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  1. security check E64

    Let's first make sure that the email exists by attempting to login by the email instead of the username here's a thing you can do. You can also check to see if the email is associated with your account by attempting to reset the password on Forgot Password If everything is alright the email is correct and everything then you may just need to wait more or re-send the email again the delay may be caused by the site or the email provider. You can change your email if you want GMAIL is recommended also you don't have to create a ticket to do that ONLY if the username you have is not a shortname a shortname is 4-9 characters, and as to that re-register your account if you got a username that is 10 characters and above, you can do this process on ( https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Identification_Numbers/de ) shows you how to delete the account and re-register under a different email be careful when you do this! Remember! it's not advised to do this while you have a shortname because if a shortname gets deleted either by you or by xat it must be re-purchased hence if you have a shortname create a TICKET!
  2. How did you discover xat?

    I discovered xat I believe in late 2008 and the first chat was chaos I was invited to see the chat when I was playing an online game I don't remember the name
  3. my account is locked E29

    That doesn't happen in General support in the Portuguese language or the Spanish and the answers are being marked by a non native speaker of these two languages but it's ok!!' I translated some of what I have typed above because I knew this would happen anyway this user was locked out he created a ticket but the problem wasn't solved in case you have no clue what's up.' Also who said Arabic is not authorized actually it is because I can type it on a topic it's not encrypted like it was at before plus English is not the only language allowed on the forum.
  4. my account is locked E29

    لو المشكله مازالت موجوده حتى عند تسجيل الدخول من الحاسوب اذا ستحتاج ان ترسل لهم رساله على نفس التيكت وابلغهم بأن المشكله لم تحل بعد As long as the problem persists then you will have to send them a message on the same ticket you created earlier telling them it isn't fixed yet. أعتقدت أنك قد أستخدمت بروكسى أو فى بى أن والى يغير ال أى بى الخاص بك أيضا عند حديثك عن هاتفك أعتقدت أنك أستخدمت متصفح مثل المتصفح الذى ذكرته والذى أيضا يستخدم أى بىهات مختلفه عن الأى بى الخاص بك I guessed you may have used proxy or vpn which changes IPS also when you mentioned your phone and that you access to the site through it I thought you may have used puffin which uses different IPS than yours. ولكن قد يتعلق الأمر بعدم انهاء المشكله بعد لذا يرجى الأنتظار أو ارسال رساله فى حالة أخبارك بحلول المشكله ولكن مازالت تعانى منها But after all it may has to do with that they didn't fix your problem yet, you answered the security questions you say, when they fix the problem they tell you about the fix, so you may still need to wait or send them a message in case they told you the problem is solved while it wasn't.
  5. my account is locked E29

    لا تسبب شريحة البيانات أى مشكله ولكن قد يسبب مشكله دخولك على أكسات وتسجيلك على الجساب من الهاتف مختلف عن الأى بى الخاص بك IPs هذا المتصفح يستخدم puffin هل تستخدم متصفحات مثلا مثل ماذا يحدث عند دخولك على حسابك من الحاسوب؟
  6. my account is locked E29

    هل ردوا عليك وأبلغوك بأن المشكله حلت؟ عند حل المشكله يتم أرسال رساله لصحاب المشكله فهل تم الرد عليك؟ مثلا proxy/vpn أيضا تأكد من أنك لا تسجل دخولك على حسابك من مكان أخر هل تستخدم ـستطيع ابلاغهم بأن المشكله مازالت قائمه
  7. my account is locked E29

    كل ما هو عليك أن تجيب على الأسئله وهذا لكى يتأكدوا من ملكيتك لهذا الحساب منتظر ردك يمكنك كتابته باللغه العربيه كى نتفاهم ولا يسمح بأرسال أى معلومات شخصيه قد تم تداولها فى التيكت هنا
  8. Fantoms2001, Hello! You have to wait patiently it has nothing to do with when the ticket was created meaning your ticket is in the queue and is waiting to be answered on, there is no specified time for you to wait. Also bear in mind that this department is delayed.
  9. login not working

    Hello, there may be two reasons for E17 the first you typed the wrong email address the second you probably still not registered, are you sure you have clicked on the registration link to verify the account? If so clear cache then start over with the login page make sure Caps Lock button is turned off, if you have symbols in the password I recommend you reset the password and try again. Type in the password just like how you typed it when registering in case it's case sensitive.
  10. Answered ticket not closed

    You can either ask them to close the ticket, or use a different xat account to create the ticket.
  11. Playlist Help

    Check to see if the the playlist starts with that song by entering the URL in a new tab, it's not possible to happen unless the URL is wrong, any YouTube link for example ends with a code like so (watch?v=CODEHERE) this code determines which video/song will play so my guess is you had the wrong code there.
  12. It's 5 days and no one answers to the ticket!

    Your problem isn't any related to that department, and your ticket must have been transferred to the correct department which is 'Account Hold' after all, you still have to wait for a response, your ticket will not be postponed if it's ready to be responded on.
  13. It's 5 days and no one answers to the ticket!

    Your ticket is definitely in the queue and is waiting for a response, there are probably other tickets prior to yours that should be answered first. Also bear in mind that 'Account Hold' department is delayed due to the high volume of tickets under it. At the meantime try to cope with the hold until your receiving the response, this type of hold only blocks outgoing transfers and trades, meaning that you can get transferred items (xats,days).
  14. Banned in help 168 hours, false reason

    it's ok, you don't have to think about the ban though, just ignore it. Let's not get into the ban and just concentrate on the problem you have. 168 hours ban is absurd time I know! as I told you above if you want to contact with the 'Main Owner' no more no less. then go ahead and submit your report: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Help I have sent you a link includes the list of the volunteers if you want to talk with them about your ticket, feel free to do so, all I can say at this time that I can assure you that your ticket will be answered eventually however.
  15. Banned in help 168 hours, false reason

    'Report Scam' department appears to be delayed due to the high volume of tickets under it plus this department takes investigations, so MAYBE I assume here that it takes quite some time for a ticket to be finished, usually or sometimes or always. Check to see what are the delayed departments: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times As for the ban you can take it up with the main owner of Help, if you think it was unfair. http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Help Also feel free to contact volunteers with regard to your ticket, despite it's likely that you will be asked to wait. https://forum.xat.com/staff/