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    What is FANTAGE
  2. Epic powers going down

    Well, there is a dilemma. It would be good for certain people but very bad for others (me, or example) If xat decides to put put Limited the namecolor I'll never buy it . But I think that commerce should continue like this, because that is how people have wanted it and have trained it in the trade chats. When the price down it is because people started to lower their prices since no one is demanding the power, when the price up it is because people started to raise prices since no one is offering the power and it is being very demanded.
  3. Account held

    Try writing more words on the subject or contact the Volunteers here. https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  4. Account held

    Here are the steps
  5. Account held

    Try to make a transfer to someone of 10 xats. You will get the error
  6. Account held

    Hello, if your account has an indefinite hold you have the steps here (E55/E25) If your account has an hold less than 7 days, you have the steps here After that, you must be patient for an answer. You can see the waiting times here
  7. Superblastban - Superblastkick

    It would not be bad that we could decide by looking at the examples of the Wiki which would be the most appropriate or funny for our room or for our taste. Sometimes even the animation that we like most never comes out. We can customize out backgrounds, sounds, color of the buttons, etc. Why can not we customize our kick or ban animations?

    On December 23 Superblastban was released, it also has new animations but for ban.
  9. Hola, Al recibir el System error 26 significa que la persona a la que está intentando transferir tiene posiblemente un bloqueo de tiempo indefinido, también conocido como e55. Su amigo o la persona a la que intenta transferir debe "Abrir un ticket" en el departamento "Account Block", en el asunto (subject) debe escribir al menos 5 palabras sobre lo el motivo del que está abriendo ese ticket y una vez en el mensaje escribirlo un poco más detallado. Si necesita una plantilla más detallada sobre este ticket Click aquí Tenga en cuenta que estos mensajes deben ser en inglés. Luego que el ticket haya sido abierto, debe ser paciente por una respuesta.
  10. Shortname Page

    The mobile application of xat is still in a beta phase. Only the most important has been added (That does not mean that what you mention is not will added in the future) Probably this post is added to the list of xat's Mobile Improvement To-Do List

    Hola, El departamento donde usted abrió el ticket es un departamento donde lamentablemente hay mucho retraso. Nadie le puede asegurar el tiempo para una próxima respuesta, los voluntarios están trabajando para hacerlo lo más rápido posible. Siga siendo paciente por una respuesta.
  12. Doubt about the power link

    You are right. i added more words and the word was cut in "namecolor," i did the test again and the result was 1250
  13. Doubt about the power link

    I did a test of how many characters i have in my power (link) The result was 817 and according to wiki the maximum is 500 https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Link In the xat all links work So is it possible that the characters of the power (link) have been increased?