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  3. The idea is when you go to put (allpowers) on xattrade, it'll appears all in one as smilie if you take on power away the smilie of allpowers will dissapear and it will appears the others powers That way you would know 100% that you are buying (allpowers)
  4. The idea is to make the trade more secure and faster Example; If a person wants to sell his (allpowers) just click on "Add allpowers" That way add ALL powers of allpowers and not doubles or your other powers.. it'd would be good if the other person could see " allpowers " instead of the allpowers I think it is more comfortable to incorporate that to be putting each of the powers (170p)
  5. I really like this new power. The CD2 smile looks really nice
  6. Hey, Well.. the idea is not badly raised but the truth is that I see little need for this function in xat. According to your point of view, what could it serve?
  7. Why if we can deny access to people on our pc or pm we can not refuse to see our powers? I like the idea It would be more privacy. Trade chats could change their rules
  8. The power name could be (quick)
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  10. That donate a tree planting organization for every number of hugs cast by this power. Thus collaborates with mother nature
  11. They should put that for every 20 hugs sent from the earth hug donate $ to the tree planting for 1 week
  12. Sell ID Contact me S4MUEL (988879152)