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  1. As @Pagesays, its not necessary to be a paid user to open a ticket under that department. If you are still having issues opening a ticket, please send direct message to any volunteer to open a ticket for you. https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Once the message is sent, please be patient for a reply.
  2. Samuel

    xat.com groups

    This appears to be a bug. I recommend you to use the corresponding topics to report it and make this bug known to the people who fix these problems in case they did not know it yet. https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/?do=form&d=2
  3. If you have forgot the email associated with your account you'll need to create a new account to solve the problem. Once you create a new account, with an email address that you have access to, you must create a ticket. To create the ticket follow the below steps: Go to http://xat.com/ticket and click Open New Ticket In help topic select Lost Access In subject, you have to write a message of 5 words or more that explains the problem. (e.g: I lost access to my account) In message you are going to describe your problem with the primary account. Click Open Ticket. You will now receive an email when there are responses to the ticket. Volunteers will ask you some account security questions, you need answer it and I am sure they will be able to help you.
  4. Samuel


    Until you confirm the creation of chat in your mail, the chat will be reserved for you but will not be available for use. If you are sure that you typed mail correctly, check your email for confirmation chat group once confirmed you can use your chat
  5. Samuel


    You are using "Ghoreir" or "xatGhoreir" / "ChatGhoreir"?
  6. Samuel


    The group name has a reserved word such as "xat" or "chat". Choose another name.
  7. For me 10k for a SUPER LIMITED power seems ridiculous, it should be even more. I'm sure you are thinking as the buyer of power would think, but does the seller not matter? profits? We paid 4k for summerhug, and there are only about 800 units released. Why not 8-10k for a power with only 400 units? S U P E R L I M I T E D
  8. Why can't it be compared? So for you, if xat adds the description EPIC to the Miedo power, the current value would be ok for you? Currently we already pay almost 4k for Summerhug, nobody says anything of that value ..? Prices have always been free, if you don't want to pay 10k, don't buy it. You decide to be everypower user, nobody does it for you. Maintaining an everypower is not free. You run the risk of having to buy the new powers whatever the value. I don't know where you were when ruby released seems you want all powers for free
  9. Why? Go to trade and you'll a lot of users selling both new powers. The problem is that users dont want pay 10k for this power. When Ruby released this happened too and everyone got used the price. Now everyone pays 96-99k per ruby without complaining. I don't think releasing more units is the solution, that's why it's "super limited". This power has helped many lucky people to grow their economy and not those who constantly hoard the powers to increase their value and sell if everypower users want to keep their everypower can buy this power at the trade chats value. As always, but now the value is much higher. I'm sure if this power had been epic, no one would be complaining about it.
  10. https://xr0b.github.io/xatframes/ntchalloween/ntcbats.html
  11. ID: 609 Name: haunt Status: Limited Store price: 212 xats. Smilies: haunt, blinds, deadskull, ghostwave, habrain, haghost, handwc, haspider, pknfire, pknkitty Hats: hat#hs hat#hb hat#hh hat#hk Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Haunt Powered by @Mihay
  12. Normal? I can't type to my married without seeing my nickname duplicated 300 times
  13. Hello, You will need to create a ticket to get this resolved. For that, Create a new xat account Once successfully created, go to xat.com/ticket Create a new ticket with the help topic "Lost Access" (please note, subject needs to have at least 5 words) In the Message, let them know which account this is about After the ticket has been created, you can check the ticket-status here: https://util.xat.com/support/view.php If you need any additional help, feel free to let us know here or contact me privately.
  14. ID: 606 Name: Kavocado Status: Limited Store price: Unknown Smilies: kavocado, kavoback, kavobuilder, kavodance, kavohey, kavohula, kavolove, kavomaraca, kavoseed, kavotaco Hats: (hat#hu) (hat#hh) (hat#hm) Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Kavocado Power made by @iSanty
  15. 1 año más 1 centímetro menos, ahora imagina lo que creas de este comentario. 


    @Leandro me dijo que te daba el regalo por parte de los dos, espero te guste, fue con mucho cariño

    1. Deymians


      Deberían meterte un warning por ese comentario... Todo mal.


      Exijo mi regalo lo más pronto posible ☺. No veo tu "feliz cumpleaños" pero gracias, yo también te quiero mucho

    2. Samuel


      Eres un malagradecido, ya le dije a Leandro que no te diera el every.

  16. Samuel

    Para que después no llores; Felicidades. ;) no me olvidé, yo mismo le avisé al foro que tenía que darte los agradecimientos.

    1. Pia


      Jajaja que rata! 
      Pense que ya no estabas por estos sitios (smirk) 

      btw, gracias! :) 

    2. Samuel


      Aunque me vaya mi esencia seguirá por aquí! ;)

      Espero que te lo hayas pasado bien y te hayas quitado ya los piojos;


    3. Pia


      JAAJAJAJAJ trabajando me la pase 🥺😂

      Uyyyy que capturita guardas mia :) y después de siglos, cosí. 😂

  17. ID: 602 Name: GAMER Status: Limited Store price: 222 xats Smilies: gamer, bugou, gameb, gameday, gamefix, gameover, gaming, madgamer, scar, vr2 Hats: (hat#gh) (hat#hd) (hat#hh) Wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gamer
  18. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship! Samu (1000093)
  19. La página es real, le puedo asegurar que no está en un sueño. Deberia explicar un poco más su situación para poderle ofrecer algún tipo de ayuda, respondiendo en este mismo post obtendrá una ayuda
  20. Since the user(Nasc) has been inactive for a long time, you must send a ticket to release the shortname. To do that, follow the next steps 1. Go to: https://xat.com/ticket 2. Click on OPEN NEW TICKET 3. Click on HELP TOPIC and select “Shortname and Groups“ 4. (Subject): I want a shortname to be released 5. Message: Hello, I would love if you guys could release the shortname: Nasc Thanks.
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