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  1. Mohamed's post in Banned in help 168 hours, false reason was marked as the answer   
    'Report Scam' department appears to be delayed due to the high volume of tickets under it plus this department takes investigations, so MAYBE I assume here that it takes quite some time for a ticket to be finished, usually or sometimes or always.
    Check to see what are the delayed departments:
    As for the ban you can take it up with the main owner of Help, if you think it was unfair.
    Also feel free to contact volunteers with regard to your ticket, despite it's likely that you will be asked to wait.
  2. Mohamed's post in I lost access to my email was marked as the answer   
    When creating the ticket under the specified department 'Lost access' you always have to make sure that you're logged in prior to creating the ticket, also you have to make sure that the subject contains at least five words the subject must contain five words you can have more. 
    if you don't have any other accounts to log into, I recommend you register a new ID.
    So validate the requirements you have filled out. if the problem persists then you will have to contact with a volunteer give them the registered name and the id to them to create the ticket for you, also give them the deleted email afterward on the ticket.
    Click here for a list of volunteers
    This screenshot demonstrates how the ticket should be filled out Click here
  3. Mohamed's post in help me was marked as the answer   
     Follow these steps:
    1- Clear your browser's cookies. http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cookies
    2- Go to https://util.xat.com/support/index.php
    3- Type in your email address there in the ticket, the email must be tied to your locked out account.
    4- Help topic: Locked out
    5- Subject must contain enough words five words will suffice, you have to have at least five words you can add more.
    6- Explain the problem in the message text box.
    This is how the ticket should be filled out CLICK HERE
    If you still can't create the ticket then you've come to the right place to request help with that regard. You will have to wait for a volunteer to open a ticket for you.
  4. Mohamed's post in Locked Out was marked as the answer   
    You should receive a reply in the end, don't worry!
    According to:
    Locked out department seems to be normal meaning no delay but the times page isn't always updated there may be some other tickets prior to yours that should be answered first, tickets are answered in the same order they were received in. Thank you for posting here, your ticket has already went through it won't be skipped.
  5. Mohamed's post in Problem was marked as the answer   
    Hello there, 
    First of all the limit you're receiving occurs when you don't type in one row (flooding too much) as well as posting links in main chat/private chat then typing afterward; I think it's because links usually contains a large number of characters while guests can send up to 50 characters in one row; if you spam clicking someone the filter will block you for a few seconds as well those are called the Antispam and the Antiflood.  
    For more information: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Antispam
    Anyhow this may occurs for no reason though I have seen some users who had that at before. Not quite sure what may fix this issue probably logging in; the problem could stop by itself though. I myself would rather contact with someone who is responsible I would contact with an administrator because this issue appears to be a glitch if it didn't get fixed shortly.
    As for:
    E64 - Check your email. (Security check.)
    The email associated with the account has been sent a login pin to verify you are the owner of the account.
    Before attempting to check email you have to consider some things here
    1- You're probably checking the wrong email so, check to see if the email you're checking is the right email via using LostPass type in your email address there and the one your account is tied to will be sent an email. 
    2- You're probably using a pin code that was already used to log into your account, the special link along with the pin code to login changes every time you login; using one that was being used at before won't help you login it will result in the same error "Security check" countless times.
    This error happens IF YOU ARE:
    What I'm assuming here if this problem doesn't seem to stop regardless; that the site itself doesn't recognize you. Hence try to clear your browser cookies (from the beginning of time) then login; a special link will then be sent to your email; check the correct email; use a link that wasn't used earlier to login.
    If the security check happens to you as it normally happens to other users on the site then no need to worry about it happens to all but, if it never stops and persists; you can then contact with administrators about it through creating a ticket.
    Best regards.
  6. Mohamed's post in Lost Email and Password was marked as the answer   
    What's happening when you try to open a ticket?
    Does it ask you to login countless times after logging in already? Try to clear cookies re-login and create the ticket.
    Does it ask you to enable flash? Read this: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Flash_Plugin
    Sidenotes: Make sure you have enough words inserted in the subject text box five words will suffice as the ticket subject. Make sure you have the correct department selected >> departments
    if the problem persists the same then you have to contact with one of the volunteers click here

  7. Mohamed's post in ticket was marked as the answer   
    Si borra las cookies / Historial no hay duda de que debe volver a introducir el código de autenticación.
    Al crear el ticket, aparece una pantalla blanca en la pantalla?
    Probablemente debes activar el plugin flash:
    Después de seguir los pasos dados en el wiki, asegúrese de que esto esté marcado. >> Screenshot
    Si aún no puede crear el boleto después, pida un voluntario para crear un boleto para usted >> Volunteers
    Para obtener más información acerca de cómo funciona la autenticación: 
     No se olvide de guardar los códigos necesarios para poder iniciar sesión en el futuro.
  8. Mohamed's post in My account got blocked... was marked as the answer   
    Please don't include any personal information.
    As for the problem you have that wasn't what you've explained in the previous thread, sorry for the closure of the previous thread before your commenting on it.
    And please refer to this thread to solve the Authentication problem.
    You don't get the authentication code emailed, you get auth disabled from your account and from there you can enable it again if you want, just don't forget to save the necessary codes for you to be able to login readily. 
    For further information on how to enable auth: 
  9. Mohamed's post in I cannot log into my account was marked as the answer   
    Hello there, I hope you're feeling good today.
    The login page asks you to put the authentication code if you don't have it nor any other codes to even generate a new authentication code, then you definitely will need to create a ticket in "Lost Auth" department.
    First and foremost, clear your browser's cookies or use Incognito mode/Private window before attempting to create the ticket after that access to the ticket page on >> ticket and use the email that is tied to your account, also make sure that the subject contains at least five words and help topic is "Lost Auth". Here's the final result of how the ticket should be filled out click here.
