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  1. Seu bilhete será respondido eventualmente. Espere um voluntário para vir e dar-lhe uma resposta final sobre este tópico. Obrigado por postar aqui.
  2. Olá, Você precisa continuar esperando. Há um volume absurdo de ingressos sendo abertos neste departamento. (Account Hold/Account Block) Os bilhetes são respondidos na mesma ordem em que foram recebidos.
  3. Mohamed


    Are you held forever or for a temporary time? You haven't elaborated your problem enough providing the error that appears to you would help us enough to provide one specific answer, HOWEVER, You're most likely held forever experiencing system problem (55), in the event that you attempt to purchase xats from the store but it says you're held then you're likely held forever if you attempt to transfer/trade and receive system problem (55) same thing goes for this, if that's the case then here are the reasons that may triggered your issue. 1- Breaking Terms Of Service if you don't adhere to the basic rules of xat you then put yourself in a hard situation. (Can't get away with this) 2- Your account may have been affected by a change that xat made to the user accounts refer to this Article (blocked by mistake) 3- Receiving stolen items can be (xats,days,powers) if you receive stolen stuff your account may be held forever or temporarily to prevent them from being transferred. Anyhow this hold only can be removed from your account if it was a misunderstanding or any other reasons which are far away from breaking rules the same thing goes for the torch. Notes: Clear your browser's cookies before your attempt to create the ticket don't forget to use the email that is tied to your account which you have the problem with. You have to type in a number of words as your ticket subject five words will suffice as a subject for the ticket you can add more but no less. Other stuff are being explained above if you experience any other problems. Best regards.
  4. I like your idea though, but others say it would undermine ruby that may be true, but in my opinion if they determine a high price for that power considering how cool it will be in this case the power wouldn't undermine anything. It will definitely become as much hard as if you were to get ruby, so eventually leaving people to have the choice to opt for one pawn over other pawns that they feel more comfortable with. The rotating rocket is also a good idea as others mentioned.
  5. Hi, Please don't include any personal information. As for the problem you have that wasn't what you've explained in the previous thread, sorry for the closure of the previous thread before your commenting on it. And please refer to this thread to solve the Authentication problem. You don't get the authentication code emailed, you get auth disabled from your account and from there you can enable it again if you want, just don't forget to save the necessary codes for you to be able to login readily. For further information on how to enable auth: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Authentication
  6. Hello there, I hope you're feeling good today. The login page asks you to put the authentication code if you don't have it nor any other codes to even generate a new authentication code, then you definitely will need to create a ticket in "Lost Auth" department. First and foremost, clear your browser's cookies or use Incognito mode/Private window before attempting to create the ticket after that access to the ticket page on >> ticket and use the email that is tied to your account, also make sure that the subject contains at least five words and help topic is "Lost Auth". Here's the final result of how the ticket should be filled out click here. Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cookies Authentication will eventually get removed from your account, and your account will be held temporarily for security reasons, next time you enable authentication don't forget to save the necessary codes. If you don't have that much information about how "Auth" works then refer to: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Authentication If you have any problems creating the ticket you can send a private message to one of the volunteers and they will create one for you, don't forget to give them the registered name or the ID to your account. Best regards. Edit: Since you speak Arabic as it shows from the screenshot you posted earlier, as a result I would like to type in Arabic too. يجب علىك اضافة 5 كلمات لا أقل ولكن تستطيع اضافة أكثر كموضوع للتيكت قبل فتح التيكت Lost Auth يجب عليك انشاء التيكت تحت عنوان google chrome ان كنت ممكن يستخدم Incognito Mode من متصفحك أوقم بأستخدام cookies يجب عليك مسح بعد فعل ذالك توجه مباشرة Incognito Mode من على الكى بورد وذالك لأستخدام ctrl + shift + Nقم بالضغط على الأزرار لصفحة التيكت ولا تنسى وضع البريد الألكترونى الخاص بك هناك والذى يتعلق بالحساب المتواجد عليه المشكله أضغط هنا مثال سوف يتم الغاء المصادقه من حسابك الخاص وبعدها يمكنك تسجيل دخولك بسهوله فى المره المقبله عند أستخدام للمصادقه تأكد ان تحفظ الأكواد الازمه لتسجيل الدخول لو صادفتك اى مشكله عند انشاء التيكت قم بالتواصل مع واحد من المتطوعين والرابط فى الأعلى. المشاكل المتواجده فى التيكت هى مشاكل موجوده بالنظام نفسه سوف يتم بعد ذالك فى نهاية المطاف حجز الحساب الخاص بك بضعة أيام فى الغالب سبع أيام وذالك لأسباب أمنيه كل ما عليك هو أنتظار السبع أيام لن تستطيع فى هذه الفتره أن تتاجر أو ترسل فقط غيرك يستطيع أن يرسل اليك
