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  1. I think that before going into issues of rights and legal issues, I think it is necessary to see from both sides, the system or initiative of what is the history of power, is that it allows us through a personal system, since the information We are only concerned about knowing what type of transactions we have made, and how much money has left our accounts and how much money has entered, in broad terms it is allowing us to have a reliable control of the amount of xats that we can have in our account. We must bear in mind that xat also handles its own personal information, I am not
  2. I really think that that section you mention would give a good sense to the power, I think that by adding certain limitations we could obtain the ability to review our transactions without having the doubt of when we gave a certain amount of xats for something. If it is built based on community needs such as xat's internal regulations, I think it would be a very good option for a power.
  3. I really think it deviated a bit from what the idea really would be. In order not to get too dizzy, I meant that it would allow us to know what type of transaction we made, for example if we sold a nameglow, know to whom it was sold and for what amount, but in case a set of powers is sold, simply know how much money we receive from that user and why powers we receive it. Now, the content and information that power shows us would be of a PERSONAL nature, I do not mean that it is public information because I think it is more than logical why and also because of what you mentioned.
  4. Hi Bau ... From what I see they refer more than anything to the transfer history, what I propose is a history of all the operations you do, with a system that allows the information of your operations to be stored for 72 hours and after this time it is renewed information.
  5. Whats up guys, i was thinking, what if we had a way of knowing what kind of transactions we have made? ... Hence this idea of proposal for a power that allows us users who constantly trade to see a history of the businesses we have made. How would it work? Adding a link like the one shown in the image and having the "History" or "Historial" power http://prntscr.com/vu2h0g that allows us to access the transaction history that we have, as I know it is a bit complicated to be adjusting the database to these required data, it could be a his
  6. It is incredible how time passes, I have known you for years and I know that you always had very big goals, today finally one of them has been accomplished ... Congratulations @Solange, that this new stage in xat becomes one of the best you have had, I know you will do a great job as a volunteer. I adore you. ❤️
  7. Muchas gracias a todos por sus respuestas me han sido de mucha utilidad para resolver mis dudas, por el momento no creo tener mas, gracias por su tiempo chicos.
  8. Que tal chicos gracias por todas sus respuestas y me han sido muy útiles, nada mas que quede con algunas dudas en algunas de ellas, así que si me lo permiten pasaré a dejarlas para ver si me pueden ayudar en ellas. Es decir que xat detecta que no he ocupado el saldo total de la tarjeta y me permite hacer una recargar menor utilizando el mismo código de tarjeta ?, eso es lo que entendí de su respuesta. Entonces por tu recomendación puedo crearme una cuenta en dicha página, y en esa página me permite meter los codigos de las tarjetas que
  9. Que tal chicos vengo con una pequeña duda y es la siguiente, intentaré explicarla lo mejor posible para que no haya tanta confusión. Pretendo recargar xats, el método que he escogido es el de PaysafeCard, quiero hacer la recarga de 40 dolares , como se puede ver en la siguiente captura el importe a pagar (al día de hoy) es de 781 pesos mexicanos. https://prnt.sc/i44cfo (captura del importe) Pretendo recargar comprando una tarjeta de PaysafeCard de 1000 pesos mexicanos, ahora aquí viene la duda. Si pretendo recargar 40 dolares únicamente con un importe d
  10. How i can add you :v idk haha lol 

  11. Congrats Sol it was time for a change, and we will make it with you, i'm very happy for your achievement
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