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  1. It is impossible i have a lot of unfinished business with tickets. I want to know the reason of my account,iI already seem to hesitate with my account..
  2. The prize will give @Thuk, technical problems Contact him @Meliodas
  3. Last time I opened a post to close my ticket.. A few days later I'll have it again... I think this is not normal .. xat Held gave me again 28 days without any reason (In the previous held I still have no reason) I will not open a ticket, i want a volunteer to tell me what is happening with my account. I'm not doing anything wrong, i have days without doing a single trade. I made a trade today to buy MARK and it came out that i had held 28 days I hope it was not because i did not let them participate in the contest, it was a joke Plea
  4. The event ended before your response, sorry. Countdown here. Sorry for being late. The winner is: @Meliodas Congratulations! Contact me at xat.com/xat5 or xat.com/novedades to claim your prize..
  5. Hey, Lamento lo sucedido. Creo que ese departamento lo lleva directamente los administradores. Solo debes ser paciente por una respuesta, recuerda que cada día llegan tickets nuevos y hay retrasos. Puede ver los tiempos de los departamentos aquí: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times/es Sólo sea paciente y espere por una respuesta. Suerte!
  6. Samuel

    error 29

    Hey, Los departamentos están muy retrasados últimamente, debido al alto volumen de tickets.. Como te dijeron anteriormente debes ser paciente, recuerda que no es tu único ticket el que los voluntarios se tienen que mirar, si no de mucha gente más y están desbordados. No solo antiguos si no casos nuevos diarios.. Espero que tengas una respuesta lo antes posible..!
  7. I really liked the power. The idea of being able to notify through the sound is very interesting
  8. Relax, it was just a joke.
  9. Samuel


    Congratulations! @Flake
  10. You're welcome. I hope your question has been resolved.
  11. I was just responding to your question with my opinion.. Sorry if he was offended
  12. I can not confirm exactly who updates them .. But if I can confirm that the prices are marked by sellers and buyers from their price in store and their status (LIMITED / UNLIMITED) If you believe that a person is dedicated to lowering and raising the prices.. you are wrong. It is called the law of supply and demand When a power is very demanded in the trade xats and few people offers it, possibly that power will rise of price.. And it happens exactly the opposite when the power is very offered and little demanded, the price low I believe that
  13. That is muffins It was just a joke @Volunteers NO MORE HELD
  14. NEW CONTEST TO CELEBRATE THAT I DO NOT HAVE ANY HELD Just reply with your register name and id Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; Deadline to post: Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. VOLUNTEERS HAVE PARTICIPATION PROHIBITED FOR NOT RESPONDING TO MY TICKET This was copied from a stif post, was lazy to write a new
  15. A few days ago i made the same post: I guess you'll have the same answer..
  16. @Brandon I need you to help me with an issue regarding the forum, please pm

    1. Samuel


      Should i open a new one or will you open that one?

    2. Brandon


      No worries. I’ll respond to that one and you will receive an email when that’s done.

    3. Samuel


      Perfect, thank you very much!

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  17. I knew I had read this somewhere . But he was lazy to look for it
  18. It is a good idea. To improve it i would add that to prevent abuse of this, you could create a list with the links that are allowed to send. A white list where you add links eg. youtube.com
  19. This would bring more lag problems , although it would be nice for the eyes
  20. I do not know what the name of the song is.. But it's cool
  21. Samuel


    S4muel (692017)
  22. in the end all goes well 8-)

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