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  1. HB (HUG) PedroAccount (422351997)
  2. Hello guys, I have created this new theme so that all the programmers or developers that we have here in the community help with their contributions for the people who have in their plans to be a programmer or developer in the future. They can provide basic ideas of how they can begin to be a developer and trying to provide important input for the growth in knowledge of this world of html5 codes and more. The aim is that the community grows by seeing new talents and is motivated to develop their ideas for xat and that in the future they will be taken into account by the management of xat. I hope the collaboration and support of all and thanks to all those people who intend to give their great contributions to future developers and programmers of xat.com
  3. If something like this more or meno, I think it would not be a bad idea where you can place employees who have gone through good terms in the forum and the wiki where they gave great contributions. Of course it is important to remember that due to the number of employees who have gone through this will be a bit difficult but not impossible.
  4. Hello everyone given that the administration of xat decided to eliminate the list of contributors in the wiki I think they deserve a deserved recognition to those people who gave their input and opinions to the community of xat. It is for them that I make this new content and give the direction that a hall of fame creates for those contributors who were volunteering their time for xat. It is to remember that each of the volunteers who have gone through xat have their hall of fame and iguial that the editors. Special thanks
  5. I have already received my award thank you for giving us those great contest in the community.
  6. Hello everyone, this topic that I am going to start is because I have noticed that several users have had problems with the forum when entering from a mobile device and therefore it is that in the future xat will work on said problem, since it would be good if work in an app to access the forum from mobile devices, to be driving the best facility of users when entering the forum from a mobile phone and can be aware of everything that is happening in the community. I hope my suggestion and happy day will be taken into account.
  7. @Sergio The information that I am indicating the practice before publishing it if you want to do the test and you will see that I am right .. Greetings and I hope you verify the information friend.
  8. Hello @Birgu first of all I hope you keep in mind what it says @myow even the administrators are working on the mobile version of xat, therefore it is still coming new things I hope you can wait for them to add those functions you want, xat is currently working on the improvement of the app and the html5 version so So much has to be a bit calm since they are functions that can be added to future ones. Greetings and I hope that the information provided can help you
  9. Hi guys I have seen that the new version of xat in html5 does not show the official chat debug or better known as the blue ball that is placed to the official chat of xat.com here a sample of how the official chat is currently observed in html5.
  10. Hi guys I have seen that the new version of xat in html5 does not show the official chat debug or better known as the blue ball that is placed to the official chat of xat.com here a sample of how the official chat is currently observed in html5.
  11. Hello community, receive a warm greeting from me this new topic I do to provide the necessary information for some users who have had problems putting their color code on the nick with #Jewel is not saying that they get the color they want. SOLUTION: That problem is due to the fact that JEWEL in the nickname is an effect granted by EVERYPOWER, since they are functions that provide this power, that is, if it does not have EVERYPOWER it can not benefit from the effect required when placing, for example: (glow # 0 # jewel # gb) If you would like more information on this topic, you can go to the official language help rooms of your choice: • Help in Italian • Help in Portuguese • International assistance • Help in Spanish • Help in English • Help in German • Help in Arabic • Help in Turkish • Help in Thai • Help in Polish I hope this information helps you. regards
  12. Hello community first of all a very big greeting for all, well the purpose of this post is to follow that xat should implement some kind of action with respect to actions made or made by human error of our own authorship ie, for example: •Deleting one of my friends from the list of friends more than everything. EYE it is only from the xat app that I want you to implement this action since I have seen several users requesting the same thing. Greetings and have nice day.
  13. Well first of all I think that what you are requesting for a future is something that possibly is not going to happen. Why will not it happen? 1) Currently there are powers called purple, gold, ruby, blueman and pink, these powers are used to change the color of the peon. 2) The aforementioned powers would lose their great value in what is the trading rooms of xat internationally. 3) Many critics will come to what is xat.com by users who have spent money on valuable powers (those previously denied) 4) The trade will have a drop in sales of peon powers. 5) The admins of xat will not find it profitable to formalize a power with these characteristics since for that they removed the aforementioned and that also an effect with the flashrank is given to him. I hope you find the information very helpful and thank you for your contribution.
  14. Es importante recordar que a la hora de abrir un ticket en el soporte de xat debe ser en INGLES. Esperamos que sea de gran ayuda la información que antes mencionada por @Stif y mi persona @PedroAccount Suerte y feliz día!
  15. If we have had several users with this problem in what the help chats refer. We hope that this problem is solved soon and users can enjoy the promotions of their room. Have a nice day!
  16. In particular I think that xat should focus more on everything flashy things is to say things that customers or users feel more motivated when visiting the web is to be filled with emotion to see a new interface in the web system of the store, of course I do not say that the version html5 is wrong but I think if you put a touch more improvement would be better, although it is only a trial version is on track and it is normal that some users do not call them Attention the html5 version of xat. Guys things are going gradually and that is why xat is weighing in the future of the web and will realize that many webs will move to many more advanced versions, of course their opinions are taken into account and that is what the administrative staff wants. of xat, they are looking at each of our comments to see what improvements they make in the short name system and what covers the entire system of the store web. Have a nice day!
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