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  1. Gael

    Rose Gold Pawn

    I really liked this idea, the more golds the more colors in the pawn.
  2. Gael


    GaeL (111000111) good luck all
  3. THE POWER NUMBER 600 IS COMING, FINALLY, what we'll have, I’am looking forward. what is your opinion? how will the new power be?
  4. Gael

    GARDEN powers!

    @DUYGUI really liked the idea, I'm sure that from that idea something good will come out.
  5. something that many users ask me. if xat is going to do something to facilitate the use of the power supporter. example .. if a user is going to add 2000 powers supporter, he will click on 2000 powers, this is very tedious. my suggestion is to have a poower or something to add several powers supporter at a time, instead of being one by one.
  6. good job posting @Stif, congratulations
  7. Everything you need to know about HTML5 is available here. click here >> https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Flash_vs_html5 faster, no lag, full word copies, much more efficient than flash Remembering that there is even a broker if you write something wrong, it shows you to correct. congratulations to the xat.com staff.
  8. Gael

    where are you vale, i miss you friend

    1. Mino1


      Miss too :'(

    2. Fair


      happy birthday true

  9. Gael

    New Trade app

    I liked it a lot, much more agile
  10. Gael

    524 WIGS

    power Wigs new version of power Cutie (redface)
  11. Bryan is a friend that I value highly, I'm glad he came back,(hug) (l) Sydno and Echo welcome, our new bosses, but without forgetting all that contributed in some way for the xattrade to arrive here. im really happy.
  12. we need urgent action on xattrade @Admin and we do not want to leave Bryan
  13. You do not understand, what is leaving all the staff wanting to stay as visitor in the xattrade is the departure of Bryan,
  14. I will be participating, and what a wonderful idea, congratulations to the idealizers and congratulations to our xattrade
  15. I think the naval battle has no copyright issues and it is fun and well known this method of play. What do you think of an improved version, with another name maybe.
  16. Gael

    ID auction ?

    This user has 7 ids of the 10 that he suggested? I think it's a favoritism. https://prnt.sc/i3dan3
  17. Gael

    ID auction ?

    Anyone crazy about this id >> 121217 please @Admin put on the auction
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