    Authentication will eventually get removed from your account, and your account will be held temporarily for security reasons, next time you enable authentication don't forget to save the necessary codes.
    If you don't have that much information about how "Auth" works then refer to:
    If you have any problems creating the ticket you can send a private message to one of the volunteers and they will create one for you, don't forget to give them the registered name or the ID to your account.
    Best regards.
    Edit: Since you speak Arabic as it shows from the screenshot you posted earlier, as a result I would like to type in Arabic too.
     يجب علىك اضافة  5 كلمات لا أقل ولكن تستطيع اضافة  أكثر كموضوع للتيكت قبل فتح التيكت Lost Auth يجب عليك انشاء التيكت تحت عنوان 
     google chrome ان كنت ممكن يستخدم  Incognito Mode من متصفحك أوقم بأستخدام  cookies يجب عليك مسح 
    بعد فعل ذالك توجه مباشرة  Incognito Mode من على الكى بورد وذالك لأستخدام  ctrl + shift + Nقم بالضغط على الأزرار 
     لصفحة التيكت ولا تنسى وضع البريد الألكترونى الخاص بك هناك والذى يتعلق بالحساب المتواجد عليه المشكله 
    أضغط هنا مثال 
    سوف يتم الغاء المصادقه من حسابك الخاص وبعدها يمكنك تسجيل دخولك بسهوله فى المره المقبله عند أستخدام للمصادقه
    تأكد ان تحفظ الأكواد الازمه لتسجيل الدخول 
     لو صادفتك اى مشكله عند انشاء التيكت قم بالتواصل مع واحد من المتطوعين والرابط فى الأعلى. المشاكل المتواجده فى 
    التيكت هى مشاكل موجوده بالنظام نفسه
    سوف يتم بعد ذالك فى نهاية المطاف حجز الحساب الخاص بك بضعة أيام فى الغالب سبع أيام وذالك لأسباب أمنيه كل ما عليك هو أنتظار السبع أيام لن تستطيع 
    فى هذه الفتره أن تتاجر أو ترسل فقط غيرك يستطيع أن يرسل اليك
  10. Mohamed's post in Login com Autenticador Google was marked as the answer   
    Você tem que criar um ticket sob o departamento Lost Auth.
    Antes de fazer isso, limpar os cookies do navegador ou usar janela privada. Em seguida, use seu e-mail para criar o ticket, assunto 5 palavras ou mais.
    exemplo > Clique aqui
    Se você tem quaisquer problemas ao criar o ticket, Enviar uma mensagem privada para um Volunteers.
  11. Mohamed's post in Exporting Xat chat to Wix. was marked as the answer   
    Hello there, I hope you're feeling happy today.
    First and foremost, make sure that you run a flash website, if you don't have a flash website then I think this is not going to work properly you will just have a blank code.
    I have found a few steps that you can follow to embed your chat on your site (wix.com) 
    click the edit button to start editing your website page.
    Steps: #1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6 don't forget to save changes.
    Here's a quick preview >> click here
    Here's a list of flash templates (free) that you can have.
    If you have any other questions/concerns you can ask here.
    Best regards.
  12. Mohamed's post in i have Held 26 was marked as the answer   
    If you're the one who's being sent items to (xats,days) then, this means you're held forever, blocks in-going and outgoing transfers also trades. 
    The error you stated earlier shows to the other person who's transferring/trading with you.

    Here's a list of all xat volunteers https://forum.xat.com/staff/ to help you out open the ticket. Contact with one volunteer. Don't forget to include the registered name or the ID number to your account. Otherwise just continue to wait till a volunteer see your thread and help you.
  13. Mohamed's post in Login Going Unrecognized was marked as the answer   
    Like I stated earlier not all bots automatically promote you, it varies on the settings of each bot. 
    As for the name gets changed after you login, try clearing cache/cookies and see if this helps.
  14. Mohamed's post in ticket lost outhenticator cod was marked as the answer   
    Have you made sure that you selected Lost auth as a department; subject was at least five words; you only submitted the ticket with your email address which is associated with your account that you have problem with?
    If all these things are already checked and yet nothing work then, you've come to the right place. You will want to continue to wait from this moment until the thread is seen and a volunteer takes your request eventually.
    Give in a comment your registered name or the ID number to your account. I suppose this one "lolo" is the one you have a problem with.
    Here's also a list of all volunteers if you need help with any problem/concern besides this one:
    Best regards.
  15. Mohamed's post in I need your help , Account Blocked was marked as the answer   
    You can PM a volunteer your ticket number they will help you enthusiastically, or at least give your registered name or anything related to the account with which you submitted the ticket.
    Here's a list of all volunteers if you have any other problems/concerns.
  16. Mohamed's post in Can't Open a Ticket was marked as the answer   
    Being that you already posted a thread about your problem here, this thread will be seen by volunteers and will be considered eventually so, you may not need to ask/message them personally as I mentioned above.
    Anyway here's a list of all volunteers on the forum https://forum.xat.com/staff/ scroll down to volunteers send them private messages about any concern/problem you may need help with also post on the forum if you want.
    We also would be grateful if you mentioned the registered name or the id to your account for them to be able to create a ticket for you.
  17. Mohamed's post in MY CHAT GROUP IS BLOCKED was marked as the answer   
    As far as I could translate the majority of the response in the Spanish language, your chat has been inhibited from getting promoted due to a violation of promotion rules or/and terms of service.
    I suppose your radio had some inappropriate words and you should have mentioned that the radio is 18+ that's what I suppose but if you want to know what exactly caused the chat to be blocked from promotion ask them there on your open ticket.
    You may get a chance and get the chat group back again ready for any promotion you may do in the future. Read about: promotion rules/terms of service 
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