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  1. Es necesario usar un móvil para obtener el código mediante la aplicación de Google Authenticator, si no, también puedes obtenerlo mediante extensiones del propio navegador con cualquier extensión que escanee códigos QR.
  2. I'm not sure about this, since it's https://www.minecraftinfo.com/
  3. Volunteers will never be able to login into your account. (Screenshot)
  4. A user wants to sell their desings for xats, but the user isn't sure the xats aren't stolen, so the buyer sends the xats to the bot and it determinates if they are stolen or not, is they are stolen, the buyer gets the xats back It would be an app to check if the xats are safe
  5. Would be possible to create a system with Appbot for users who have a "business" in xat? E.g: A user sells a flash player and to charge it, the buyer must send xats to APPBOT instead of sending them to seller, the bot could give the approval that xats are legal and if they are, send them to seller. In this way, the seller would make sure that his payment won't be removed by E55.
  6. Yes (It's the only thing that i know)
  7. Will be necessary to have a power to use this system?
  8. Samuel


    You already got an answer about this. Please be patient for an answer on your ticket.
  9. Samuel

    ID Auction

    We already had auction last year. Although its something much expected by some users in the xat community, i hope that admin works on something other than auction again.
  10. Prize received, thank you! S4MUEL (988879152)
  11. also was added (hat#hs)
  12. The new power of this week is: PIGGY Preview: ID: 521 Name: Piggy Status: Unlimited Smilies: (piggy#)(pigback#)(pigcrying#)(pigdance#)(pigift#)(pigmud#)(pigshock#)(pigsneeze#)(pigwave#)(pigswing#) Pawns: (hat#hb) (hat#hg) (hat#hm) (hat#hs) Store price: 250 xats Wiki article: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Piggy This power was made by @Junior.
  13. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Don IDs! ;) 

    1. Mister


      el Samu, gracias hermano!

  14. ¡Feliz cumpleañoss! 


    1. Sydno


      Muchas Gracias, Samuel! : )

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