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  1. Thought I'd make this forum post to congratulate @SJBB for getting volunteer. Congrats!
  2. I'm banned on the 2-day trade

    You don't seem banned on the chat ''Trade'' Would you re explain to us what you mean by the title and description given?
  3. No problem, I really like the idea of contests / giveaways too. Keep up the good work. @Brandon
  4. @Brandon @muffins I'd like to donate a total of 5000 xats. I'll catch any of you two on xat and transfer it.
  5. 5 free cover photo

    Thanks bro!
  6. Transactions

    Greatest suggestion I've seen. In my opinion, though there could be an option to keep your transactions private, or public. Could be put on private by default.
  7. Sproof Power

    Yeah, this would def be exploited and abused by many.
  8. 5 free cover photo

    Text: Rexor Subtext: (10100) Color / Theme: Purple Image / Picture: Other Information: Thanks bro
  9. Hello! I'm currently selling the id 332M, otherwise known as 332000000 I'm selling the ID for 50K (50,000) xats. If interested, add me! /f10100 & then PC me! I'm available from 3:30 PM - 9:00 PM (est) Thanks, Rexor