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  1. Maybe we could ask for opinion of Wiki translators(Active translators) before approving them. That would increase the likelihood that some inap audie will be approved and will be more freedom in languages.
  2. It looks great! but what about copyright issues?
  3. These pawns were added: Kcar (hat#hL) kcarpawn (hat#hw) kcarpawn2 (hat#hn)
  4. Wow, the next power will be the power 500 for ep :o


    1. Samuel


      Keep dreaming @MisteR (d)

    2. Mister


      how can we say above EPIC?:p

    3. xLaming


      Good job sherlock holmes

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  5. it's because it's a kaoani power. Like koffee or kandle
  6. @Mihay @Anti please?
  7. The new power of this week is: Kcar Preview: ID: 520 Name: Kcar Status: Limited Smilies: (kcar#)(kcardead#)(kcarfast#)(kcargirl#)(kcarmad#)(kcarpolice#)(kcarsad#)(kcarshocked#)(kcartaxi#)(kcarwipers#)(kcarback#) Pawns: Kcar > (hat#hL) kcarpawn > (hat#hw) kcarpawn2 > (hat#hn) Store price: 250 xats Wiki article: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kcar
  8. We're all aware that the use of audies in xat is not so popular, even so, i think that is because the audies are very basic. My main idea is to upload your own audie of 3-5 seconds to be able touse them in xat. I've thought about using xatradio to approve these audies and avoid inappropriate audies. Then this would work like this: You must download or create your audie. Send your audie to xatradio to be approved. Once it is approved, xatradio will generate the code for use it. Use your audie. Once the code is generated, you'll be able to use the audie and everyone
  9. Hola DarkCry, El E64 significa que xat te envía un correo de seguridad con un link de ingreso, una vez abras el correo y veas el link, debes pinchar en el link y dar login nuevamente desde la página que se te abrirá, en el caso de que te vuelva a dar E64 es posible que no estés ingreses al último link de confirmación enviado por xat. Una vez que xat te genera un link y te lo envia a tu correo, ese link es activado para su uso, una vez que lo uses, se inhabilita. De igual forma pasa si haces login 2 veces y te envía 2 correos, el primer link de esos 2 correos dejaría de
  10. its unlimited according to: banner, Json and store.
  11. You can't block your name from this list, but you can opt out that messages of your xat do not appear in this list. (You need to be the main owner for this) To do that: Click "Edit Your Chat", then "Extra features". Scroll down and check "Don't include this chat box on any lists or charts". This will remove your chatroom's messages from being searched. Note this will also remove you from xat.com/groups, promoting etc. More info
  12. It looks good, and it's a nice idea. If everypower and allpowers appear in the store, I do not see why collections do not have a place in store.
  13. This feature would give you the ability to assign and unassign the amount of group powers that you want, without needing to assign/unassing one to one. This would save time and it would be much easier for users to assign and unassing their group powers. Now you will see some examples of the texts (errors/messages) that would appear when trying to assign a power, same as in flash. These are some graphic examples of how this would look when trying to assing/unassing a power in HTML5 1- > 2- > 3- >
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