  12. Samuel


    S4MUEL (988879152)
  13. Expression of surprise
  14. The new power of this week is: Eyeeye. ID: 513 Name: Eyeeye Status: Unlimited Smilies: eyeeye, eyecry, eyelove, eyemad, eyesleepy, eyesuperstar, eyewhat, eyewink Pawns: (hat#he) Price: Unknown Wiki: https://xat.wiki/eyeeye
  15. I wouldn't disagree with being able to have spongebob in my nickname but there's that issue of copyright. If a "replica" will be done, it wouldn't be original to have it on xat.
  16. I tried to find a point of insecurity in this suggestion. So i tried to change the color of the emoji " ✅ " and place it in my nick next to my homepage. (This wasn't possible and less than 5% of chance to look like to the "original suggestion") So i see it safe. (Maybe someone can try to replicate the emoticon with another combination.) I agree with this suggestion and i see it totally necessary.
  17. They want to surprise you on December 31
  18. I tried to find how many average frames the smileys had and i didn't get an approximate number answer, so I've put that range as a base.
  19. It has never happened to you that you have combined a smiley and you want to stoping some smilie but you can't? Well.. The function of this power would be to stop the smiley in the frame that you want to capture. So now you could use the smiley stopped and be able to combine it better! Some extra details: This would have a valid range of 1 to 9, being 1 the main frame and 9 the last frame. The name could be fstop or motionless This shouldn't have a price higher than 300 xats. (Maybe 200 like opacity) This should be unlimited. This shouldn't be
  20. Hello ChaoticIntent, If you are having trouble opening a ticket, make sure you have more than 5 words in subject. If the problem persists send a private message to a volunteer here in the forum and ask them to open the ticket for you under Help Topic “Locked Out”. Remember to include the following information: Your registered name and ID Email associated to the account. Mention if you still have access to the account's email. Reason for needing a ticket. You can check the response times of the departments on: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=T
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