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  1. Happy Birthday, good day!!

  2. from now on no new entries wil be accepted dont try to edit your post as i already have counted. lucky number was 456 (it is ok to go over but better to go under) 1st: Angelo 420 (36 under) 2nd: OJ 410 (46 under) 3rd: Shake 398 (58 under) 4th: Youkai 526 (70 over) other people who were close: ronal 373 (83 under) Marshall 545 (89 over) Matti 365 (91 under) Yoiker 335 (121 under) please claim your prize with mike (7m) or 7,000,000 screenshots below: Angelo: OJ: Shake: Youkai: you have 72 hours to claim prize CLOSE THREAD thank you all for joining
  3. until today at 12am (basically tomorrow) is your last chance to get your entries in make sure you get them in before midnight
  4. donuts pineapples on pizza or olives on pizza
  5. i would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday it  means alot to me, today was a good day hanging out with family and going out to eat with everyone.

  6. Happy DAY!!! <3 (♥.♥)

  7. Happy birthday! (hug)

  8. Happy Birthday (hug) 

  9. Griftlands


    Drawvi custom avatar using doodle needed: doodle, drawvi (draw avatar) allows you to draw your own avatar or create your own avatar using doodle meant to be fast no need to save image upload to hosting then change your avatar, this saves you time how to use: 1. open doodle (make sure to have the powers needed above) 2. draw something (make sure its appropriate, same rules as having any other avatar) 3. on doodle click save (only be able to see save if you have the powers) your avatar should be updated with a code works the same way as stick which has its own code generated will be autosized to fit as avatar onced saved code can either be: drawvi#codehere or doodle#codehere you know how when you save xavi it updates your avatar automatically it will be like that but will also give you a generated code and still option to save image like regularly. summary of above:
  10. they can only have 1 number if they reroll its fine none of them know the winning number good luck everyone
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