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  1. Hola, Espere a un voluntario cree un boleto para usted. No dude en ponerse en contacto con ellos también. hacer clic. No te olvides de dar el nombre de usuario para crear el ticket.
  2. Hello there, @SAGESMOON First of all the limit you're receiving occurs when you don't type in one row (flooding too much) as well as posting links in main chat/private chat then typing afterward; I think it's because links usually contains a large number of characters while guests can send up to 50 characters in one row; if you spam clicking someone the filter will block you for a few seconds as well those are called the Antispam and the Antiflood. For more information: Anyhow this may occurs for no reason though I have seen some users who had that at before. Not quite sure what may fix this issue probably logging in; the problem could stop by itself though. I myself would rather contact with someone who is responsible I would contact with an administrator because this issue appears to be a glitch if it didn't get fixed shortly. As for: E64 - Check your email. (Security check.) The email associated with the account has been sent a login pin to verify you are the owner of the account. Before attempting to check email you have to consider some things here Assumptions: 1- You're probably checking the wrong email so, check to see if the email you're checking is the right email via using LostPass type in your email address there and the one your account is tied to will be sent an email. 2- You're probably using a pin code that was already used to log into your account, the special link along with the pin code to login changes every time you login; using one that was being used at before won't help you login it will result in the same error "Security check" countless times. This error happens IF YOU ARE: What I'm assuming here if this problem doesn't seem to stop regardless; that the site itself doesn't recognize you. Hence try to clear your browser cookies (from the beginning of time) then login; a special link will then be sent to your email; check the correct email; use a link that wasn't used earlier to login. If the security check happens to you as it normally happens to other users on the site then no need to worry about it happens to all but, if it never stops and persists; you can then contact with administrators about it through creating a ticket. Best regards.
  3. Great work, great efforts, you seem to be a good web designer.
  4. Besides to what have been clearly explained above. Side notes: When answering the security question you may find some questions that seem to be hard to answer as for that, no need to be so accurate when giving information just do your best; some questions like "When was the last time you have logged in?" or "Have you sent any gifts in the last three months (if any) and to whom" as well as Trades/transfers along with stating names of users you have traded with are sometimes difficult to answer. HENCE; answer and concentrate on the basic questions the ones that ask you to state some of your emails that you have used on the site or/and your IP when it's very necessary this site can also include your internet service provider you can also give them additional information which will prove your ownership further without them asking you about more of information. After having the account unlocked; you will be held for security purposes most likely seven days not for quite some time, this only blocks outgoing transfers and outgoing/in-going trades. Best regards.
  5. Hi , @gamesnathanlikes I have seen administrators viewing your suggestion it has been there for a long period, I'm happy that they took it into account. Anyhow in my point of view I think the power should have just been updated there was no need to create a whole new power whereas it's an addon; an update which is being added to an existing thing
  7. Hi @6 I wouldn't reply back but it's not advised to reply to each others especially in General Support and leave the user who wants the help. Each post should be concentrated on one person. Have you ever heard of creating a new account or logging into one that you have full access to, to make the ticket in the required department (lost access); I know there are issues with the ticket, as for creating the ticket in this department without logging in, I can remember that in the past I could do that readily. What I'm trying to get at here that I know all of these information. @FedeFedeFede your problem is solved my friend. volunteers will create a ticket for you.
  8. Both actually I tried to get you to do both / (logout) as in if you were to get a new id. The ticket system has been buggy lately however. Thanks for cooperating with me to solve it but at this point I think there is no solution than getting a volunteer to create a ticket for you, thanks for posting your problem on the forum, message a volunteer your regname or the id for them to be able to create a ticket for you.
  9. I see. Could you please login to your account and try to create it again? See if this helps. I remember being able to create a ticket in this department without logging in to my account it probably doesn't work any longer I mean I'm not sure I think it does anyhow attempt to create the ticket once you're logged in. In the event that it doesn't work again, you then will have to message a volunteer as we suggested above or just wait the threads on the forum are looked into when a volunteer comes on, once they see it they will shot you a private message or ask you to message them.
  10. What's happening when you try to open a ticket? Does it ask you to login countless times after logging in already? Try to clear cookies re-login and create the ticket. Does it ask you to enable flash? Read this: Sidenotes: Make sure you have enough words inserted in the subject text box five words will suffice as the ticket subject. Make sure you have the correct department selected >> departments if the problem persists the same then you have to contact with one of the volunteers click here
  11. Oh, bien, espera un voluntario para crear un boleto para ti. Si este tema no recibe respuesta de un voluntario, puede enviar un mensaje privado a uno de ellos volunteers
  12. Si borra las cookies / Historial no hay duda de que debe volver a introducir el código de autenticación. Al crear el ticket, aparece una pantalla blanca en la pantalla? Probablemente debes activar el plugin flash: Después de seguir los pasos dados en el wiki, asegúrese de que esto esté marcado. >> Screenshot Si aún no puede crear el boleto después, pida un voluntario para crear un boleto para usted >> Volunteers Para obtener más información acerca de cómo funciona la autenticación: No se olvide de guardar los códigos necesarios para poder iniciar sesión en el futuro.
  13. Seu bilhete será respondido eventualmente. Espere um voluntário para vir e dar-lhe uma resposta final sobre este tópico. Obrigado por postar aqui.
  14. Olá, Você precisa continuar esperando. Há um volume absurdo de ingressos sendo abertos neste departamento. (Account Hold/Account Block) Os bilhetes são respondidos na mesma ordem em que foram recebidos.
  15. Are you held forever or for a temporary time? You haven't elaborated your problem enough providing the error that appears to you would help us enough to provide one specific answer, HOWEVER, You're most likely held forever experiencing system problem (55), in the event that you attempt to purchase xats from the store but it says you're held then you're likely held forever if you attempt to transfer/trade and receive system problem (55) same thing goes for this, if that's the case then here are the reasons that may triggered your issue. 1- Breaking Terms Of Service if you don't adhere to the basic rules of xat you then put yourself in a hard situation. (Can't get away with this) 2- Your account may have been affected by a change that xat made to the user accounts refer to this Article (blocked by mistake) 3- Receiving stolen items can be (xats,days,powers) if you receive stolen stuff your account may be held forever or temporarily to prevent them from being transferred. Anyhow this hold only can be removed from your account if it was a misunderstanding or any other reasons which are far away from breaking rules the same thing goes for the torch. Notes: Clear your browser's cookies before your attempt to create the ticket don't forget to use the email that is tied to your account which you have the problem with. You have to type in a number of words as your ticket subject five words will suffice as a subject for the ticket you can add more but no less. Other stuff are being explained above if you experience any other problems. Best regards.