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  1. You can either ask them to close the ticket, or use a different xat account to create the ticket.
  2. Check to see if the the playlist starts with that song by entering the URL in a new tab, it's not possible to happen unless the URL is wrong, any YouTube link for example ends with a code like so (watch?v=CODEHERE) this code determines which video/song will play so my guess is you had the wrong code there.
  3. Your problem isn't any related to that department, and your ticket must have been transferred to the correct department which is 'Account Hold' after all, you still have to wait for a response, your ticket will not be postponed if it's ready to be responded on.
  4. Your ticket is definitely in the queue and is waiting for a response, there are probably other tickets prior to yours that should be answered first. Also bear in mind that 'Account Hold' department is delayed due to the high volume of tickets under it. At the meantime try to cope with the hold until your receiving the response, this type of hold only blocks outgoing transfers and trades, meaning that you can get transferred items (xats,days).
  5. it's ok, you don't have to think about the ban though, just ignore it. Let's not get into the ban and just concentrate on the problem you have. 168 hours ban is absurd time I know! as I told you above if you want to contact with the 'Main Owner' no more no less. then go ahead and submit your report: I have sent you a link includes the list of the volunteers if you want to talk with them about your ticket, feel free to do so, all I can say at this time that I can assure you that your ticket will be answered eventually however.
  6. 'Report Scam' department appears to be delayed due to the high volume of tickets under it plus this department takes investigations, so MAYBE I assume here that it takes quite some time for a ticket to be finished, usually or sometimes or always. Check to see what are the delayed departments: As for the ban you can take it up with the main owner of Help, if you think it was unfair. Also feel free to contact volunteers with regard to your ticket, despite it's likely that you will be asked to wait.
  7. ¿Está bloqueado de su cuenta, E29? Crear el ticket en 'Locked Out' Asegúrese de que el asunto contenga al menos cinco palabras. Cree el boleto con el correo electrónico asociado con su cuenta que está bloqueado. Haga clic aquí
  8. Hola, Usted no tiene que ser un usuario pagado. Crear el ticket en 'Locked Out' Asegúrese de que el asunto contenga al menos cinco palabras. Cree el boleto con el correo electrónico asociado con su cuenta que está bloqueado. Haga clic aquí
  9. Hello there, If you use VPN or Proxy you will have to turn them off if you have any extension on your browser which is related to ip change please disable them temporarily till you create the account.
  10. It will be a hard decision that it's going to be only one or two backgrounds being picked between many other backgrounds that you may also like to use on help chat.
  11. Yes this can't be done, you can't just type your username and password of your old xat account to view status, you definitely will have to login to your old account before doing that which is not possible since you lost access to your email. But as mentioned above, you were asked to create a new account or use an account that you fully have access to. so now that you knew you can't view status if you don't login. and you can't login to your old account as well. You in this case will have to login to the account which you have used to create the ticket prior to seeing your ticket status if you did that you should have no problems. You can also check your email, once a volunteer responses to your ticket you receive an email from them to access the ticket and reply back. anyway, you will be asked for the email which you want to replace with the old one along with a set of security questions hence, I recommend you just wait till they respond. best regards..
  12. You must click on 'update&get code' button regardless to gain ownership as, when you click on that button your chat will then appear at the right part of the page and you will be a main owner again once you're signed in, and if this step is not done you won't get the ownership. The steps are: 1- Click edit at the bottom right corner of your chat room. 2- Type in your password click 'submit' 3- click 'chatbox settings' 4- click 'update&get code' button 5- clear cache afterward or use '?' at the end of your chat link. (do that to fix the caching issue)
  13. Palestine
  14. When creating the ticket under the specified department 'Lost access' you always have to make sure that you're logged in prior to creating the ticket, also you have to make sure that the subject contains at least five words the subject must contain five words you can have more. if you don't have any other accounts to log into, I recommend you register a new ID. So validate the requirements you have filled out. if the problem persists then you will have to contact with a volunteer give them the registered name and the id to them to create the ticket for you, also give them the deleted email afterward on the ticket. Click here for a list of volunteers This screenshot demonstrates how the ticket should be filled out Click here
  15. @QueenANIME Since you've asked this question long time ago but no answer, I had to post on your topic for it to appear again. I'm not a user of the xat mobile application ever since it got released so didn't purchase using mobile or even the website, but I have some information anyway, I'd assume that you now can purchase items through the mobile application, speaking of what make your account be reserved and what don't, are the payments as if you were to buy from the website, the ones that are subject to a transfer reserve. (Paypal, Skrill, Credit card) So, yes you will get reserved if you consumed one of the above payments, same goes for the other question about the certain period of time that comes after purchasing via these payments. Is this more like a suggestion not sure if this is possible I think it hasn't implemented? never heard of it being used even on the website. Sure thing you can use PayPal to purchase xats, as to linking accounts since there probably seem to be no way but using Paypal in this case or any other payment method that xat permitted, you can link your PlayStore account to PayPal and you can find step by step tutorials on how to do so, look up for this. Some information may be incorrect, and sorry in advance for any misapprehension if any, and for the late response.