  7. Hello, With regard to the first error I see no problem as, you were probably attempting to register the id instead of logging in both of E4 and E50 show that you were attempting to register what was already being registered. As for the second error is most likely for when you login from a different location, I anticipate that! The errors are to validate your ownership. Errors: E30 - Check your email. (Security check.) E64 - Check your email. (Security check.) Possibilities that may caused this to happen: Note: Most of the following possibilities are likely more concentrated on E64 in my opinion. #1 Logging in from different location. #2 Logging in to one account then logging in to another (switching between more than one xat account). #3 Logging in from a different browser than the one you were last logged in from (different cookies). #4 Using Incognito mode/Private window. (It doesn't store cookies) #5 Clearing the browsers' history/cookies which you use to log into your account. Anyhow check your email to login, always make sure that you check the right email to your account. Don't mind this error it happens to all people so, it's no a big deal. Your account is not blocked or anything like so.
  8. INNER: OUTER: Color button - #004491| #000000 Preview
  9. The idea is ok and I like the way you were thinking keep it up! The idea could probably bring in more users to xat but likely not that much though still the idea could attract slightly more people. However, I have a feeling that people wouldn't care to visit the embedded chat as much as they would care about visiting the chat on xat.com (let's say the safer site), As mentioned above those sites in the screenshot you provided can be illegal and harmful hence, I see this as it may bring in more "reports" than garnering more of users. As also mentioned above you can have your website link in the chat's description. After all I hope people consider/think twice before visiting unknown sites because, whether having the website link in the description of the chat or on the index of xat.com is yet harmful and is to be suspicious, I anticipate your idea is more seducing for people to click on a link that could lead them to unpleasant situation. xat can't inhibit people from adding a description, right? hence it lets users have a website link in the description, and giving the choice for other users either from visiting the website to staying away from it, so users are doing this at their own risk. xat also is disallowing its users from adding their website in the first tab of their chat room to prevent the direct access to those sites as they can be illegal. After this being said do you think they would implement your suggestion?
  10. Olá, Você tem que criar um ticket sob o departamento Lost Auth. Antes de fazer isso, limpar os cookies do navegador ou usar janela privada. Em seguida, use seu e-mail para criar o ticket, assunto 5 palavras ou mais. exemplo > Clique aqui Se você tem quaisquer problemas ao criar o ticket, Enviar uma mensagem privada para um Volunteers.
  11. Hello there, I hope you're feeling happy today. First and foremost, make sure that you run a flash website, if you don't have a flash website then I think this is not going to work properly you will just have a blank code. I have found a few steps that you can follow to embed your chat on your site (wix.com) https://support.wix.com/en/article/embedding-an-external-site-3240166 click the edit button to start editing your website page. Steps: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 don't forget to save changes. Here's a quick preview >> click here Here's a list of flash templates (free) that you can have. http://www.wix.com/website/templates/flash/all/1 If you have any other questions/concerns you can ask here. Best regards.
  12. Tanto quanto eu sei que você não pode usar xat em wordress.org nem .com que costumava trabalhar para. Org wordpress. Você pode entrar em contato com wordress.org equipe de suporte e ver se pode haver uma solução para isso, pode haver algumas exceções onde você pode ter o seu bate-papo em um wordpress
  13. Há um problema com tickets, Obrigado por nos informar aqui, espere por receber uma palavra de um voluntário.
  14. In most cases I think you will just have to wait until your account gets freed from the hold you will be able to delete your account. So your account is in a temporary hold state, you were held for some reason and likely held for security purposes could be the hold that comes after recovering an xat account hence there may be a connection between what you've mentioned earlier (that you recovered your account at before) and the hold you experience at this moment. A hold is also set up on your account if you for example were unlocked as well as if you recovered your email address and so on. Best regards.
