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  1. https://i.imgur.com/mUFZJFJ.png
  2. That's from your end, I will try uploading and messaging it. No problem
  3. Hey guys! I will be making 3 free pcback or inners, or outers. Your choice I sell inners for 200 xats each, outers for 200, a set for 300. however I'll be giving 3 away for free! Tell me what you want below in the comment section examples:
  4. You need to be calm man.
  5. Good luck to all the entries for this years background contest! We look forward to judging all your awesome backgrounds. On behalf of the judgement team of this contest
  6. I don't believe that most of Socials moderators have been banned forever there before.
  7. I'm aware you're good without this power, but others think otherwise. Also, if staff did abuse you can easily view it in Events. I'm not going to be responding to future messages from you, thanks for your opinion. Rexor
  8. I can agree that some users can be troll, however this power could be used in GControl. Though, most staff members on chat rooms are not ''trolls'' as you stated. I don't see how it can cause much havoc nor the fact that they can look like they're demoted and send a complaint about anything. There are logs for a reason to see certain things & most people investigate into the situation before taking action, Carlos. Thank you for the response though!
  9. Could you please give me how the power could be abusive? I'm just wondering. Thanks
  10. That's also an awesome idea, Adam! Thank you for leaving your feedback on my suggestion. Yeah, I agree it may be a bit confusing but could also be super useful for people
  11. Hey there, Rexor here! Recently, I've came across an idea that in my opinion would be an awesome power! This power would be very useful for the main owners of chat's. Basically, the power I'm putting up for suggestion would be a power named "disguise". For example, main owners can disguise as any rank they please, owners can disguise as any rank lower than main owner, moderators can disguise any rank below moderator (members cannot use this power) A brief description about this power: I'm sure a lot of people who are staff on chats would love a new feature that would disguise them or make them blend in as other rank positions while being their current rank! Basically, this feature would allow people to do all of that with a simple command such as ''/d mod'', which for example would disguise them to look like a moderator and go down the list. For example, let's say I, Rexor was a main owner of the chatroom and were to use the disguise feature to blend in. An image is listed below. I'd basically blend in with the lower staff (moderators) Basically, that's my suggestion for the power! In short, a power called ''disguise'' that disguises staff as any rank position they want such as moderator & member. I want to know your opinions and changes you would do to this! Thanks, Rexor
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