  15. I've tested it out, it worked for me, anyway. I think administrators are already aware of the problem, hang in there!
  16. There seems to be an issue with the bbcodes, not the only and last person to complain about it, wait till they get fixed. What makes it frustrating that if you hit up "View changes" button I believe you would see the changes, but won't be displayed normally on your chat.
  17. Mohamed

    i have Held 26

    If you're the one who's being sent items to (xats,days) then, this means you're held forever, blocks in-going and outgoing transfers also trades. The error you stated earlier shows to the other person who's transferring/trading with you. Here's a list of all xat volunteers https://forum.xat.com/staff/ to help you out open the ticket. Contact with one volunteer. Don't forget to include the registered name or the ID number to your account. Otherwise just continue to wait till a volunteer see your thread and help you.
  18. Have you started off by contacting with your email provider about the problem? Otherwise create a ticket as others mentioned when creating the ticket make sure that the subject only includes at least five words you can add more but no less, you don't have to be a paid user but you need to be logged in hence if you have an account, access it before attempting to open the ticket. There are always a set of security questions that you will have to answer in order to get the email changed, not necessarily to be so accurate when answering them but do your best and most importantly answer the basic questions that really proves your ownership e,g: stating some of your email addresses that you have used on the site to register. ⇘ ⇘ In the event that you find any trouble when opening the ticket, you can always contact with one of the volunteers listed on https://forum.xat.com/staff/ give them the registered name or/and the ID number to your account for the ticket to be created. I'd also recommend you change your email provider. "Yahoo" deletes inactive accounts, if you don't sign into your yahoo account for about over 90 days it will go into an inactive state and eventually get deleted, you can prevent this by signing in at least once monthly from any device. With that being said if you want to change and use a different email provider for your xat account then, I recommend using gmail.
  19. Hello, Try logging in using your email address instead of the registered name as, the registered name may be incorrect. It's more likely that the password is wrong: If this persists then try this method (Lost password) to reset the password of your account, you will have to have only numbers and alphabets in your password (alphanumeric). Don't include symbols such as: #@$* etc...
  20. Like I stated earlier not all bots automatically promote you, it varies on the settings of each bot. As for the name gets changed after you login, try clearing cache/cookies and see if this helps.
  21. I don't quite discern your question here. How does your name automatically change, I mean from what to what, can you elaborate more please? The bot automatically promotes you to member because it automatically promotes registered users. That's how it was designed by the owner. Edit: Do you find yourself using an old username than the one you have last used? Try clearing cache it may help you.
  22. Entiendo, espero que alguien de ellos vea este hilo.
  23. Hola, Usted tiene que revisar su correo electrónico de vez en cuando, usted debe recibir un aviso por correo electrónico cuando los voluntarios respondan. Mientras tanto no parece que alguien respondió a su boleto, por lo que seguirá esperando con tristeza. Este departamento siempre está ocupado. Tampoco significa que rompiste una regla o dos. Usted puede o no puede considerar leer https://xat.com/terms.html, depende de usted mientras esté haciendo algo incorrecto. Su cuenta probablemente se mantuvo (bloqueada) en error también. Aquí es por qué has enviado un ticket. Si usted habla con los voluntarios sobre su boleto entonces pm ellos: Https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  24. Hi, Have you made sure that you selected Lost auth as a department; subject was at least five words; you only submitted the ticket with your email address which is associated with your account that you have problem with? If all these things are already checked and yet nothing work then, you've come to the right place. You will want to continue to wait from this moment until the thread is seen and a volunteer takes your request eventually. Give in a comment your registered name or the ID number to your account. I suppose this one "lolo" is the one you have a problem with. Here's also a list of all volunteers if you need help with any problem/concern besides this one: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Best regards.
  25. Hello, It would be ok if your signature is not longer than 1000 * 150
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